Chapter 1d – First Friend/Let’s Level Up!

Chapter 1: Beginnings
D. First Friend/Lets level up!!!
Narration: As our hero enters the now fiend infested Zeruhn Mines, he sets off to accomplish his task and perhaps hopes that he’s bitten off more than he can chew.
Evogolist: So this is Zeruhn Mines. Man what a dump. So Evo how about we get this over with eh.
Althea: So which one of these tunnels leads to……..Ommph!!! Oww!!!
Evogolist: Oww!!! Hey watch where you going will ya!!!
Althea: Hey you bumped in to me.
Evogolist: Well if you were watching where you were going and not looking at the stupid map.
Althea: Hey do you want me to cast Banish spell on you because I will.
Evogolist: I dare you.
Narration: Just as the two strangers prepare to fight a unknown scream comes from the following tunnel area.
Lt. Makarim: Damn you. I won’t die…..not today. Get out of here Zelman!!!
Zelman: You don’t have to tell me twice!!
Althea: Wait!! Did you hear that?
Evogolist: Don’t change the subject. Let’s go sista….you and me!!!
Althea: Will you shut up?!!
Zelman: You two better get out of here there’s a giant monster coming.
Evogolist: Giant…Monster?!!
Zelman: Yes….Lt. Makarim is trying to hold it off but I don’t know for how long.
Althea: Lt. Makarim?
Evogolist: Well that’s my cue….
Althea: Hey wait!!
Evogolist: We’ll settle things later. I got a monster to slay and a damsel in distress to save.
Althea: Well atleast wait for me.

Narration: When Evogolist and the stranger arrive they witness a now weak LT. Makarim fending off the Giant Scorpion creature.
Evogolist: Whoa…..that thing is huge!!!
Lt. Makarim: Y… two…..what are you doing? Get out of here!!!!
Althea: We’re here to save you.
Lt. Makarim: This is not the place for adventurers!!!
Evogolist: Lady give me a break will ya.
Narration: While Evogolist argues with Lt. Makarim the Giant Scorpion makes a swipe at our hero.
Althea: Hey!! Watch out!!
Evogolist: What the?!!!
Okay that’s it. You just pissed me off mister.
Althea: Keep him busy while I get her to safety.
Evogolist: Don’t think I’ll have a problem there.
Narration: As the stranger gets the injured Lieutenant out of harms way, our hero carries on a incrediably tough battle against the giant fiend. While doing so the stranger reveals herself to be a up and coming white mage as she tends to the lieutenants wounds.
Althea: There you should be better in no time.
Lt. Makarim: Thank you. You friend isn’t doing too bad either. But looks like he may need your assistance.
Althea: Huh?
Evogolist: Whoa!!! Let me go you giant good for nothing bug!!!
Althea: Hold on I’m coming.
Evogolist: Don’t worry I’ve got everything under control.
But it sure is nice……..Omph!! Hey I was talking!!!
It sure is nice to know that you practice white magic.
Althea: Just hold on. I’ll have you healed in a sec.
Narration: As the white mage heals Evo the scorpion prepares to finish off our hero and his company.
Althea: There all better.
Evogolist: Alright better get back. Time for the final round.
Narration: As our hero runs towards the scorpion, the scorpion lunges in to strike but Evo dodges by jumping and lands on top of the scorpion and with his final he strike delivers the final blow to the fiend ending it’s short reine of terror for good.

Lt. Makarim: Good Job you two and congrats on your new levels.

Evogolist: Umm….sorry Ms. Makarim but do you have a report or something.

Lt. Makarim: Yes but how do you know of it.
Evogolist: Uh….it’s actually the only way I can keep from going to jail.
Lt. Makarim: Jail what do you mean?
Evogolist: I kind of trained a bunch of mobs to the city gates, but it’s only because I had really bad aggro and was being chase. And so I tried to zone them. That old man at the gate said that he would arrest me on the pretenses of attempt to MPK.
Lt. Makarim: Understand this only a GM can arrest you. Further more once inside the city gates no beastmen can enter nor leave alive.
Evogolist: So you’re saying that old geezer played me for a fool.
Lt. Makarim: Pretty much
Evogolist: Why that!!!!
Althea: Ha, ha, ha
Lt. Makarim: Don’t worry I will take care of him once I return, but first I need to make sure everything is okay here.
Here’s the Zeruhn Report can you please do me a favor and take it to Naji of the Mythril Musketeers stationed in front of the President’s Office?
Althea: Sure.
Lt. Makarim: Thank you again for your help.
Evogolist: No problem.

Narration: As the two make their way out of the mines and to the presidents office they become more acquinted with one another. Once they reach metalworks and deliver the report the two part and go their own seperate ways but remain friends. What adventures await the heroes of Vana’diel in the future? Only time will tell.

Scene fade out
End of Chapter 1


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