Chapter 2a-A Pirate’s Life

Narration: Elsewhere, across the ocean Evogolist, who survived the night before attack on the ship, walks around the City/State of Limsa Lominsa. A place that seems to remind him all too well of another place from his world.


Evogolist: This place, what is this? It’s beautiful, and yet it reminds me so much of Bastok…only with water.


Narration: As Evo continues to walk around he makes his way to the local tavern known as The Drowning Wench. When there he’s greeted by the tavern owner, Baderon.


Baderon: Why, look what the tide’s carried in today, mates! You’re either one of those Fledging adventurers or you be a pirate. ‘N judging by yer there clothes and the fact that you still look a little green under that there nose of yours I’d wager you’re no pirate.


Evogolist: No, I’m looking for a girl.


Baderon: Why there be tons of the finest wenches here in Limsa Lominsa, just look around and take yer pick from the lot.


Narration: With a much sterner tone, Evo looks at Balderon.


Evogolist: I’m looking for my daughter.


Baderon: Why didn’t ye say so, perhaps she be one of the girls…..


Evogolist: She’s a little girl! No more than a few months old! Have you seen her?!


Narration: Yells Evo as he grows tired of Baderon’s sly attitude. Unfortunately for Evo, Limsa Lominsa is a port town where some of the most rotten of pirates come to relax after spending months, if not years out at sea and thus don’t take too kindly to their favorite pub owner being ruffed up.



Baderon: Aye, lad yer might won’t to take your grubby lil’ hands up off of me. It would seem these guys don’t take too kindly to you roughing up their favorite pub owner.


Narration: Evo then looks around and notices some of the locals drawing their swords, musks, and cracking their knuckles as they prepare to deal with one who causes trouble in their favorite pub. One pirate walks over to Evo and hold’s a musket to the back of Evo’s head.


Pirate: I’ll give yer till the count of five to let me pal, Baderon here go I’ll take this here musket and put a bullet straight through your skull.


Narration: Evo closes his eyes and a slight smirk appears on face. The pirate then begins to count.


Pirate: One, two……five!!


Narration: As the hulking pirate skips two numbers and prepares to fire off a bullet, Evo quickly drops Baderon, turns around , and then knocks the pirate’s gun into air. Evo then unsheathed his sword and catches the pirate’s musket with one arm aiming the musket at the hulking pirate and the other aiming his sword at the other remaining pirates.


Pirate: Why you little runt?! Kill em!!


Narration: Yells the pirate as he rallies the other pirates to attack Evo. One by one they each attack with Evo fending off each and every one of them. After getting their hides handed two them, the remaining pirates decide to gang up on Evo and attack all at once. They each charge towards Evo and begin to overpower the adventurer.


Pirate: You’ve had your fun boy, but now you’ll see what it’s like to deal with real pirates.


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