Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fic: A New Beginning Chapter One

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning
Chapter 1a: Ship A’hoy!

Evogolist: When I awoke, I found myself sitting on the floor of some sort of ship. As I looked around, there were people gathered within this one cabin, but I couldn’t help but wonder, where was I? Am I somewhere in my Vana’diel or am I in some sort of parallel universe?

Voice: Hear……Feel……Think…..

Evogolist: Wait, what is that? I hear some sort of faint singing. A female’s voice. I stood up and attempted to make my way to the ship deck where the singing seemed to be coming from. Upon reaching the steps leading up to the deck the singing stopped and the ship’s deck was covered in a mist like fog. I continued on hoping to find my answers. Somehow I ended up no longer on the ship’s deck, but yet in some weird place where there a bright white light in the sky and meteor like balls falling from the sky. Suddenly someone yelled out to me.

Y’shtola: Look out!!!

Evogolist: As I turned to look a golden color wave rose above me and weirdly enough I found myself back on the deck of the ship. What was that? A storm? And who was this mithra kneeling down beside me? I looked around some more and whatever was going on, the ship’s crew had their hands full and I could tell that something bad was brewing.

Ship Crew#1: All hands to foredecks!

Evogolist: Yelled one of the ship’s crew members as he struggled to keep the ship’s sails in tack.

Y’shtola: Hurry back to your cabin friend, lest you become the sea’s next victim.

Evogolist: Said the mysterious mithra as I watched on, but in all honesty……I’ve never been one to run from an adventure.

Ship Crew #1: She won’t hold much longer!

Evogolist: Yelled the one crew member as he continued to struggle with the sails. Hmph, guess I better give him a hand.

Y’shtola: A brave one.

Evogolist: Making my way to assist the crew member, the mithra followed behind amazed that I was willing to risk my life. Suddenly the ship shook causing us to stumble as we made our way up the steps.



When I looked up somehow the ship had fallen under attack by some kind of tenticale like creatures. What were these things?

Sthalmann: Nasty little beastie.

Evogolist: Said a muscular galkan like guy as he swung his gigantic axe knocking down a few of the creatures, but wait…..he couldn’t be a galka. Where the hell was his tail?!

Sthalmann: Mind your stations men!
And stow the damn gawpers!
Alright who’s next?

Y’shtola: God’s forfend….

Evogolist: As the crew member who I had attempted to help became overwhelmed by the tenticale creatures, I ran over to try and fend them off of him only to be knocked to the ground. Without warning a shot rang out and when I looked up the galkan like man had fired on the creatures overwhelming the crew member and around him laid about a dozen or so creatures that he had taken out himself. He then turned to me and yelled….

Sthalmann: Make yourself useful, scrag!

Evogolist: Scrag? What the hell is a scrag?! I mean come on! Who is this guy?! Really?!

Crew Member #2: They’re running away!

Evogolist: Said another member of the ship’s crew as the invading creatures mysteriously begin to retreat. But why is it that these things never stay away for good. As I turned and looked behind me, another group of creatures invaded the ship and just as it seemed that this might be it for good ol’ Evo, the mysterious mithran girl jumped in front of me and used some sort of magical barrier.

Y’shtola: Begone!

Evogolist: As the mithran girl shields me, members of the ship’s crew as well as the other passengers look on scared and shocked. Wondering what is going? Then I notice the galka turn and look.

Sthalman: Brace yourselves!

Evogolist: Oh great now what, I wondered as something rose from the water rocking the ship almost causing the ship to tilt over. As a giant serpant leaped over the ship, I couldn’t help but look on. Yep, I just knew it, things were bad and they were only about to get worse.

Nuvea…..where ever you are, I won’t die here, I’ll find you. I promise.


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