Chapter 1b: Her Story Begins.

Chapter 1b: Her Story Begins.


Narration: Somewhere, deep within the maze like forest of the Black Shroud, a young girl strolls along the forest path. Her hair was brown with crystal blue highlights and her eyes shined a bright crystal blue color as the light from the sun reflected off of them. After finishing a day’s hunt, the young girl was making her back to Gridania when throughout the wooded forest was the sounds of a beautiful songstress. Encaptured by the sounds of the songstress’ voice, the girl followed the sound hoping to discover exactly where the singing was coming from. Suddenly there’s a mysterious voice….


Voice: Hear……feel…….think…..


Nuvea: Huh?


Narration: The young girl looks around wondering who had just spoken to her. She then takes notice that the forest had darkened and then looks only to discover a bright light and balls of fire shooting from it. Suddenly there’s a loud thu’um followed by a bright flash. The young girl looks away for a minute, covering her eyes from the bright flash, but when she looked up again the sky had once again brightened and there was some sort of ship falling from the sky, leaving behind it a dark cloud of smoke in its trail.


Curious to see exactly what was going on, the young girl made her way to the crash site, but little did she know she was being pursued and her life as an adventurer was just about to begin.






Upon arrival, the young girl found two beings laying a nearby flower bed. One of them was a female midlander Hyur dressed in all white with red sollerets and the other was a lalalfell. The young girl attempted to check on the two crash survivors only to be startled as the pair came to.




Yda: Ugggh….. My head….


Narration: Said the female Hyur, who was feeling a bit woozy from their landing. Next awoke the lalafell, who was curious to find out their current location.


Papalymo: Where are we? Near Gridania you think?


Narration: The female hyur, believing the pair to be dead, attempted to clarify their current status and location.


Yda: Take a look around. It’s obvious isn’t it? The quiet, the calm, the beautiful flowers. There’s only one place that it could be! The “Great Beyond”! I do believe we’re dead, Papalymo.


Papalymo: Oh Rhalgr take you and your great beyond!


Narration: Yelled Papalymo, as his partner Yda carried on excited at the possibility that they may have passed on. Yda and Papalymo both then stopped and took notice of the young girl who stared in confusion as she wondered who the two were and what was going on. Yda, still trying to convince Papalymo that they were dead then tries her best to make sense of the young girl’s presence.


Yda: See? Look, here’s a psychopomp come to guide us along. Nana, is that you?


Narration: Growing disgusted with Yda’s wittiness, Papalymo then points out a pack of wolf like creatures who were preparing to attack the trio.


Papalymo: And what would that make them? Your dearly departed childhood pets come to play fetch?


Yda: Always the cynic! Is it so…..oh…..




Narration: Say’s Yda as she attempts to brush off Papalymo’s sarcasm, that is until she turns around and takes notice of the pack wolves who have decided to make her, Papalymo, and the young girl their dinner.


Papalymo: Save your japes, or it’ll be our limbs they’re fetching!


Yda: Over my dead body! Hyah! Fetch some of this!


Narration: Papalymo grabs his staff and Yda jumps up grabbing her spiked knuckles preparing to fight off the pack of wolves. The young girl then grabs her bow and arrows also preparing to fight off the pack of wolves.


One wolf leaps in to attack only to be met with a spell from Papalymo. That one falls, but then another leaps in to attack. Papalymo once again casts another spell knocking out that wolf. The pack of wolves then all charge at once and Papalymo then yells to Yda and the young girl.


Papalymo: I could really use some help over you two!


Narration: Yda then runs in and knocks away one of the wolves that had grabbed ahold of Papalymo’s staff. Yda and Papalymo fight off the wolves one by one and just as one more is about to attack the duo from behind, the young girl fires an arrow at the attacking wolf. Suddenly more wolves emerge and the trio struggle to keep their pace and hold their ground against the pack, but then something strange begins to happen.


Papalymo: Hit them harder!


Yda: Something’s wrong. The air here…feels so…heavy…


Narration: Says Yda as she now struggles to breathe. Just then one of the wolves leap towards her and without warning something snatches the wolf before it could attack its target. As the trio look around, they begin to notice something coming from the ground, grabbing the pack of wolves one by one. Then suddenly, it emerges. A giant treant.


Yda: Twelve be good!


Narration: Praises Yda as her and Papalymo look on and watch the treant toy with the wolves before swallowing them whole. Yda and Papalymo then look on shocked and frightened as the treant then turns and looks at them.


Yda: Uh….Perhaps we should…




Narration: The group then run as fast as they can trying to outrun and escape the treant who has now set its sights on Yda Papalymo and the young girl.


Yda: Oh, come on!


Narration: Yells Yda as she scoops up and carries Papalymo who had just tripped and fell.



Papalymo: Put me down!



Narration: The young girl who was trying her best to keep up with Yda and Papalymo, looked back, saw how close the treant was to her and then pushed herself to run faster and harder to avoid becoming the treants next meal. Just then, the treant took a swipe at them causing the trio to fly off of the ground and into the air, but then they stopped.




Hanging in mid-air, the young girl looked around and as she looked, parading past her was a group of moogles of whom had appeared in an attempt to calm the treant and lead it away from the trio. It worked, somehow the moogles were able to gain the attention of the treant, placing in a daze and leading it deep back into the forest.
The trio then fell to the ground and as the young girl attempted to gather herself, there was the sound of someone chanting.


Brother E-Sumi: O benevolent spirit, warden of arbor primeval, hearken unto me! Relinquish thy wrath and betake thee once more to thy vigil! The wood’s fury is quelled. All is safe.


Narration: From the trees appear six lance wielding warriors who all wore half faced masks. Another moogle that stood with the chanting conjurer and the six lancers made its way down to inspect the trio only to be startled by Papalymo who just so happened to be versed in mooglespeak.


Moogle: One so puny could not possibly have broken the Hedge, kupo.


Papalymo: Who are you calling puny, you pot-bellied runt!?


Moogle: Oh goodness gracious me, kupo!


Narration: Yelled Papalymo shooing the moogle away. The conjurer then stepped forward and apologized.


Brother E-Sumi: Forgive us, ‘Tis not oft those versed in mooglespeak fall from the sky. The elementals foretold your coming. And that the fate of this forest would rest with you. Come, we shall see you safely to Gridania.


Narration: As the conjurer and his lancers led the trio to the city-state of Gridania, Yda jumped up and followed joyfully behind them.


Yda: I knew today wouldn’t be all bad.


Papalymo: Aye, we only nearly died thrice…


Narration: As the young girl, whose name just so happened to be Nuvea stood up from the ground, there was a slight moment of dizziness only to be followed by the sound of the songstress once more. She looked around again and then made her way back to Gridania.

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