Chapter 1b – A New Home

Chapter 1:Beginnings
B. A New Home

Evogolist: Okay so the big hulking hairy guy said take this coupon to some chick named Dulsie.
Dulsie: Hi Welcome to Bastok……can I help you with anything?
Evogolist: Um…yeah some guy gave me this coupon thingy to give to you.
Dulsie: Oh Okay……this is an adventurer coupon. In return I’ll give you 50 gil.
Evogolist: 50…..gil?
Dulsie: Yep……..I know….I know it’s not much but it helps get you off to a start.
And as a added bonus…..(because I like you and think you’re cute…….I’ll give you a linkshell pearl)
Evogolist: Um…..okay.
Dulsie: Okay…..Right behind us is the Port Bastok Residential Area Entrance. With your
Adventurer Coupon all your information has been registered with the Bastok embassy along with the MHMU and your Mog House attendant will be awaiting you inside. Please enjoy your stay with us Evogolist and I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you again.

Evogolist: Okay….thank you!!! Gawd was that boring and she was just absolutely frightening.
So this is my new Mog House huh? not bad. The ones in Windy look much more comfortable than this dump.
I wonder what the ones in San d’Oria look like. Probably all Elvaany looking.
Narration: As Evo looks over his new Mog House Unit…..his Moogle Mog House Attendant suddenly appears.
Moogle: Kuppppoooo!!!!
Evogolist: What the hell?!
Moogle: Kupo Kupo…..Calm down master it’s just me.
Evogolist: Gawd don’t scare me like that…..I could’ve killed you.
Moogle: Oh goodness no master. Please don’t kupo’ill me.
Narration: The Moogle shakes in fear as Evo holds his sword out.
Moogle: Ku…po……Please master can you kupo put that away. You’re scaring me.
Evogolist: Oh sorry. So you’re my new Moogle Attentdant?
Moogle: Kupo Kupo!!! Yes master I am. And if I may begin introductions……I am Monty Moogle at your service.
Evogolist: Monty eh?
Moogle: Please Master, Monty looks forward to a good friendship with you so please don’t be mean kupo.
Evogolist: Uh….right….sorry. Still alittle freaked by the way you snuck in here. Just fought off a group of quadav and was then chased into town by even more. So yeah still a little jumpy.
Moogle: My….My master that’s an awful lot. No wonder you pointed that scary blade at me.
Evogolist: Hey Monty the name’s Evogolist but you can call me Evo… more of that master business…..we’re gonna be good friends from here on out.
Moogle: KUPO!!! Mast……..I mean I’m sooo happy to hear that kupo.
Now I need to set you up in your new mog house then you’ll be all set to go.
Evogolist: Okay…..I can finally get some rest.
Narration: Just as Evo prepares to lay down and rest He receives and incoming call on his family linkshell.
Zeriah: EVO!!!! Where are you?!!!
Evogolist: Oh gawd sis give me a break I just got in town and I’m tired.
Zeriah: You just got in town and didn’t call me nor mom to let us know that you were okay.
Moogle: Excuse me Evo……should I prepare your bed?
Evogolist: No Monty you’d better go ahead…..I’ll catch up to you. This is gonna take a while.
Zeriah: WHAAAATTTT?!!! You’re even setup in a Mog House and yet you couldn’t call!!!
Narration: Evogolist a mighty warrior he is destined to become. Against the hordes of beastmen, no one can match him
but the one fight he may never win……is the fight against his sister Zeriah.

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