Chapter 3c-Beckoned By Fate

Chapter 3c: Beckoned By Fate



Narration: Gridania is underseige by a tyrant calling himself Hashmal, leader of a group known as the Lucavi. The Wood Wailers gather in hope of putting a stop to Hashmal before things get too out of hand.


Swethyna: Whoever you are, Halt! To come to Gridania and claim seige to it, is a crime against her Goddess Nophica and thy must be punished.


Narration: Hashmal smirks and as he continues to join the other eleven members of the Lucavi, a wildling walks over to the Wood Wailer Captain.


Swethyna: Stay where you are!


Narration: Commands Swethyna, but the wildling ignores her command and as he walks past her, he somehow is able to stab her without her knowing, ending the Wood Wailer Captain’s life. The other Wood Wailers look on in horror as they witness their Captain perish before their eyes.


Longsygg: Captain Swethyna!!


Narration: Hashmal, seeing how the shed of blood has helped them in their summoning, orders the other wildling to attack Gridania and shed more blood.


Hashmal: Ha, ha, ha…yes! More…more! Kill everyone!


Narration: As the army of wildling begin attacking the citizens of Gridania, the remaining Wood Wailers charge in head on and joining are Zeriah and her team of God’s Quiver.


Outside of Gridania, Nuvea tries her best to fend off the attacking Wildling, but is unable to hold her own. As she tries to crawl away from the wildling who has now set it’s eyes on her, Nuvea looks up and sees something jump from the wooded area above the her.


It’s non other than the Elezen wood wailer, Cera. for a moment as Cera leaps from the hill, Nuvea sees somewhat of a graceful beautiful being. Upon landing, Cera draws her spear and stands in front of Nuvea. The Wildling growls at Cera and then charges at her.

Nuvea yells out to Cera…

Nuvea: Don’t hurt him, please?! He’s Chydie’s dad!!


Narration: Honoring Nuvea’s request, Cera fights off the Wildling while trying not to bring harm to him. The Wildling proves to strong though and Cera then has no choice, but to injure the Wildling before he is able to injure or kill her and the two girls. Cera goes to swing her spear only for the Wildling to jump over her and infront of Nuvea. Nuvea looks away as the Wildling once again prepares to strike her down, but just then Cera takes her spear and throws it hitting the Wildling in the leg. The injured Wildling pulls the spear from his leg and escapes.



Cera then walks over to Nuvea and checks on the young girl.


Cera: Are you alright?


Nuvea: Yes.


Narration: Nuvea then stands up and fixes her clothes. She then runs over to check on Chydie who was knocked unconcious during the attack.


Nuvea: Chydie! Chydie answer me!


Chydie: Ugh….what happened?


Narration: Nuvea helps Chydie up and just as the three prepare to make their way back to Gridania, they notice smoke coming from town.



Cera: Well I’d better get you two back…to….town.


Nuvea: Oh my god!


Cera: Come! We need to go now!


Narration: Cera grabs her spear and the three make their way back to Gridania to see exactly what is going on. Back in Stillglade Fane, the fight to stop the Lucavi continues to rage on. Zeriah attempts to stop the summoning, but before she can fire off and arrow , she herself receives one in the back.


Zeriah: Ugh….wha…?


Narration: A shadowy figure walks away as Zeriah falls to the ground. Not long before hand, Hashmal calls off the attack and thus he and the other members of the Lucavi leave Gridania.


Zalera: Surely there must be another source of blood. We need more to summon her.


Hashmal: Come, let us go.


Narration: As the Lucavi members leave, Cera, Nuvea, and Chydie return to find their homes in ruin. Cera grabs her spears and attempts to attack the Lucavi members but is pushed back by a powerful force of wind from one of them. Nuvea then grabs for her bow and arrows, but is stopped by Cera.


Nuvea: Huh?


Cera: No, let them go. There’s nothing we can do now.


Narration: Nuvea listens to Cera and as the Lucavi members leave Gridania, the three make their way through Gridania. As they make their way through Gridania, they are treated to a horrific scene as bodies lay scattered throughout the ground. The girls thne finally arrive at the Stillglade Fane and Cera drops to her knees at the sight of her comrades including Captain Swethyn laying lifeless on the ground. Nuvea then looks around and spots her Aunt also laying on the ground.



Nuvea: No! Auntie Z!!


Narration: Yells Nuvea as she runs over to check on the archer warrior.


Nuvea: Aunite Z, no….no….please be alive. Please be alive.


Narration: As Nuvea reaches Zeriah, she slightly lifts Zeriah and holds her tight praying that her Aunt is alive. For a quick second, Zeriah opens her eyes and sees Nuvea. She softly closes her eyes back. And Nuvea then let’s out a loud scream.


Nuvea: Aaaaaah!!!


Narration: The surviving members of the conjurer’s guild including O App Pesi and E-Sumi emerge from within the Stillglade Fane and do what they can to have the survivors moved inside so that they can be healed. Nuvea cries as she feels the walls of lonliness close in on her.

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