Chapter 1c: The Beautiful Elezen Warrior

Narration: Upon arriving back in Gridania, Yda and Papalymo were escorted to the conjurer’s guild, but one the lance wielding warriors escorted Nuvea to a different location.

Nuvea: Hey where are you taking me?

Longsygg: My apologies lady Nuvea, but lady Zeriah has requested to see you immediately.

Nuvea: Uh…oh boy I’m in trouble now. Uh…could you tell my aunt I’ll meet with her later?

Narration: Knowing fair well what that could mean, Nuvea attempts to sneak away, but is scooped up by Longsygg, one of the lance wielding warriors known as the Wood Wailers.

Nuvea: Oooh, come on…put me down already!

Narration: Longsygg carries the young Nuvea to the archer’s guild HQ known as the “Quiver’s Hold”. Upon arrival, Nuvea is immediately scolded by her aunt Zeriah.


Longsygg: Lady Zeriah here she is as ordered.

Zeriah: Thank you Longsygg.

Nuvea: You big giant hulking ape! I so could’ve made it on my own.


Zeriah: Somehow I find that hard to believe,seeing as though somehow you managed to end up in a part of the Shroud you had absolutely no business being in.


Narration: Nuvea turns around with a look of guilt on her face and attempts to diffuse the situation and sway her aunt from a possible groundment.


Nuvea: Ha, ha…Auntie Z. hi. You know what it there was a slight accident and I tried to make sure that the involved parites were okay and……


Narration: Noticing her Aunt’s unwillingness to accept her story, Nuvea then tries to work her way onto her Aunt’s good side.


Nuvea: Um…did I mention you look great today Auntie Z.


Zeriah: Young lady, once again for the third time you have defied my rules and gone in to the deep parts of the Shroud. Not only that, but you’ve contracted the greenwrath and must be cleansed now.

Nuvea: But Auntie Z?!

Zeriah: Don’t Auntie Z me young lady and don’t interrupt me when I’m talking. More and more each day you become like your father Evogolist, always the adventuring type. Nuvea look at me, you’re only 14 years old, you’re too young to go off adventuring on your own and I couldn’t bear it if anything ever happened to you. I don’t wanna lose you, not like we lost your mother.

Narration: Nuvea looks up at Zeriah and ascertains that she understands what her aunt is saying.

Nuvea: I know….

Zeriah: Come, I want you to follow me.

Narration: Zeriah then leads Nuvea to the Wailing Barracks where Gridania and the Black Shrouds’ guardians are stationed. From there Zeriah then attempts to introduce Nuvea to her new guardian.

Zeriah: Nuvea, I want you to meet someone.

Nuvea: Huh?

Zeriah: Ah, there she is over there.

Narration: In the training area were a group of Wood Wailers who where sparing with one another. There was one Wood Wailer that stood out. She was a beautiful tall slender Elezen with long golden hair and with each swing of her lance, it was like a graceful dance. Zeriah applauded and praised the woman after finsihed displaying her skills to the other Wood Wailers.

Zeriah: Very well done Cera.

Cera: I thank you lady Zeriah. Would you expect anything less from me?

Zeriah: Of course not.

Narration: Cera then looks over to the young Nuvea, whose too busy sulking to take notice in what’s going on.

Cera: Is this her?

Zeriah: Yes. Nuvea! Pay attention!

Narration: Yells Zeriah as she spots Nuvea who has wondered off into her own little world.

Nuvea: Huh, oh right! Um, Hello.

Cera: My she’s grown since last I’ve seen her.

Zeriah: Yes she has, a little too fast. She becomes more and more like her father each day.


Cera: Speaking of which, any sign of the Captain as of yet?

Zeriah: No, It’s like he’s completely disappeared off the face of the planet. I know that losing Milyah was a huge blow to him, but he still has Nuvea. For him just to up and leave….

Narration: Nuvea, overhearing Zeriah and Cera’s conversation, cuts in and adds her two cents on how she feels about her father.

Nuvea: If you ask me, good ridance. He abandoned mom and me and so as far as I’m concerned he can stay gone.

Zeriah: Young lady! How dare you say such things?! If not for the efforts of him and your mother, you’d still be within the grasp of the Ixlai.

Cera: Your aunt is right. Your father was a well respected man here in Gridania. No one could wield a lance the way he did. Not even myself. Gridania itself, would not be standing today were it not for the efforts of Lord Evogolist, Lady Zeriah, and Lady Milyah.

Nuvea: Whatever.

Zeriah: Whatever? Young lady could you be anymore disrespectful?!

Nuvea: I don’t care okay!! I’m tired of hearing so much about how great my father was. The truth is he abandoned mom and me and I hate him!

Narration: Yells Nuvea as she storms off. Zeriah puts her head down and takes a deep breath. Cera tries her best to comfort the troubled aunt.

Zeriah: *Sigh* What am I going to do with her?

Cera: It’s okay Lady Zeriah. You have done well thus far in raising the young one.

Zeriah: Then why do I feel like sometimes it isn’t enough. Big Brother, I wish you were here.

Narration: Says stressed Zeriah as she lets a tear fall from her eyes.



Nuvea runs through Gridania making her way to the house where her and Zeriah live. She quickly runs to her room and slams the door shut. At first she heads over to her bed and lays there angry, upset at the thought of her father abandoning her when she was just a baby. As she begins to cry she makes her way over to the watery flower bed within her room and sheds a few tears as she stares at a picture of her mother Milyah.


After a few moments of crying, Nuvea then wipes the tears from her face and begins to stare at her reflection in the water. She then stares harder as something strange begins to form in the water. Suddenly her own reflection begins showing her with glowing crystal blue eyes. She goes to gently reach out to her reflection, but is then interrupted by a loud breaking sound followed by something splashing into the watery flower bed. Someone calls out to her.


???: Hey Nuvea!

Narration: Nuvea looks towards the window wondering who could possibly be calling for her. The person yells out to her again prompting for Nuvea to make her way over to the window to see exactly who it may be that’s calling out to her.

???: Come on Nuvea, I know you’re in there. Are you avoiding me or something?

Narration:Β Nuvea looked out of the window only to find that it was her best friend Chydleluve, a young female midlander hyur who was about the same age as Nuvea and wore glasses. Like Nuvea, Chydie was an orphan. She had lost both her parents to the woods of the Shroud and it was this similarity that connected the two.

Nuvea: Chydie!

Narration: Said Nuvea, excited to see her best friend. Nuvea then made her way outside and joined Chydie as the two walked around the Gridanian Market wards. During their walk, Chydie looks over to Nuvea several times and takes notice of Nuvea and the fact that something is bothering her.

Chydie: Okay, what’s wrong?

Nuvea: Huh?

Chydie: Come on spit it out. Something’s bothering you.

Nuvea: What makes you say that? I’m fine.

Chydie: You do know…that you suck at lying right? Your eyes give it away, you’ve been crying recently. Besides whenever there’s something wrong you get all fidgety and can’t stay focused or keep still.

Narration: Nuvea is surprised to know that Chydie knows her so well.

Chydie: Let me guess you got scolded again didn’t you?

Narration: Nuvea then sulks at the thought of admitting that once again she had gotten into some sort of trouble and had to be scolded by her aunt.

Nuvea: Uh, I guess…you could kind of say….that.

Chydie: Nuvea!

Nuvea: I know, I know….but it wasn’t my fault. There was this sound of some lady singing and then something happened with the sky and next thing I know some ship crash landed and there….there were these two people….yeah….yeah…..

Narration: Chydie mouth opens, with her jaw nearly hiitting the floor and she staggers from hearing all of Nuvea’s details for her latest story.

Nuvea: Huh, hey don’t give me that look?! Besides it would’ve been fine if Auntie Z didn’t bring up my father.

Narration: Though she doesn’t know of all the facts, Chydle knows how Nuvea feels about her father and thus walks over to comfort her best friend.

Chydie: Aww, Nuv….don’t let it get to you.

Narration: Chydie then gets a idea on how she could cheer up Nuvea and asks Nuvea to follow her.

Chydie: Hey I’ve got an idea, follow me.

Nuvea: Uh, wait what about the festival?

Chydie: Don’t worry we’ll be back way before it’s time.

Narration: Chydie and Nuvea head off into the Twelveswood on their little adventure. Unbeknowist to them something horrible is about to happen within Gridania as the two run past a man with a dark evil look on his face.

(End of Chapter)


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