Chapter 1a – Our Hero Acometh

Chapter 1: Beginnings
     A. Our Hero Acometh

Evogolist: Ha!!!! Is that all you got!!!!
Quadav #1: Raaawwrr!!! Damn you!
Quadav #2: Get him!!
Evogolist: Come on. Show me what you got.
Narration: Evogolist…..a young man whose past is filled with darkness
due to the Crystal War now seeks out fun and adventure. On
his way to his new home in Bastok Evo is attacked by several
Quadav warriors. At first it seems as if the Quadav are too much
and have the upper hand but unknown to them our hero is only
toying with them at first. As one quadav sneaks up behind him,
Evo senses the attack and dodges out of the way just in time.
Evogolist: Wow!! You almost got me that time. To bad for you the hare was faster than the tortise.

Ha, ha, ha
Quadav#1: You dare insult us!!
Evogolist: Nope….Just stating the truth.
Time to finish this.
Narration: As the last quadav runs in to attack him, Evo leaps into the air, slicing into the quadav as he’s going up. Then just as fast as he leaps into the air…..Evo comes back down to the ground delivering a devastating blow.
The surviving quadav look on in horror as they witness what they thought was a low level warrior perform such powerful and devastating attack.
Evogolist: Yeah go ahead and run and don’t come back!!!

Narration: Just as our hero walks away the quadav return with even more reinforcments.
Evogolist: Huh….?
Quadav Leader: Get Him!!!!
Evogolist: Uh Oh…..Time to high tail it outta here.
Narration: As Evo makes a daring escape from the quadav pursuing him, he comes to his destination…….the Gate Way leading to Bastok Markets.

Evogolist: Whew…..thought I was goner for a sec there.
Gate Guard: What the hell?! Do you realize you almost trained a massive army of Quadavs into the city!!!
I should arrest you on the account of attempt of MPK.
Evogolist: Aww relax old man. No one got hurt.
Gate Guard: Old man!! OLD MAN!!!!! WHY YOU DISRESPECTFUL……….!!!!

Evogolist: Man and just when I thought my life was big enough………….My world just got a whole lot bigger.


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