Chapter 1c – First Mission/The Zeruhn Report

Chapter 1:Beginnings
C. First Mission/The Zeruhn Report

Narration: Deep in the Zeruhn Mines something omnious is afoot.
Sounds of Quadav seem to be coming from the now blocked connecting mining
area of Palborough Mines.
Soldier: Lt. Makarim……Lt. Makarim!!!
Makarim: Yes what is it? Why such an alarming appearence?
Soldier: Lt. Makarim sir……there are sounds of quadav coming through the mines’ walls.
Lt. Makarim: Maybe you’re just hearing a echo. These mines do connect to Palborough.
Soldier: No ma’am. There seems to be a hole somewhere in the mines and more and more
fiends are appearing in the mines.
Makarim: Hmm…..this does call for concern. Lt. Makarim to all units patrolling the Zeruhn Mines there seems to be a high amount of fiends appearing in the mines. Commander check your gate to be sure that nothing has breached through.
Commander: Ma’am nothing has breached through but……OMG!!!
Makarim: Commander…? Commander?!!
Take this report and get it back to? Watch out behind you!!
Narration: The soldier unaware of his surroundings falls prey to a giant scorpion that seems to have appeared in the mines.
Zeruhn Mines……now overrun by mobs of different kinds…..Lt. Makarim and her unit of soldiers try as best as they can
to fight off the infestation until back up can arrive.
Makarim: Lt. Makarim to Headquarters…..We need back up in the mines.
Does anyone copy……..? Please send back up immediately.
Narration: With a desperate plea for help Lt. Makarim does what she can to hold on and survive. But for how long?

Scene fade out
Move to Scene Evogolist’s Mog House

Narration: As our hero awakens from his slumber he wonders what fun is there to be had.
Evogolist: Hey Monty is there anything fun in this town to do. I’m quite the bit bored now.
Monty: Kupo!! I’m happy you asked….There’s tons of fun to be had here in Bastok.
Evogolist: Really?! Like what?
Monty:Well you have the Steaming Sheep Resteraunt in Port Bastok, Tons of places to shop such as Galvin’s Travel Gear shop in the Port district,
Brunhilde’s armorer shop and Dragon’s Claws Weaponry Store in Bastok Markets and Deegis’s Armour shop in the Mines district for adventuring type folks. Then there’s Mjoll’s General Goods, Carmelide’s Jewelry, and Harmodios’s Music Shop in the Markets distract
and Boytz’s Knickknacks in the mines district for the homie type folks. And let’s not forget the Wonderful Auction House available in both the Markets and Mines districts. You also have three guilds to choice from Blacksmith’s, Goldsmith’s and Alchemist’s guilds.
Evogolist: Gee where do I begin?!
Monty: I knew you would love it Kupo!!
Evogolist: Are you serious? I want some fun, excitement, adventure, with a chance of death…..yes please!!!
Monty:……………………Hold on a sec there Kupo. Something’s coming through the MHMU communication line via Musketeer headquarters.
Evogolist: Really?
Monty: Oh my Kupo……..There’s seems to be a serious situation going on in the mines district. They’re calling for any kind of possible back up.
Adventurer’s of all sorts are inquiring about it. Kupo…..KUPO!!!
Evogolist: Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!Alright Monty I’m off.
Monty: KUPOOOOO!!Master you can’t be serious?! It could be dangerous.
Evogolist: Well dangers my first middle and last name.
Monty: But master you said it was Evogolist?
Evogolist: It was a figure of speech Monty.
Monty: <sigh> Kupo…..I don’t get it. Master? Master?! <sigh> Be careful master.
Narration: Citizens of Bastok and Adventurers gather at the gate houses as the town guards warn of the brewing danger in the Zeruhn Mines. The Citizens seem to tremble in fear of dangers that await them if the situation spills into town whereas Adventurers on the other hand seem to be overly excited of the possibility of a new adventure.
Pavel: Citizens of Bastok as of now access to Zeruhn Mines will be restricted until further notice. So we advise you to stay clear until then.
Tami: What exactly is going on there? My husband is still in there?!
Citizen: And my brother?!!!
Citizen: And my son!!!!
Citizen: We deserve to know what’s going on!!!
Citizen: Yeah!!!
Pavel: Look I’ve told you all I can. Now until we can get things under control please return to you homes.

Huh? What do you want?
Evogolist: I wanna help.
Pavel: Look kid……go home this situation is too much for someone like you.
Evogolist: Kid?! How dare you call me a kid old man.
Pavel: Old man?!!! Why you?!!! Wait a sec….you’re that runt from earlier aren’t you?
Evogolist: Uh…..No…..see ya!!!!
Pavel: Hold it right there!!!
Evogolist: Oh man.
Pavel: I might just have some use for you after all.
There’s a musketeer down in the mines……..her name is Makarim.
You are to head down into Zeruhn Mines and retrieve the report she has
is that understood!!!
Evogolist: So you’re gonna use me do you’re dirty work.
Pavel: I thought you said you wanted to help? Besides I’m still considering throwing you in jail for that little stunt you pulled earlier.
Evogolist: Makarim right? I’m on it.
Pavel: Ha….little punk. Let’s see if he makes it back in one piece.

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