Chapter 3b-Lord of the Wilds

Chapter 3b: Lord of the Wilds



Narration: After enjoying their time together, Nuvea and Chydie prepare to make their way back to Gridania. unbeknownst to them, someone or something has different plans.


Chydie: We should head back, it’s starting to get dark.


Nuvea: Yeah, besides I don’t wanna have to sit through another one of my auntie Z’s lectures.


Chydie: So what are you gonna name him?


Nuvea: I don’t know, maybe something like….Mu.


Chydie: Mu? What kind of name is that?


Narration: Just then Nuvea hears something move in a nearby bush.


Nuvea: Hold it. Did you hear that?


Chydie: Hear what? I didn’t hear anything?


Narration: The bush rattles again.


Nuvea: Shhh, there it is again.


Chydie: Nuv I’m getting scared now, let’s head back.


Nuvea: Hold on. Hey you?! This isn’t funny come from out of there!


Narration: Suddenly something comes from out of the bush. Nuvea looks and sees that it’s nothing than another Star Marmot. Relieved that it was nothing, Nuvea turns to Chydie who is hiding behind Nuvea.


Nuvea: Ha, ha very funny. Come on Chydie let’s go. Chydie?


Chydie: Is it gone yet?


Nuvea: Yeah. It was nothing more than a Star Marmot. I swear how will you ever make with me on one of my adventures if…..


Narration: Just then something else jumps out of the bushes and begins taunting and attacking the girls. That something being a wilding that had been roaming the forest.



Chydie: Aaahh!


Nuvea: I don’t know who or what you are, but you picked the wrong girl to pick on.


Narration: Nuvea draws her bow fires it, but the wilding is too fast and knocks the bow out of her hands and Nuvea to the ground. The Wilding stands over Nuvea and raises his arms preparing to hit her when suddenly the Star Marmot that had befriended the two girls earlier, runs in, jumps on the Wildling and attacks him.



Back In Gridania, the dark man from earlier prepares to make his presence known. And as he stands at the entrance to the Stillglade Fane, all of Gridania is about to fall to his wrath and the life of one Nuvea is about to change forever.




???: Gridania, heed my call, for I am Hashmal, Bringer of Order and leader of the Lucavi.


Narration: As this dark character appears, the people of Gridania are frightened as several figures appear from the woods. Wildlings come in many as eleven other robed figures surround Hashmal and summon the darkness of the Black Shroud.

Outside of Gridania, Nuvea and Chydie continue to fight off their attacker. The wildling yanks the Star Marmot off of him and tosses him across the area.


Nuvea: Mu!!


Narration: Yells Nuvea. As the Wildling resumes moving towards Nuvea, he is once again distracted when Chydie begins throwing stones at him.


Chydie: Leave her alo…..


Narration: As the wildling turns around preparing to go after Chydie, Chydie is terrified to discover that the attacking wildling is non other than her own father.


Chydie: Dad? Dad is that you? No, it can’t be. It can’t be you?!


Narration: Yells Chydie. Nuvea screams for Chydie to run but Chydie is in shock. The Wildling reaches Chydie and knocks her to the ground. Nuvea watches in horror as the Wildling stands over a unconcious Chydie and she fears that this may be it for the both of them.



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