Chapter 2c-The Black Pirate is Born.

Silvermane: First we need to get you out of those clothes and into something a bit more piratey. Biggs! Wedge! I need some clothes for the scrag!


Narration: Biggs and Wedge grab a few clothes from a chest they had looted the other day. Evo tries on several combinations of clothes until Silver approves of one particular set. Dressed in a black velveteen vest, black velveteen pants and a pair of leather jackboots, Evo was almost ready to begin training as a pirate, but there was one thing missing.


Silvermane: Hmm…..almost there, but somethings missing? Hey Wedge do we have any good bandanas?


Wedge: Hold on, I’m checking…..wait….I think I found one.


Narration: From the chest, wedge pulls out a special looking bandana. It was black with several ointments attached to it and a mask. As Evo goes to put it on he notices there’s some writing on the inside.


Evogolist: Hey there’s something written here.


Silvermane: Lemme see that! This bandana here belongs to none other than the black pirate Rosto—-oft. Huh? What the hell? Rosto-oft? Who the hell is Rosto-oft?!


Wedge: The Black pirate?! By the twelve, we’d better put this stuff back. This stuff belonged to the Great Black Pirate.


Evogolist: The Black Pirate? Who is he?


Wedge: The Black Pirate was someone who was able to acquire great a many fortunes during his travels, but along with that there’s a rumor that along with his luck came a curse of grand scale. One day while he was out at sea, they say his entire crew died of mysterious and strange occurrences. Then suddenly following that his ship crashed and ended up being swallowed up by the sea killing him along with it. By the twelve, if this stuff really does belong to him then we need to get rid of it immediately.


Come on you, take that stuff off and hand it over immediately!


Narration: As Wedge reaches out for Evo to return the clothes, Silver swats Wedge’s hand away and hands Evo the bandana.



Silvermane: You’ll do no such thing. That chest and it’s contents belong to us now and I won’t let some silly superstition be the cause for us ruining our pirate hood. Kid here this is yours, I don’t care what you name is, but from here on out you’re gonna be The Black Pirate.



Wedge: But boss, that would mean?


Silvermane: Yes, when he’s ready and we have a decent ship he’ll become cap’n of this here crew. But he has to survive my special training first.


Narration: Silver smiles with an devilish grin and Biggs and Wedge tremble at the thought of Silver’s grueling harsh training. As Evo takes the bandana from Silver’s hands, he decides that he’ll do whatever it takes to get his daughter back and thus dismisses his past as the hero known as Evogolist. He ties the bandana on his head and takes on the title Rostoft “The Black Pirate”.


Evogolist: Let’s get to work.

(End of Chapter)


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