Chapter 3d – Her Mother’s WIll

Chapter 3d: Her Mother’s Will

Narration: Two days have passed since the group known as the Lucavi attacked Gridania. During the attack many were hurt and injured while others suffered more unheartening fates. Within the Stillglade Fane, also known as the Conjurer’s Guild, many have been housed there as the conjurer’s tend to the wounds of the injured. One of those injured was non other than Nuvea’s Aunt Zeriah. After being unconscious for two days, Zeriah awakens to find Nuvea sleeping next to her.

Zeriah: Ugh…where am I? Huh? Nuvea?

Narration: Zeriah places her hand on Nuvea’s hand and then leans over to kiss her head happy that some how, Nuvea was able to avoid the violence of two days before. Just then Nuvea awakens and is happy to see her aunt alive and well.

Nuvea: Auntie Z, you’re okay?!

Zeriah: Yes my child, I am fine. The real question is are you okay?


Nuvea: Yes….

Narration: Nuvea then jumps up and gives Zeriah a big hug and apologizes. At first Zeriah flinches due to her injury, but then she wraps her arms around Nuvea returning the love that her niece has shown her.

Nuvea: Auntie Z, I’m so sorry. I should’ve never ran off like that.

Zeriah: Shhh… it’s okay. I’m glad that you did, or else you would not be here with me now.

Narration: Just as two finish making up, Cera walks in and is happy to see the archer general alive.

Cera: My lady, I’m happy to see that you are fine. The doctor said that the arrow missed your spine so you’ll be okay, but it’ll be awhile before you’ll be able to move around on your own again.

Zeriah: I see.


Cera: May I ask you something Lady Zeriah?

Zeriah: Yes, go on.

Cera: Who were those people who attacked the other day?

Zeriah: That’s just it, I have no idea.

Cera: Hmm…According to Longsygg, they’re a group calling themselves the Lucavi and their leader is a man by the name of Hashmal.

Zeriah: The Lucavi?

Narration: Zeriah thinks to herself for a bit, wondering if there’s anything she knows about the group and the man who calls himself Hashmal. Just then Brother E-Sumi walks in.

E-Sumi: Zeriah, I am happy to see that you are well.

Zeriah: Thank you Brother E-Sumi. So what brings you here?

E-Sumi: I overheard the two of you talking and thought I’d be of some assistance.

Cera: Brother E-Sumi, is there anything that you can tell us about the Lucavi?

E-Sumi: I will try. The Lucavi were a group that existed over a hundred years ago. Back then they were led by a being known as Ultima. The Lucavi from then were evil spirits that had the ability to cross over through realms and in doing so caused much strife and destruction to the land. It was then that brave warriors came forth and thus fought against the Lucavi, banishing Ultima and defeating them once and for all, or at least so they thought.

Zeriah: So why would they come here?

E-Sumi: It was here in Gridania that the Lucavi were defeated.

Zeriah: So then that would explain the summoning ritual. They must have been trying to summon back Ultima.

E-Sumi: Perhaps so.

Cera: Then why did they leave?

E-Sumi: In order to summon forth Ultima, a tremendous amount of blood must be shed.

Narration: After listening and not wanting anymore of her friends or family to be hurt, Nuvea jumps up and voices her concern.

Nuvea: We have to stop them, it’s the only way that we can….

Zeriah: No! Absolutely not!

Nuvea: But Auntie Z?!

Cera: She has a point my lady.

Narration: Zeriah lets out a heavy sigh, not wanting to admit that her niece is correct.

Zeriah: But how? The Wood Wailer’s and the God’s Quiver were no match for them, surely you don’t expect me to let my only niece go out on her own? She’s only fourteen.

Nuvea: But Auntie Z, I won’t be alone. I’ll have Cera with me.

Cera: I’d hate to admit it, but she’s right. And I’ll make sure that she receives the best training.

Narration: Zeriah let’s out another deep sigh and then looks at a pendant around her neck. It is then that she makes her decision.

Zeriah: Very well, but Nuvea you have to be at practice everyday. Not one day of goofing around, understood?

Nuvea: Gotcha.

Narration: Zeriah then removes the pendant from around her neck and places it in Nuvea’s hand.


Zeriah: This pendant belonged to your mother. Before she was overtaken by her woodsin, she wrote a will and gave me this pendant. She told me that when the time was right that I was to give it to you. When you’re finished your training I want you to use this pendant to unlock the key to your destiny.

Narration: Nuvea holds the pendant with both of her hands and as she stares at it she vows to never let the people of Gridania suffer a horrible fate again. Over the next four months Cera trains Nuvea in the form of archery as well as that of a lancer. At night when her session of training was over, Nuvea would secretly sneak off and train with a sword. Each day that passed Nuvea trained her hardest not wanting to let down those who were depending on her. At times her best friend Chydie would come and watch as she trained.

Finally after four months of training and fine tuning her skills as an archer, Nuvea was ready to use the pendant and unlock the key to her destiny. She made her way to her mother’s room and there on her mother’s coffer was non other than a small chest. There was a hole on the top of the chest that was shaped like the pendant that Zeriah had given her. Nuvea removed the pendant from around her neck and placed it within the key hole. Suddenly the box opened and within the box was a letter. From in between the letter was a picture of her, her mother, and her father. Nuvea then begin to read the letter.

Dear Nuvea.
I am terribly sorry that I won’t be able to be with you much longer. Unfortunately, my woodsin has grown tremendously, the greenwrath is upon me and no amount of cleansing has been able to rid me of this horrible curse. With this letter I leave with you a memory of our love. The love that we shared as a family. Please be strong for your father, while he will pretend to be strong on the outside, on the inside I’m sure that he will be hurting even more than he is now once I am gone. Nuvea, Crystari, my beautiful daughter of the crystal, when the time is right my life will be yours and it is then that you will join the heroes of destiny. Until that time comes, no matter what happens, no matter what troubles life brings to you……you must never give up hope. You are the light of our world and thus must continue being so. Goodbye my daughter. I love you and will never forget you.

Milyah Crystari

Narration: After reading the letter, Nuvea sits on the bed and begins to cry. The two people who loved her the most were gone and in their was nothing more than a pendant, a letter, and a photo. She thought to herself how could she possibly continue being strong. How could her mother leave such a burden on her. She then thinks about all of the people in her life now. Her Aunt Zeriah, her best friend Chydie, Cera, and the people of Gridania. All of these people were depending on her and she couldn’t possibly let them down. She then walked over to her mother’s armoire and opened it. Within it was an outfit that her mother wore during her when she was apart of the God’s Quiver. also inside was non other than her mother’s prized bow.


Nuvea, then tried on her mother’s clothes and they fit. Next she grabbed her mother’s bow and picked up the photo of her and parents, sliding the photo into her pocket. Nuvea then made her way outside and standing there was non other than Cera, Zeriah, and Chydie. Nuvea looked at them and announced her resolve.

Nuvea: Let’s Go.

(End of Chapter)

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