Chapter 3a-To Catch a Star.

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning
Chapter 3a: To Catch a Star.

Narration: Across the ocean, within the Black Shroud also known as the Twelveswood, two young girls make their way out of the city/state of Gridania for a few moments of fun and adventure. As Nuvea and her best friend Chydie exit the Blue Badger Gate, the Roegadyn Wood Wailer Longsygg sees the two girls and attempts to stop them.


Longsygg: Huh? Hey you two?!

Nuvea: See ya Mister Longsygg, don’t tell my aunt ok?


Longsygg: But….but….Lady Nuvea?


Narration: Cera, whose been secretly keeping watch over the young Nuvea, approaches Longsygg and asks him to let them be.



Longsygg: Huh?


Cera: Let them go.


Longsygg: Lieutenant Cera, what about?


Cera: Don’t worry. I’ll be following her trail.


Narration: The elezen warrior then follows after the two girls, running along the hills and staying as close as she can without being seen. The two girls themselves unaware of Cera following them, laugh and play. At times they would play a game of tag, chasing each other around the trees. At other times they would mock the local forest creatures. After running and playing for a while, the two girls sit down and take a moment to catch their breath.


Chydie: That was fun.


Nuvea: Yeah, I don’t think I’ve have so much fun in my whole entire life.


Chydie: What do you mean? You go on an adventure almost everyday. And might I add without me.


Nuvea: Aw, Chydie don’t be like that. Tell you what, my next adventure I’ll definitely take you with me.


Chydie: Really?


Nuvea: Yup!


Narration: Chydie claps joyfully at thought of being able to join her best friend on one of her adventures one day.


Nuvea: So, um…Chydie what exactly did you bring me out here for?


Chydie: Oh! I almost forgot. stay right here?!



Narration: Nuvea looks on curious to see what it is that Chydie is up to. Suddenly she hears Chydie yell out.


Chydie: Hey! No fair. come back here!


Narration: A group of Star Marmots scatter as Chydie tries her best to catch one.


Nuvea: Uh, Chydie…what are you doing? Chydie?


Narration: Chydie does everything possible to catch one the Star Marmots, but unfortunately ends up with more bumps and bruises than anything else. Surprisingly, one of the Star Marmots runs over to Nuvea and hides behind her. Chydie, who’s rubbing her sore butt, looks on in disbelief.


Chydie: Ow…..that really hurt. Huh? No way?!


Nuvea: Looks like he’s scared of you now.


Chydie: Hey! You’re the one that made me fall!


Narration: The Star Marmot runs up on to Nuvea’s shoulder and stares at Chydie.


Nuvea: Hey Chydie, is this what you wanted to give me? A Star Marmot?


Chydie: Yeah, but looks like I didn’t do to well.


Nuvea: Aw Chydie, it’s ok. Besides looks like you chased this one over to me, so I guess you could kind of say that your mission was a success.


Narration: Nuvea and Chydie smile as they welcome their new friend. Not far off, Cera sits idlely by keeping an watch on the two girls. That is until she notices something strange taking place.


Cera: Huh? What is that?


Narration: As Cera looks on, she spots something over in a nearby bush preparing to attack the two girls.


Cera: Dammit.


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