Chapter 2a: In Darkness Lurks the Shadows

Chapter 2: Shadows
A: In Darkness lurks the Shadows

Narration: Twenty years ago, a powerful dark entity spread chaos and terror across the land of Vana’diel. Calling forth his Dark Kindred and using the beastmen as pawns to do his evil biddings……his name was….The Shadow Lord. No one knows of his origin but from what some say he represents the darkened hearts of all Galka.

Twenty years ago a long and gruesome war ensued. The Crystal War it was called. Many lost their lives, their families, their homes………

In order to defeat the evil Shadow Lord and his horde of dark kindred the Arch Duke of Jeuno Kam ‘lanaut summoned all three nations and formed an alliance. The Bastokans with their knowledge in technology and machinary, The San’d Orians with their knowledge in Strenght and combat. And The Windurstans with their knowledge in magic.
The arch duke also requested the aid of The Queen of Aht Urghan but she refused stating that her kingdom had no part in the war and wished not to partake in such matters.

The four nations fought vailently and was eventually able to defeat the Shadow Lord…….or so they thought.

Twenty Years later the name of he who caused so much carnage and destruction in the past has once again resurfaced. And once again the Arch Duke calls upon an alliance of the four nations.

Our Hero…….Evogolist now a well known name among both the citizens of Bastok and the Musketeers is recruited by President Karst himself to act as an Emissary to the corresponding consuls in both Windurst and San d’Oria. Unknown to Evo a dark presence lurks around the corner……and……in him.

Evogolist: Home sweet home. Filled with the hottest mithras and some of the cutest and might I add evilest Taru-tarus.
Guess I better pay a visit to home first and say hello to mom and……..
Zeriah: Evogolist!!!!
Evogolist: Zeriah?!
Zeriah: Oh you’re back!!!
Evogolist: What did you do to your hair?
Zeriah: You like it?
Evogolist: Umm……yeah sure.
Zeriah: Liar……well I do. So what brings you home?
Christmas is a couple of months away.
The Sunbreeze festival is two months away.
Evogolist: Two words……Top Secret.
Zeriah: Don’t you top secret me. You’re hiding something.
Evogolist: No Z seriously I’m on a high priority mission on behalf of the president of Bastok.
Zeriah: Oooh!! Come on Evo aren’t you alittle too old to be pretending to be part of some mighty brigade like the Star Onion Brigade?!
Evogolist: Believe me if you want But I have business to attend to.
Zeriah: Fine but first we’re heading home. Mom would never forgive you if you didn’t stop through and see her.
Evogolist: Fine….
Narration: When the two arrive home Evo is greeted by his mother who dramatically shows how much she misses him.
Evo’s Mom: Oh my son…..welcome back home. My my look how you have grown.
But you haven’t been eating. For someone like you you have to eat if you’re gonna be off adventuring. Your father knew the importance of eating right.
Evogolist: I know mom.
Evo’s Mom: So how’s your uncle? Is he well?
Evogolist: You mean that Volker guy? He’s great. He’s so great that I don’t exist to him.
Evo’s Mom: Don’t talk about him like that if it wasn’t for him none of us would even be alive.
Evogolist: If it wasn’t for him dad would still be alive.
Zeriah: Evo!!!
Evo’s Mom: No Zeriah it’s okay. Evo look at me your Uncle did all that he could to protect Onias. Your father knew what the risks were and he sacrificed his life to save ours and many others.
Evogolist: <sigh>
Evo’s Mom: Now up you go I need you to run an errand for me.
Evogolist: Huh? What? No wait mom I have…….
Evo’s Mom: To take this smooth stone to Chamama at Rarab Tail Hostelry.
Evogolist: Chamama?! But mom she’s kind of cooky in the head.
Evo’s Mom: Don’t say such things about Chamama she’s your mom’s best friend. So you take this smooth stone to her and as a trade she’ll have a bone hairpin to give you for me.
Zeriah: Good luck, lol.
Evo’s Mom: Zeriah you go with him.
Zeriah: Mom!!
Evo’s Mom: Make sure he doesn’t get lost.
Zeriah: Fine <sigh>
Narration: When Evo and Zeriah return they discover that the stone is not big enough and must set out to find another. What they didn’t know was that it was gonna be a long day.

Evogolist:<Sigh> Why didn’t mom check the stone before she gave it to us?
Zeriah: I’m guessing she didn’t know and thought that it would be big enough.
Evogolist: So just where do we get these stones from anyway?
Zeriah: <Gasp> And you call yourself an adventurer.
Narration: Without warning Zeriah, the little sister of Evogolist pulls out a bow and arrow fires of a shot hitting a nearby crawler.
Evogolist: What the?!!
Zeriah: Surprised? Well don’t be. Since you decided to go about the world on adventures, it left me as the only one to take care of me and mom, which means along with helping mom with the cleaning and cooking I also do the hunting.
Evogolist: Wow, maybe you should come with me on some of my adventures?
Zeriah: And then who would take care of mom stupid?
Evogolist: Oh yeah right, sorry I forgot.
Zeriah: Hey oh got one. Let’s get another one just to be on the safe side she tends to be a bit picky.
Evogolist: Yeah like I forgot that.
Zeriah: You know you could get up and…….help.
Evo!!! What are you doing? Mom will kill us if we….

Evogolist: Shhh.
Zeriah: Huh?
Evogolist: Look…….
Zeriah: Oh no.
Narration: As Evo and Zeriah look on, the West Sarutabaruta Outpost is attacked by a brigade of Yagudos. The Taru magic casters fight as hard as they possibly can but are no match for the coming invasion.
Evogolist: Z, where are you going?!
Zeriah: I have to help them or else they’ll die.
Evogolist: Z no….Zeriah!!!
OP Guard: Why’taru do you attack us?
Yagudo #1: <Gawk> You fail to bring us offering so now you suffer horrible fate.
Zeriah: Hold it right there!!!
Yagudo #2: You stay outta this Hume Girl.
Zeriah: Not until you leave my friends alone.
Yagudo #1: Fine…<Gawrk> Kill the girl then the tarus
Yagudo #2: <Gwark>
Zeriah: Stay back!!!
Narration: Zeriah fires a arrow at the yagudos but the feathered beastmen continue approaching. Zeriah braces for an all out attack when suddenly……
Evogolist: Circle Blade!!!
Yagudo #1: <Gwark><Gwark> Dammit another Hume!!!
Evogolist: How dare you party without me.
Zeriah: About time you did something useful.
Evogolist: Hey…..give me some credit here.
Narration: Evo and Zeriah fight off as much of the oncoming assault as they can but more waves continue approaching the outpost. Just as the two seem to be outnumbered and overwhelmed the calvry appears.
Mithran Warrior: <Rawwrrr> Let’s go girls and show them there feather brains what the Wildcats are made of!!!!
Narration: One by one the yagudo warriors are taken down until finally the assault on the outpost comes to an end.Victorious on their battle with the yagudo, the Wildcats and the Combatcasters celebrate.
Semih Lafihna: Good work you two. Gee you adventurers should really be more careful you could’ve gotten hurt.
Zeriah: Sorry Semih was just trying to help.
Semih Lafihna: Now little sister rrrright now your place isn’t on the battlefield.
Zeriah: Yeah yeah I know.
Semih Lafihna: Now what I wanna know is why the sudden attack?
Outpost Guard: The Yagudo said something about an offering not being delivered.
Semih Lafihna: Yeah I heard something about that but the Emissary from Bastok should have been here by now. Those damn Bastokans are so dirty, cheap, and lazy, it drives me nuts. I’m going back to find out what’s going on.
Be safe you two.
Zeriah: Evo?!!
Evogolist: I know. I know. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you and mom. Top Priority mission.
Zeriah: Okay tell you what I’ll finish gathering smooth stones and get mom’s bone hairpin. You go and take care of business.
Evogolist: Right got it.
Narration: Back in town while Zeriah explains to their mother why Evo had to leave so soon, Evogolist continues on with his mission. The mission…….to deceive the yagudo. But Evo’s cover is blown and must now kill one of the yagudo leaders in Giddeus in order
to appease the others. Though difficult, Evo completes the task and returns to the Consulate in Windurst where he is now told to make his way to San d’Oria. Evogolist spends the rest of the day with his family and then parts with them the following morning
as he makes his way to his next destination. What could possibly await our hero there?

Scene fade out
Move to Southern San d’Oria

Evogolist: Ugh…..Windurst was disgustingly cute and now here in Sandy everything is just so damn Elvaany. Don’t think I’ll ever get use to that. Well guess I better make my way to the consulate. Don’t want a repeat of what happened in windy.
Helaku: Welcome you must be the emissary sent by the president. Geez I would’ve thought he’d send someone more presentable.
Evogolist: Hellllo!!!! Still standing right here.
Helaku: <Clears throat> Anyways King Destin’s personal advisor requests that you speak with him on a possible Orcish invasion. Make your way to Chateau d’Oraguille at once.
Evogolist: Right.
Narration: At the San d’Orian castle Evo meets with Halver, King Destin’s personal advisor who informs him of the possible Orcish invasion and requests him to carry out an investigation in Yughott Grotto. Evo joins a group of mercenaries looking for some
excitement and they make their way to the Grotto.
Lunaris: So Evo any idea what we’re looking for?
Evogolist: Not entirely sure. Just any kind of evidence of a possible orcish invasion.
Silvermane: Meoww…….Well even if we don’t find anything I’m having tons of fun just killing stuff.
Evogolist: So how long have you guys been at it?
Lunaris: What you mean adventuring? Oh I say about two years.
Evogolist: Wow…..that’s a long time?
Lunaris: Yeah…..stick around and I’ll teach you something kid.
Silvermane: Yeah right you can’t even teach a Forest hare how to jump rope let alone some kid.
Lunaris: Eh?!!
Evogolist: Wait a sec! What’s this?
Lunaris: Looks like one of those burning circles I’ve heard so much about.
Silvermane, Silent Mynx, Karu-shiba, and Evogolist…..get ready who knows what this thing is capable of.

Narration: As the party of five prepare for what lies beyond the circle they are suddenly transported to place where they spot two elvaan speaking and then the appearance of a Spotter.
Silvermane: What the hell?
Evogolist: What is that?
Lunaris: It’s a Spotter.
Evogolist: A Spotter? What’s a Spotter?
Karu-Shiba: One of the Shadow Lord’s flunkies….but…..
Lunaris: There shouldn’t be any here.
Spotter: What’s this? More bothersome pests to dispose of.
Dreaded one arise and do away with these meddlesome fools.
Narration: The winged one eyed creature summons that of a dragon like figure called a Dreaded Dragon. Evo and his party are thrusted into battle with both the Ahriman and the Dragon. The battle proves to be too difficult and the party retreats and regroup to come up with a way to defeat the two fiends.
Silvermane: Meeooooww……we’re getting our asses kicked.
Lunaris: We need a new strategy. What do you think kiddo? Any ideas?
Evogolist: Um……no not really?
Karu-Shiba: Hurry it’s coming.
Lunaris: Okay here’s the rundown. Silver here is good at sneaking around things and attacking from behind. Karu here is a magic caster, she can cast anything from white magic to the bestest black magic there is. Silent can take any amount damage that he receives and I take and send that damage right back at the opponent. So what do you specialize in….
Evogolist: Um….
Silvermane: Guys its here!!1
Evogolist: I kick some serious ass.
Lunaris: Um….okay ………Silent you distract that thing while Silver sneaks up behind it and wacks the hell out of it.
Karu you……
Evogolist: Sleep it.
Karu-Shiba: Huh?
Evogolist: Just sleep the damn thing!!!
Karu-Shiba: Oh my!!!!It’s time for you to rest…sweet dreams!!
Evogolist: Okay Silent you run up and grab the spotter demon.
Silver, while Silent has it’s attention you run behind it and
smack it with your hardest attack. Lunaris you and I go in and kill that one eyed son of a bitch.
Karu-Shiba: What about me?
Evogolist: Just keep us alive. And if that dragon wakes up sleep it again.
Lunaris: Alright people let’s move.
Narration: Evo and the others go in and first they take out the Spotter with the dragon soon following. But not without a chilling revelation…….

Spotter: You fools… are too late. One of you will become
the betrayer and the other vengence. The Shadow Lord shall soon rise again.
Karu-Shiba: Oh no!!!!
Silvermane: If any of you betray me I’ll have someone’s head!!
Lunaris: Calm down no one is betraying anyone…..not on my watch anyway.
Now to figure what it meant by that message.
Lion: Quite a chilling message indeed.
Evogolist: Huh? Who are you?
Lion: A thousand pardons…….the name’s Lion. I too was tasked with the investigation but when I arrived you guys had already started without me.
Silvermane: Well you could’ve helped us.
Lion: Once again my apologies.
Karu-Shiba: What exact-taru is going on here?
Lion: Exactly what that thing said…….there have been reports of these burning circles popping up all around Vana diel. There’s been one spotted in Palborough Mines as well as one in Giddeus. So my guess is they’re attempting to resurrect the shadow lord.
I’m gonna stick around and gather some more intel before heading out. You guys go ahead and return to the consulate.
Lunaris: Right, thanks for your help Lion.
Lion: Aah, don’t mention it.
Narration: Evogolist and his new friends return back to town and inform the consulate of what had transpired during their trip to Yughott Grotto. Even our hero has received an fitting reward for his efforts……the thought of a betrayer in the mists and one who will seek vengence still remains fresh in his head along with his new found friends.

Evogolist is offered a chance to travel with the group but declines for his own personal reasons, but vows to assist them should the time ever come that they need him.

Unknown to them a dark omnious force watched from behind the scenes and a dark plan has been set in to motion.

Duke Hoborym: Is it ready yet?
Demon Pawn: Yes my lord….the shadow is ready.
Duke Hoborym: Very well let me see it.
Demon Pawn: As you wish my lord.
Narration: A dark yet familiar being enters the room.
Duke Hoborym: Shadow are you ready for your mission?
???: Yes my lord……I live only to serve the Shadow Lord.
Duke Hoborym: Good…..good…..and just what shall we call you?
???: You can call me……..Dark Evo.


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