Chapter 2c: The Betrayer

Chapter 2: Shadows
C. The Betrayer
Narration: Twenty years ago, Representatives from the three nations of Bastok, San d’Oria, and Windurst set out on an expedition to investigate strange activities occurring in the Northlands. Somehow, three of the party six ended up seperated from the others. The Hume warrior Uriel, the Galkan warrior Raogrimm, and the Hume girl Cornelia continued on as the others begin to call it quits and head back to town with the bad news of their lost comrades. Unknown to them all, a traitor was among them.

The relationship between Hume and Galka has never been that of a good one. When the Galkan race made their escape from their native land in Kuzotz and Migrated to Bastok in exchange for refuge the Galkas were made the hume muscle and some put to work in the mines working hard for advancement of the mighty Republic. One day an horrible explosion occurrs killing many in the Palborough Mines. Even though the humes that died were honored in a memorial……the galka that perished weren’t and were treated more like expendable units and were not honored for their hard work.

Alone in the Northlands a heated argument took place amongst Uriel and Raogrimm. The result…..a Uriel betrayed his Galkan comrade sending him to his death, but not without a heavy price to pay. Cornelia, the hume girl who tagged along intercepted Uriel’s blade as he plunged it into Raogrimm’s body. Raogrimm and Cornelia fell to their death into a deep gorge. Uriel returned to town and was greeted with a hero’s welcome even so much as being promoted.

Such acts did not go unpunished……one by one the surviving members of expedition perished. And now twenty years later ghosts of the past continue to haunt the land of Vana’diel.

Lunaris: Karu get up!! Karu!!
Silvermane: What happened here?
Lunaris: That’s what I intend to find out.
Karu-Shiba: Evo…..go….list…….
Lunaris: Evogolist? What does he have to do with this?
Silvermane: Don’t you get it?!! He’s responsible for this.
Lunaris: We have no evidence of that.
Silvermane: Look around you…..the evidence is right here.
Dammit Lunaris, Karu is dying!!
Lunaris: Fine…….Silver, Silent….our mission is to capture Evogolist and contain him for questioning. Silver no harm is to come to him is that understood?
Silvermane: Are you kidding me?
Lunaris: I said is that Understood?!!!
Silvermane: Yes sir.
Lunaris: Cera stay here and tend to Karu’s wounds.
Cera: Yes sir.
Lunaris: Biggs……Wedge…….guard the base until we return.
Biggs: Yes sir
Wedge: No problem.
Lunaris: Alright let’s head out.
Narration: The hunt is now on for our hero, whose been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Will he be able to stand up to his old friends and prove his innocence? Speaking of our hero……now a level 35 drg………..Evogolist has become quite the dragoon. In Yuhtunga Jungle he fights off several fiends with a new found group of friends. After a long battle the party disbands and goes their serperate ways. One member who just so happens to be a fellow dragoon invites Evo to join a new yet unknown group of dragoons known as the Golden Dragoons. Evo humbly accepts the offer but to Evo’s surprise the group seems to only be made up of it’s one member……Gale….the female dragoon who now
invites Evo to join.
Gale: What do you mean other members?
Evogolist: I’m just saying we should work on building the shell. It just feels so empty.
Gale: It’s fine now come on we should get going.
Evogolist: Man talk about pushy. And I thought Z was bad.
Lunaris: Halt!!!
Evogolist: Huh? Lunaris……what are you doing here?
Lunaris: Evogolist you are to come with us for questioning in the attempted murder of Karu-Shiba.
Gale: No….no……no……you’ve got the wrong guy. Evo’s no murderer. <whispers>You’re no murder right?
Evogolist: No!!! Lunaris what is the means of this?!!
Silvermane: You bastard!!! Don’t act all innocent you broke into headquarters and tried to killed Karu.
Evogolist: Guys I don’t know what you’re talking about but I would never do something like that.
Silvermane: RAAAAWWWRRR!!! LIAR!!!
Lunaris: Silver!!!
Narration: An intense battle ensues between Evogolist and Silvermane. As Gale and Evo’s former friends look on, Evo and Silver go blow for blow.
Lunaris: Silent get in there!! Remember we’re here to capture him not harm him.
Silent Mynx: Yes sir.
Evogolist: Two on one huh? And I’m the one that’s bad.
Silvermane: Silence you, I can take you all on my own. Rawwrr.
Gale: Hey no fair!!
Lunaris: Stay outta this young lady!!
Narration: Lunaris casts banish preventing the young female dragoon from helping her new friend. Evogolist still seems to be holding his own even though he is clearly outnumbered.
Silent Mynx: Damn you boy.
Evogolist: You’re not so bad yourself.
Lunaris: Your skills have quite the bit improved, dear friend but this battle ends now. Silver now!!
Silvermane: Shadowbind!!!
Lunaris: Silent!!!
Silent Mynx: Shoulder Tackle!!!!
Lunaris: And now my turn!!!
Gale: Evo!!!
Lunaris: SWIFT BLADE!!!
Narration: With a combination of attacks, the three mercenaries create a skillchain that seems to incapitate our hero. Or so they thought.
Evogolist: W….wai…..wait…..
Silvermane: What the?
Lunaris: You’re still able to stand after all of that?
Evogolist: Is that the best you<cough>you can do?
Silent Mynx: Nighty night.
Lunaris: Grab him and lets go.
Silvermane: And the girl?
Lunaris: She poses no threat. Leave her.
Narration: As Evo is taken away……..Gale awakens to find her new comrade to be nowhere in sight. In the shadows, the true culprit watches on.
Dark-Evo: Hmph………just as planned.
Gale: Max we need to find Evo…….can you sense him?
Max: Rawr.
Gale: Hmm…..Lumiere?
Lumiere: Raawwrr
Gale: Evo needs us can you take me to him?
Hooded man: She doesn’t but I do.
Gale: Who are you?
Hooded man: That isn’t important. What is important is that they believe your friend is guilty and we need to save him before they kill him.
Narration: The hooded stranger deceives the young dragoon and leads her to where Evogolist is being held. But unknown to Gale……the hooded stranger isn’t who he says is and soon she and the mercenaries will find out just who the stranger is.

Scene fades to black
Moves to Mercenary HQ in Southern San d’Oria

Silvermane: Look at what you’ve done!!
Evogolist: Karu
Silvermane: Because of you she’s dying.
Lunaris: Silver calm down. Evogolist did you break in and attack Karu-Shiba?
Evogolist: Lunaris I give you my word, I did not attack Karu-Shiba.
Silvermane: Damn you!!!
Lunaris: Silver for the last time stand down.
I’m sorry Evogolist I have no choice but to detain you until we can sort things out.
Narration: As Evo is placed in the mercenaries lock up, outside of the town Gale and the hooded stranger prepare to break in and rescue Evo.
Gale: So how do you know Evo?
Hooded stranger: Does it really matter?
Gale: I’m sorry….didn’t mean to offend you.
What I mean is what does this have to do with you?
Hooded Stranger: Let’s just say I hate seeing a innocent accussed of a crime he didn’t commit.
Gale: So he’s innocent?
Hooded Stranger: Yes….and No.
Gale: What do you mean?
Hooded Stranger: Just wait and you’ll see.
Narration: The Hooded Stranger prepares for the climax of his devious scheme. The unsuspecting Gale has no idea what’s in store for her nor the mercenaries. And the mercenaries will soon find out the grave mistake they’ve made.
Cera: Hold on there Karu. When we’re done you’ll be as good as new.
Silvermane: How is she?
Cera: She’ll be fine. Just needs some rest.
Silvermane: Get better Karu-Shiba. You have to live…….
you’re my bestfriend……you can’t leave me. <crys>
Cera: Come on Silver.
Wedge: Meh, you know Biggs I wish we would get the big jobs you know.
Biggs: Yeah we always get stuck being doormen and guarding HQ.
Wedge: Biggs hold on a sec….
Biggs: What is it?
Wedge: I heard something.
Biggs: Meh you’ve just heard the wind, let’s go inside and eat.
Wedge: Right. Huh? Wait a sec I heard it again.
Biggs: Aw will you give it a rest already.
Wedge: BIGGS!!!!
Biggs: What the hell?
Gale: Don’t look up!!!
Biggs: Oomph.
Gale: Okay now to find…….
Huh? Where did he go?
Narration: Once inside, Gale is separated from the Hooded Stranger and is left alone to search for Evogolist.
Cera: Ah, you’re finally waking up.
Karu-Shiba: Ow wow taru, what’taru happened?
Cera: You were attacked and almost died.
Karu-Shiba: Oh deary
Cera: But….you’re all better now.
Karu what’s wrong?
Karu-Shiba: B..B….B…behind…!!
Cera: Karu what’s wro…………?!!
Karu-Shiba: Cera!!! Oh no!!
Dark-Evo: Yes it’s me.
Karu-Shiba: Help’taru
Silvermane: Karu!! Silent ……..Karu’s in trouble.
Silent Mynx: Are you sure?
Silvermane: Yes!! Meooowww We need to go!!
Gale: Now I wonder where they keep their prisoners?
Silent Mynx: You?! what are you doing here?!
Gale: I’m here to rescue Evo.
Silent Mynx: Silver go to Karu I’ll handle the girl.
Silvermane: Right be careful.
Gale: So shall we?
Narration: As Gale battles the hulking Galka known as Silent Mynx, and Silver races to save her friend Karu, Lunaris sits with Evogolist unaware of the events transpiring in his HQ.
Evogolist: Look Lunaris I’ve told you time and time again, I didn’t attack Karu.
Lunaris: Evo….I wanna believe you but……I have my team to think about. And your name was the name that Karu spoke of after she was attacked.
Evogolist: Lunaris…’re a great judge of character…..
Lunaris: Evo don’t…..
Remember this…… the light…….darkness will fade and the truth will reveal itself.
Narration: Back at the medical room.
Silvermane: Karu don’t worry I’m……here………Kar……
How could you? They were you friends.
Dark-Evo: I suppose you have me mistaken for someone else.
Your life ends here Silvermane. Shadowbane arise!!!
Narration: What was once a proud and strong Mithran warrior now walks in the shadows……known only now as Shadowbane……dark warrior
for the Dark Kindred. Elsewhere, Gale finishes her battle with Silent Mynx and heads towards the prison area.
Gale: Evo!!
Evogolist: Gale!!
Lunaris: You!! What is the meaning of this? How did you get in here?
Dark-Evo: Perhaps….I can explain.
Shadowbane: Nighty……night.
Evogolist: Gale!!
Narration: Evo watches in horror as his female companion receives a sword through her chest and then falls to the ground. And the true culprit reveals himself.
Lunaris: What the?!!
Dark-Evo: Surprised to see me?
Evogolist: Why?! Why do you look like me?
Dark-Evo: I will answer that in a bit, but first I have some business to attend to.
Lunaris I’d like you to meet your replacement.
Lunaris: Replacement?
Dark-Evo: Shadowmane come forth.
Lunaris: He….he looks……like…
Dark-Evo: He will be you in a matter of minutes.
Lunaris: Not by my watch!!
Shining Blade!!!
Evogolist: Lunaris!!! Let me out so that I can help you!!!
Narration: Lunaris puts up a valiant fight against the shadows, but proves to be no match for their power and is finally absorbed into the being Shadowmane. Trapped behind prison bars all our hero can do is watch.
Dark-Evo: Now all that remains is for me to assimilate you Evogolist and then the final plan will be complete.
Crazydragon: I’d step away from that cell if I was you.
Shadowbane: <Hisss>
Unas: Give me one reason why I shouldn’t crush your skull.
Dark-Evo: Damn you. You will not deny me of what is mine!!!
Jefiont: You wanna try me?
Dark-Evo: We will return!!
Narration: As these unknown adventurers appear, Evogolist is spared from assimilation and the shadows flee the scene. Evogolist is grateful to the ones who saved his life……..but mourns the lives of his friends who have suffered a horrible fate…..

On the early morning of Lights day, Evogolist has finished laying his fallen friends to their final resting place.
Karu-Shiba, the kind and gentle Taru-taru mage, Cera, the motherly healer and caretaker, Gale, the young yet brave dragoon warrior, and two empty graves for the two whose souls remain trapped in the darkness……..Silvermane, the strong willed
yet kindhearted Mithran warrior, and Lunaris, the courageous leader.

Evogolist will always remember the words Lunaris said to him during his imprisonment………..

In the light…….darkness will fade……….and the truth will reveal itself.

These are words that Evo will want to remember if he is to survive the battle with the shadows.
Evogolist: Goodbye my friends……..may we meet again in another life.

End of Chapter

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