Chapter 2b: The Legendary Dragoon and The Holy Crest

Chapter 2: Darkness
B: The Legendary Dragoon and the Holy Crest

Narration: Before the rise of the Crystal War, in the land of Vana diel lived great knights known as Dragoons. Dragoons were known as the Dragon knights of San d’Oria. Warriors who harnessed the powers and strength of Dragons. When the Dragon King Ranperre d’Oriagillie passed the dragoons faded away.
There was but one dragoon left, he became known as the Legendary Last Dragoon. After setting on a long journey, the Legendary dragoon disappeared and was never heard from again. In honor of his memory, San d’Oria gave him an honorable funeral, one deserving of that which held such stature as him.

Twenty so years later…….a new dragoon seeks to rise up. But the power he seeks may just cost him everything he owns.

Evogolist: Man……ever since that incident in Yughott everyone has been going on about Dragons and dragoons.
Althea: Well you do know that San d’Oria’s history with dragons and dragoons date back to the time of King Ranperre also known as The Dragon King.
Evogolist: The Dragon King?
Althea: Yes…….King Ranperre was able to tame one of the most powerful wyrms in Vanadiel……Vtra. Along with that he commanded the greatest army of dragoons until he passed.

Evogolist: What happened when he passed?

Althea: Well all the dragoons disbanded and disappeared leaving only one to serve under the new king….that is until he disappeared as well. After that he was presumed dead and no one has seen or heard of a dragoon since.
Evogolist: Well people are talking about sightings of a new dragoon. And that some poor guy named Cyranuce was arrested.
Althea: I’ve gotta go duty calls. Be sure to check on that for me will ya?
Evogolist: Right I got it.
Well I guess I’d better find out what’s going on.
Narration: Evogolist makes his way around town trying to dig up more information on both Dragoons and the one called Cyranuce. He is then directed to Bostauniex Oubliette where he then discovers that Cyranuce died a few days before hand. After learning a bit
more about Cyranuce, dragoons, and dragon slayers, Evo then heads to the cathedral where he meets up with Oilheaurese where he’s asked to find and collect a wyvern egg before a group of dragon slayers find it. Once found, Evo then takes the egg back to
San d’Oria where he then receives more info on the egg and is once again tasked to make another run this time to Meriphataud Mountains where our hero receives a startling revelation.
Evogolist: So this is Drogaroga’s Spine. With the exception of a few wandering yagudos lurking around, not bad.

Huh? What’s this?
Narration: Without notice the egg responds to the formation and suddenly the egg hatches revealing a baby wyvern.
Evogolist: Well well aren’t you a beaut.
???: In all my years I’ve never imagined.
Evogolist: How did you?
???:You’re right Evogolist, she is quite the beauty and along with her beauty my true self shall be released.
Evogolist: What the?!!
???:Surprised to see that I…Cyranuce……still live? Well don’t be. You adventurer types are all the same…….always out for the adventure but never thinking about the consequences.
Rahal: My goddess……Cyranuce….you live!!!!
Cyranuce: Yes my old friend and now I’m off to take my rightful claim to the thrown as the new dragon king.
Rahal: Cyranuce!!! Grrr…..I must end this now…..stand back!!!!
Evogolist: Wait!!!! Can’t you see she’s already injured. Besides we need to stop Cyranuce first.
Rahal: Very well….but know this, when Cyranuce has been recaptured and this is over The wyvern must die.
Narration: Evo and Rahal make their way back to San d’Oria where the baby wyvern is tended to and healed. Once ready……Evo and Rahal use the young wyvern to lead them to Cyranuce’s location.
Rahal: So this is where Cyranuce is held up at.
Cyranuce: You got a lot of nerve showing up here……old friend.
Rahal: Cyranuce you must stop this. The power that you posses is too much for you.
Cyranuce: You dare underestimate me. Sorry old friend.
Rahal: Cy……ra……nuce.
Adventurer……you must go and stop him. Please save my friend.
Evogolist: So it’s all up to us now huh?
Narration: As Evo and his new friend make their way to the battlefield to confront Cyranuce another warrior dressed in purple clad armor appears with a wyvern of his own.
Cyranuce: What’s this? A dragoon? Ha,ha,ha!
???: Stay back this is not the one you call Cyranuce.
Firewing let’s go!!!
Cyranuce: Foolish dragoon you dare challenge me!!!
Narration: The mysterious dragoon and his wyvern battle Cyranuce who is no match for the dragoon and is easily defeated.
Cyranuce: This body is no longer capable of substaining me.
???: Just as I suspected………and now the true beast shows himself.
Cyranuce: RAWWWRRRR………You will not slay my kind no more mortal.
???: Well you might wanna take a breath mint first.
Narration: Evogolist looks on in awe as the mysterious dragoon warrior battles with the giant Wyvern. Once again Cyranuce is no match for the dragoon and goes down easily.
Cyranuce: Damn you!!!
???: Save it. Let’s go Firewing.
Evogolist: Wait!! Who are you?!
???: That isn’t important now. For now protect your wyvern and she will protect you from the darkness. That is if she posses the Holy Crest. But if not…..I will be back. So pray we never have to meet again.
Evogolist: Uh…..right.
Rahal: Cyranuce…….!!!
Cyranuce: Rahal…..I thought…..I thought that I could…..<cough><cough>…..control the power but I couldn’t.
Rahal: Cyranuce you must rest now.
Cyranuce: Listen to me Rahal…..I don’t have long………my life force is fading……….you must believe……..believe in dragons like we did so long ago.
Narration: As Cyranuce’s body and essence fades away Rahal recounts of their venture as young griffons. And the day they saw the legendary dragoon.

Scene flashes
Moves to past event
Young Rahal: Ha,ha, ha, ha
Young Cyranuce: Ha, ha, ha, ha
Young Rahal: Wow……..Cyranuce look.
Young Cyranuce: Wooowww………It’s him. I’m gonna grow up and be as great of a dragoon as him.
Young Rahal: Yeah….

Scene flashes
Return to present time

Rahal: Huh? No…..!!!
Stay away from it. I won’t let this happen again.
What’s this?
Narration: As Rahal looks on Evogolist and the wyvern seem to have formed a bond of that which is holy.
Rahal: What’s this? The Holy Crest?!!
Evogolist: I don’t know what this is but I feel weird.
How about you girl?
Rahal: Good work adventurer. I’m entrusting this creature with you. Take good care of her and the power she will grant you. But be warned should you end up like Cyranuce……..My slayers will come and hunt you and your wyvern.
Evogolist: Understood.
Rahal: So what will you name it?
Evogolist: I think I will name her……….Lumiere.
Rahal: A fine name indeed. Until we meet again…….Evogolist…..the Dragoon.
Narration: As Evogolist and Rahal bid farewell……from afar the mysterious Dragoon warrior watches on as a new dragoon is born. And a fine dragoon our hero will come to make.

Elsewhere the dark warrior begins to make his presence known.

Karu-Shiba: Evogolist welcome back’taru. What brings you here?
Dark Evo: I have a urgent message for Lunaris.
Karu-Shiba: Okay I’ll go get him.
Dark-Evo: No need….
Karu-Shiba: Huh?
Dark-Evo: I’ll just leave it with you. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

Scene fades to black

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