Chapter 2b-The Drunken Miqo’te

Narration: Just as the pirates are about to finish off Evo. a mysterious Miqo’te carrying an axe walks in and is shocked to see the brawl taking place within the pub.


???: Huh? What the hell is this?!


Narration: The mysterious Miqo’te walks over the bar and orders herself a drink as she tries her best not to get involved in the brawl. Just as she is lifting her glass to her lips and about to engulf her drink, Evo is knocked over towards the bar causing the drink to fall from her hands and onto the floor.


Evogolist: Um…sorry, I’ll buy you another one.


Narration: At first, tears begin streaming down the Miqo’te’s face, but then she closes her eyes and face turns red as becomes furious over the lost of her drink. She slams her hands down on to the bar counter, stands up, grabs her axe and then yells.


???: By the twelve, that’s it!!!


Narration: The Miqo’te charges in swinging her axe knocking down any pirate or adventurer that stands in her way and when she finished no one left standing except for Evo who was looking on in awe. The Miqo’te stands there and breathes heavily. She then makes her way over to Evo and grabs him by the collar of his shirt.


???: Hey jerk face, you owe my a bloody drink!


Narration: Evo looks at the Miqo’te, he notices something familiar about her. Her attitude, the way that she talked as well as her disposition towards him. And then it clicked….


???: Huh? What the hell are you staring at me like that for?


Evogolist: Silver? Silvermane is that you?


Silvermane: What the? How in the hells do you know my name?


Evogolist: Silver it’s me….Evo?


Silvermane: Evo? The name doesn’t ring a bell and don’t you go trying to change the damned subject, you owe me a drink of ale and you’re going to pay for it now!


Narration: Silver then takes and drags the hyur male to the bar where she orders another glass of ale. She then takes and orders two more followed by two more. Evogolist looks on as Silver drowns herself in ten glasses of ale. With a drunken look and speech heavily slurred, Silver looks up at the bar tender.



Silvermane: Hey!! He’s paying.


Narration: She says pointing at Evo. Evo then looks on in surprised that is until he receives the bill and panics at how much it was.


Ursulie: That’ll be twenty thousand gil sir.


Evogolist: Huh? Twenty thousand?! You have to be kidding me.


Baderon: That there kiddo is Silvermane, she the Drowning Wench’s most prized customer because she orders our finest ale in bulk. There ain’t a finer pirate out here that can match her in drinking.


Narration: Evo looks on in awe as the Miqo’te sits at the bar counter with her head down and left in a drunken state after she drowned ten bottles of The Drowning Wench’s finest ale. Silver then looks up at Evo.


Silvermane: Are you gonna pay or what? I need to get going.


Evogolist: Um…yeah sure.


Narration: Evo pays for Silver’s drinks and then continues to watch Silver as pushes her way up off of the bar stole and attempts to leave the pub. Silver stumbles a few times before getting halfway out of the pub. She even takes a minute to slap a passing bar maid on the arse before falling flat on her face. Unable to watch anymore, Evo walks over to Silver and helps her up, but Silver is unwilling to accept his help.


Silvermane: Don’t touch me!! I don’t need you, or anyone else’s help for that matter!


Narration: Evo looks on as Silver once again tries to walk and leave the pub on her own only to stumble and fall one more time. Evo then once again walks over to Silver unable to leave his friend in her current state. A drunken Silver then looks up at Evo and finally asks for his help.


Silvermane: Hey you, help me to my ship will ya.


Narration: Evo helps Silver to her feet and begins escorting her to her ship. Not wanting to be carried, Silver insists that Evo walks with her and along the way she stumbles a few times only to be picked up again by Evo. Upon reaching Silver’s ship, Silver thanks Evo and then calls out to two more characters familiar to Evo.


Silvermane: Biggs! Wedge! Get your arses out here an’ help me to me cabin!


Biggs: Yes boss, on my way.


Wedge: Move it you bleeding dope.


Narration: The pair of Biggs and Wedge bicker with each other as they make their way to assist Silver. Evo is shocked to see that pair come from not a big giant ship that was docked at the same area as Silver’s ship, but more so a small boat that was hidden between two giant ships.

After finally getting SIlver to her seat, of which she considered her cabin, Wedge did whatever he could to get Silver to sober up. And once she was sober, Silver looked at Evo and saw the expression of disappointment and doubt on his face.


Silvermane: Hey you?! What’s the matter? You’ve never seen such a beautiful ship before?


Narration: Evo looks at Silver in disbelief, he couldn’t believe that she actually thought that she was some kind of grand scale pirate and had two idiots that actually followed her.


Silvermane: I don’t know what happened back there, but you handled yourself pretty well, that is until they started kicking you arse and mopping the Wench’s floor and everything else wit ya. Look, if you wanna survive in this place then you need to think like a bleeding pirate. So what say ye?


Narration: Evo, reluctant to accept Silver’s offer begins to walk away.


Evogolist: I’m sorry, but no thanks. I have to find my daughter.


Silvermane: You’re not gonna get far. Not like that.


Narration: Evo stops and turns to look at Silver. Silver then tries her best to recruit Evo and teach him the ways of being a pirate.


Silvermane: Like I said, you’re not gonna survive long if you continue around like you did today.


Evogolist: And let me guess, you’re gonna help me?


Silvermane: You bet your arse I am. I just saved your hide from a bunch of pirates that want you dead and now that I’ve help you, them drunken bastards are gonna be after me hide next. Hell thanks to you I may never be able to set foot in the Drowning Wench ever again, so the way I see it, you owe me big time.


Evogolist: Okay fine, I trust you. So what do we need to do?

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