Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning-Prologue

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fic: A New Beginning

(For a greater experience, please play vid while reading)

Evogolist: It’s been a year since I came to Eorzea. Eorzea…..a land that I have yet to fully familarize myself with. But somehow, I’ve come to call it home. It all started when a group of beastmen attacked Vana’diel. They were feathered like creatures, but far from any Yagudo that we had come to oppose. These creatures…..they were different. During their attack on Windurst they some how managed to kidnap my daughter….Nuvea. The others and I were able to chase the fleeing beastmen back to a nearby maw just outside of Windurst. But…..we were too late. As we arrived the maw had closed and with it, any hope of saving my daughter.


Evogolist: No, no, NO!!! Nuvea!!!!

Milyah: Nuvea!!!


Zeriah: Nuvea!!!


Evogolist: Grrr……No!!!


(Back to current)


Evogolist: I can still hear everyone’s cries and yells for her as I pounded my fists into the maw that those hateful creatures took her into. As time went on it was hard for me to accept that my one and only daughter was gone. For Milyah, my wife, it was harder. Each day she would wake only to make her way to Nuvea’s nursery and sit for hours hoping that one day she would return. And then somedays, I would stand in the door way and watch as my love cried her heart out for the fear that Nuvea was lost to us forever. Unable to bare the sight of this any longer, I once again made my way back to the dead maw.


I screamed and yelled as much as I could, hoping that Altana would show me the way, show me how to get my daughter back. After awhile, I had grown tired and thus dropped to my knees crying. All I want is my daughter back, but I guess… just isn’t that simple. Just as I was about to give up, something happened. The maw some how opened and I found myself in the place known as the Walk of Echoes. A place that existed outside of time itself. A place connecting to many different dimensions and universes. It was my answer……It was my way.


When I turned around, standing behind me was none other than the creature known as Cait Sith. As she stood there with those big green eyes staring at me, I couldn’t help but wonder what was her part in all of this.


(Flash back)


Evogolist: Huh? It’s you again.



Cait Sith: …….


Evogolist: Please, not with the staring thingy again?!


Cait Sith:……


Evogolist: Oh come on!! Say something, anything, please?!


Cait Sith: You knocked?


Evogolist: Huh?


Cait Sith: Atomos said that you knocked. Very hard to be exact.


Evogolist: My daughter, where is she?


Cait Sith: No one else is here.


Evogolist: That’s impossible!! Don’t lie to me!! Where is she?! Nuvea!!




(Back to current)



Evogolist: I yelled and yelled, hoping that sounds of her crying would soon follow. But as expected, nothing. When I looked again, the one known as Cait Sith was gone. And as I stood there alone I couldn’t help but to ask the Goddess Altana why is this happening to me. Suddenly something had began to happen. Atomos awakened and without warning I was once again taken by Atomos to a place unknown. A place that would come to be called Eorzea.


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