Chapter 3a: DoC Salute!

Chapter 3: Dragons of Chaos
A: DoC Salute!!!

Narration: Weeks have passed since the attack of the shadows.
Since then Evogolist has joined a new group of adventurers
calling themselves the Dragons of Chaos. Led by the Elvaan redmage
Crazydragon, they travel the land of Vana diel warding off the
many beastmen that haunt the world. The Dragons of Chaos or DoC
were very strick about their ability to hold their own in battle and thus
so would train everyday in various conflict battles. Made up of it’s core
members Crazydragon, Eras, Jefiont, Unas, Shybaason, Shii, and Iflana
DoC waged an ongoing battle with rival group VDOP. This is their story
and how our hero………..Shybaa………

Shybaason: Ow wow……..that hurt!!!!
Jefiont: Give it a rest will you Shy.
Eras: Yeah it feels kinda dry you know.
Jefiont: And why do you have to be the hero? Why can’t it be about the Dark yet mysterious warrior Jefiont and he would kick some major beastmen ass?
Eras: Yeah…..or about the courageous yet noble Paladin knight Eras…..
Jefiont: Courageous?……..Noble?…………You courageous and noble? Ha, ha, ha
that’s classic.
Shii: Ha, ha, ha……..I agree with you there Jef.
If chasing after a tiny mandy qualifies as courageous
and noble, then courageous and noble you are Eras, lol.
Eras: HEY!!! That was one evil ass mandy. It stole one of my Vigor rings.
Do you know how much those things cost on the Auction House let alone to make one?!
Unas: Heads up guys……here comes the boss.
Crazydragon: DoC Salute!!!!
Jefiont: Hey what’s up CD what you got for us today?
Crazydragon: As you all know we have a few new members, before they could be fully certified as a DoC member I had to get approval from the BIG GUY.
Shybaason: Oh you mean that crazy old wyrm in Uleguerand Range?
Crazydragon: SHY!!!
Shybaason: What?! What I do now?
Crazydragon: Clean up duty for a week until you learn how to respect our great leader!!
Shybaason: Oh man!!
Crazydragon: Anyways as I was saying I had to get approval before the new members could join.
Iflana: Did you actually make it this time or did his guardians chase you screaming all the way back to La Theine Plateau?
Crazydragon: <whispering> I asked you to never mention that, I have a image to maintain <whispering>
Iflana: <whispering> Oh yeah right sorry <whispering>
Eras: Hey what’s with all the whispering?!!
Crazydragon:<clears throat> As I was saying………It was a long and dangerous…..and might I add tiring trip to the North
but I made it.

Scene flashes
Moves to Uleguerand Range

D.o.C. God: Insect why have you come before me? Do you wish death?
Crazydragon: No my lord……I am Crazydragon leader of the group DragonsofChaos.
DoC God: Aww yes Crazyhatchling.
Crazydragon: Uh…’s dragon sir…….Crazydragon.
DoC God: SILENCE!!!!
Crazydragon: Yes your greatness.
DoC God: Why has thou come before me?
Did you lose your charm wand again?
Crazydragon: <blushes in embarrassment> Uh……no sir.
I’ve come to you because we have three new members and I wanted to ask for your blessing.
DoC God: Is that so?
Crazydragon: Y….y…..y…..yes sir.
DoC God: Very well…… leave me!!
Crazydragon: Oh why thank you……your greatness.
DoC God: LEAVE!!!!!
Crazydragon: Yes sir leaving now!!!
DoC God:Oh and hatchling…….
Crazydragon: yes?
DoC God: I’m giving you a head start so you might wanna start running and screaming.
Crazydragon: Huh? OH SHIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!
Narration: Out of nowhere five Tarus come chasing after Crazydragon causing him to run back to town screaming.
Jefiont: Ha, Ha, Ha, I’m LMFAO.
Eras: Like complete epic fail oh great and powerful hatchling lol.
Crazydragon: SHUT UP!!!! Now unless you wanna join Shy on clean up duty I suggest you give it a rest.
Jefiont: Meh, It’s not like the Manthra is doing anything anyway.
Crazydragon: Can I finish please?!
Members of Dragons of Chaos allow me to introduce and induct in our great and glorious group Ultimaga, Hangman, Darksolus, and Evogolist. Please welcome our new members and show them the respect that you don’t show me.

Ulti, Hangman, and Dark come with me and I’ll place you in your new units. Evo you stay here and get acquainted with the others this will be your unit.
Narration: Over the next couple of hours Evogolist is trained in the ways of DoC and becomes more acquinted with his new teammates. Eras, Jefiont, Iflana, and Shiibu all await our hero as he makes his way to Delkfutt’s Tower.

Eras: Hey Evo….!!! Over here!!!!
Evogolist: Hey guys what’s up?
Jefiont: Hey Evo.
Hey guys I’m guys bored, let’s train some gigas.
Eras: Yeah let’s do it…….MPKing style!!!
Evogolist; MPK…? MPK….?! Guys wait no!!! I’ve already got two strikes on me as it is. One more and it’s GM jail.
Jefiont: Aww……come on Eve’s don’t be such a noob about it.
Just watch.
Narration: Jefiont runs throughout the first half of Delkfutt’s Tower grabbing the attention of any Gigas monster he can find. At first all you see is Jefiont making his way back to camp, but then what follows behind him is a large Train of gigas.
Evogolist: Holy mother Altana!!!
Eras: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!
My Turn.
Narration: Eras runs off grabbing another large train of Gigas and brings it back to camp only to kill every gigas single handedly. Evogolist watches in amazement as both Jefiont and Eras train and kill the large beastmen known as Gigas.
Evogolist: Man you have got to be kidding me, you guys are insane.
Jefiont: You like eh?
Eras: Hey Shiibu and Iflana are here. Let’s see if they’ll join us.
Shiibu: Hey guys!! Hey Evo.
Iflana: Hey everyone.
Evogolist: Hey.
Iflana: So what’s up? What are you guys doing?
Eras: Oh nothing……..just alittle training here……alittle MPKing there.
Shiibu: Eras!!!
Eras: What?!
Jefiont: Dude keep it down, you never know if there’s a GM around.
Eras: Oh right…..sorry.
Shiibu: So Evo what do you think of DoC?
Evogolist: It’s cool really……..but I don’t know.
Shy kinda scares me.
Eras: Don’t be Shy’s just really weird.
Jefiont: HA, HA, HA……
We’re still not sure how she joined.
Eras: I don’t think she ever did, she probably stole someone’s pearl and been following us ever since.
Jefiont: Yeah…….Shy’s a total poser.
Shiibu: Guys!!!
Quit it.
Eras: I’m sorry.
Jefiont: Suck up.
Hey Evo you need a girlfriend?
Evogolist: Uh…..
Eras: Yeah Evo, you so need a girlfriend.
Evogolist: Well I did have one at one time…….or atleast I thought……….
Narration: Evogolist remembers a time when he tried to run his very own linkshell group known the Bastok 9. The group was suppose to be made up of some of Bastok’s best. Unfortunately it never made to anymore than four members. Of the four was a young hume girl by the name of Sofie. Sofie was perhaps one of the most dedicated of the group…….or so Evogolist thought anyway.


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