Chapter 3b: She likes me…..She Likes me not

Chapter 3: Dragons of Chaos
B: She likes me……..She likes me not
Evogolist: Geez……where is everyone?
I said 6am on the dot. How is Bastok 9 suppose to be the top linkshell group in Vana diel if we can’t even show up for a simple event.
Sofie: Hiya Evo!!
Evogolist: `Hey.
Sofie: What’s the matter?
Evogolist: It’s almost 6:30 and no one has shown up.
Sofie: Well I’m here.
Evogolist: Yeah but where’s Fridge and Spree?
Sofie: Have you tried sending them a tell?
Evogolist: Yeah… response.
Sofie: I guess their not gonna show.
Evogolist: <sigh> I guess not.
<whistles/call wyvern>
Hey Lu….you ready? Lu….? Lu……?!!
Narration: Lumiere lays down to continue her rest showing that she is no where near ready to adventure.
Evogolist: Huh…….look I know it’s early, but this is the only time that Sofie is available to do this.
Grr……..Why you lazy good for nothing……….!!!!!
Sofie: Wow, doesn’t seem like we’re gonna be able to do this today.
Evogolist: Yeah, so it seems.
Sofie: Well I could always just wait for it to hatch.
Evogolist: Wow……you’d be forever. You know what……..
Sofie we’ll do this with just me and you.
You’ll become a dragoon just like me.
Sofie: Thank you Evo. <smiles warmly at Evogolist>
Evogolist: I have a friend meeting us there.
Sofie: Cool.
Evogolist: So all you’ll have to do is keep him healed, if that much is even needed.
Narration: A tall slender elvaan comes running towards the two dressed in ninja gear.
Evogolist: Here he comes.
Elysion: Evo!!!
Evogolist: Hey Elysion, thanks for coming.
Elysion: So this is it?
Evogolist: Yep…..I guess so.
My other two guys didn’t show up and Lu here is being stubborn.
<looks at Lumiere> Will you get up already?!!!
Elysion: Ooookay…..then, let’s get going.
Narration: The three adventurers make their way through the Ghelsba Outpost searching for any signs of the dragon like creatures known as wyverns.
Sofie: So what are we looking for?
Evogolist: Wyverns.
Sofie: Huh?
Evogolist: We just need one for you though.
The problem is alot of people came here looking to become dragoons.
Unfortunately not too many of them make it out alive leaving their baby wyverns without a caretaker.
Without a caretaker the eggs of those fallen warriors are left to fend for themselves.
Elysion: Evogolist is right, Ghelsba is not a Wyverns territorial ground. But thanks to noobs like you and Evo here, the people of San d’Oria now have a new threat to worry about.
Evogolist: Hey it’s not my fault!!!
Elysion: Relax……..I’m just stating the truth that’s all.
Narration: Suddenly Sofie screams as the three come upon a large nest of wyverns.
Sofie: Aaaahhhh!!!!
Evogolist: Sofie!!
Elysion: Shit!! We need to go now!!
Evogolist: Huh?
Elysion: That little scream of hers just made us their new main course.
Sofie: Sorry.
Elysion: Apologize later we need to go.
Narration: The three try to escape the pursuing giant wyverns but due to the wyverns incredible speed they are unable to.
Evogolist: Damn these things are fast.
Elysion: Dammit Evo……some cover if you will.
Evogolist: Huh? Oh yeah……right!!
Ancient Circle!!!
Narration: Ancient Circle……..a special ability used by dragoons to help ward off dragons. As Evogolist uses this ability for a second it seems that the wyverns fall back. But just when the three thought that everything was safe……….
Sofie: Guys……!! Infront of us!!
Evogolist: Damn…..we’re trapped.
Elysion: Evogolist if we make it out of this alive……remind me to kill you.
Evogolist: Uh……..yeah……right.
Elysion: Grr…….that’s it!!
I’m done running. Blade: Chi!!
Some help here Evo!!
Evogolist: Spiral Dive!!!
Narration: Spiral Dive is Evogolist very own personal weapon skill. It is a modified version the dragoon’s jump ability. As the two continue to take on the oncoming wyverns they seem to be overwhelmed. That is until……
Elysion: Dammit it isn’t working.
Sofie: Guys……
Evogolist: Huh?
Sofie: Guys!!!!
Elysion: What the?
Evogolist: It’s……..It’s hatching.
Sofie: ………….O.o
Narration: With a nervous look on her face. The white mage known as Sofie watches as her egg hatches and reveals a baby wyvern.
Elysion: Sweet!!! Evo now….let’s finish this and get out of here!!!
Blade: Retsu!!!
Evogolist: Double Thrust!!!
Narration: The two combine their attacks creating a skillchain effect known as distortion and disposing of the remaining Wyverns.
Afterwards, Sofie celebrates as she’s happy to have her very own wyvern and to have finally become a dragoon and the three adventurers part ways as their adventure comes to a close.
Sofie: Woot!!! My very own wyvern.
Evogolist: Congratulations Sofie, you’re now officially a dragoon.
Sofie: Hmmm……..I’ll be a dragoon tomorrow.
I’m gonna go get some rest. Thank you Evo.
Elysion: …………….<sighs at Evogolist digustingly>
Evogolist: ………….
What?! Don’t give me that look!!
Hey she was cute, I couldn’t possibly resist a girl like her.
Elysion: You do know she just played you for a fool right. -.-
Evogolist: No……there’s no way……….
Narration: Evo suddenly receives a message on the Bastok 9 linkshell….
Sofie: Hey Evo sorry I don’t think it’s gonna work out with us so goodbye.
Evogolist: SON OF A…………!!!<staggers>
Elysion: Well…….I’m outta here. I’ve done my good deed for the day.
Goodbye Evogolist and may we never meet again.

Scene flashes
Moves back to Delkfutt’s Tower

Iflana: Uh……..that was interesting.
Jefiont: Zzzzzzz
Eras: Ha, Ha, Ha……..that was the saddest sobbiest story I’ve ever heard.
Shiibu: Awww……….how cute, Evo’s blushing.
Evogolist: Grrr………..
Hey……I’ll be right back.
Jefiont: Hey where’s he going?
Eras: Dude I think we pissed him off.
Narration: Just then without notice the daring hume adventurer returns to camp with a enormous number of gigas following behind him.
Eras: Evo………!!! What the Fuck!!!!!!
Evogolist: How’s this for MPKing!!!!!!
Narration: The party of Evogolist, Eras, Jefiont, Iflana, and Shiibu begin to attack the gigas monsters trained by Evo, but not without going unnoticed by their rivals the linkshell group known as VDOP.
VDOP member #1: You fucktards don’t you know you could’ve got us killed!!!
Jefiont: Well if it isn’t VDOP.
VDOP member #2: …………..
Hmph, so it’s you guys.
VDOP member #1: We should call a GM on the likes of all of you!!!
Eras: Ooohh the cry baby is gonna go cry to the big bad GM……..try me.
Shiibu: Guys………cool it.
VDOP member #3: Hey Iflana…..what’s up.
Iflana: ………..ewww
VDOP member #1: You guys are lucky we’re in such a good mood today. But be warned next time we won’t be so generous. Everyone let’s go. Hail VDOP!!!!
VDOP members: Hail VDOP!!!!!
Eras: Hail VDOP…………bunch of pussies.
Narration: After a heated arguement with the members of rival linskshell group VDOP, The members of DoC receive an incoming message from Crazydragon asking for all member to report to Headquarters. Once there the DoC leader explains his plans to attempt a limit break test from the elder known as Maat who is a trained master in each of the 15 jobs. He also explains future plans for the linkshell group.
Jefiont: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha……..tell me something CD how many times does that old geezer have to hand you your ass on a silver platter before you just give up.
Crazydragon: Grrrr…………
Tell you what, since this is my 13th try, if I lose again I’m quitting.
Eras: Yeah we’ve heard that before.
Crazydragon: Okay smart asses……….I’ll see how you like it when you’re wearing DoC uniforms for every linkshell event.
Jefiont: You wouldn’t.
Unas: Oh he would.
Crazydragon: Try me.
As a matter of fact, all DoC members……..effective immediately all members will be required to wear DoC uniforms to all linkshell events. Anyone who reads under level 60 will be required to wear our custom made Leather gear uniform while anyone who reads level 60 and over will be required to wear our custom made Royal Knight Aketon uniforms.
And Eras and Jefiont………no switching job classes as you’ll still be required to wear the R.K.A. uniform upon my request.
Eras: Damn.
Crazydragon: Now if you’d excuse me I have a testi to farm.
Shy!!!!! Why haven’t you finished your cleaning duties. You’ve been mopping the same area for the past 2 hours.
Shybaason: Grrr………
This isn’t the fricking army you military freak!!!
Crazydragon: Shy…….clean up duty for the next two months.
Shybaason: Grrr……..Rawwrrrr!!!!

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