Chapter 3c: True Dragons Never Die

Chapter 3: Dragons of Chaos
C: True dragons never die.

Narration: It’s been months now since our hero Evogolist first joined the ranks of DoC. Since then the Galka known as Unas has disbanded from the group and joined rival group VDOP. The Mithran redmage Shybaason has also disbanded from the group looking to go out on adventures of her own. DoC members and sworn brothers Jefiont and Eras though
still part of the group now venture out on adventures and quests of their own. And DoC leader Crazydragon has taken a leave of absence as he prepares to head back into the San d’Orian military. With the majority of DoC’s core members no longer present and no one to lead the group, Evogolist steps up as temporary linkshell leader. But it isn’t as easy as
he thinks.
Evogolist: Whoa Ulti……you’ve grown stronger……alot stronger.
Ultimaga: Yeah. I’ve now rated as a level 65 paladin.
Evogolist: Not bad.
Pheelix: Damn things are so boring around here.
Kenshin: Well we could always do more ballista or more one on one fights.
Pheelix: No I’m tired of the same damn events.
Kussese: Just face it…….this linkshell is dead.
I don’t even know how it survived as long as it did with a leader like Crazy.
I mean the poor guy can’t even beat Maat for Altana sake.
Evogolist: That’s enough you two. I will not have you speaking of CD nor this linkshell in such manner. This linkshell is not dead and Crazy is one of the best damn linkshell leaders I’ve known.
Pheelix: Wow what a kiss ass.
Evogolist: I said that enough!!
Kussese: Gee who went and made you leader.
Evogolist: As one of the elder members of the linkshell I’m acting leader until CD returns.
Pheelix: If that’s the case then why aren’t we doing any events oh great ACTING leader?
Ulitmaga: Come on Phee and Kuss give Evo a break he’s trying his best.
Kussese: Well he needs to try harder if he want’s to be a linkshell leader.
Narration: Bothered by the two constant attacks on him and the linkshell Evogolist calls for an urgent meeting. Later that evening the remaining active members of DoC meet at the Northern San d’Orian Catherdral.
Evogolist: Welcome Members of DoC. For those of you who made it to the meeting…..thank you for coming. I am deeply bothered by the
current situation of this linkshell group. Our morale is down and this is because of lack of linkshell members and lack of  support. Trust me when I say………
Pheelix: Can we get this over with please I have things to do?!!
Evogolist: Grrr…….Dammit Pheelix!!!
Clean up duty for a week.
Pheelix: Go to hell.
Evogolist: Grrrrr……….anyways as I was saying Trust me when I say that this linkshell is not dead. Guys please don’t be afraid to make any suggestions or plan any events. We really need your support in order for this linkshell to work.
As a matter of fact, I’m curious to see how many of us are dedicated to this linkshell. Therefore, I will be implementing the True Dragons event.
Kenshin: True Dragons?
Kussese: What’s that? Some kind of gay event where we chase around dragons and get ourself killed. Get serious.
Evogolist: True Dragons will be an event that will be a test of dedication. All of us will have to retrieve specific items that will show our loyality and dedication to the linkshell. These items cannot be obtained through the auction house. When the event is done we gather for a final ceremony called the Circle of Flames which will be both an award and bonding event. I will be speaking with Crazy about the two events and in the next few days
once approved, will post the list of items that must be acquired.
Narration: After the meeting Evo is once again confronted by a negative Kussese.
Ultimaga: Oh man Evo that events of yours sound sick. I can’t wait.
Kussese: Yeah sick in the head. I hope you don’t actually believe that this event of yours will work. I mean people barely even come on this linkshell anymore. So really who would be willing to come to a stupid event such as True Dragons or Circle of Flames.
Evogolist: It’ll work trust me.
Ultimaga: Go get a life Kussese really.
Kussese: Sorry I already have one.
Narration: The following day Evogolist speaks with DoC leader Crazydragon about the True Dragons event.
Crazydragon: Ah…….Evo nice to see you again.
Evogolist: Wow……..CD you look all………elvanney.
Crazydragon: LOL……..yeah I know but hey it’s all part of joining the San d’Orian Crimson Wolf Squad.
So what can I do for you today?
Evogolist: Well things in the linkshell haven’t been so great. No one really shows up at headquarters anymore and morale is down and I mean really down.
Crazydragon: Hmmm……sounds kind of serious.
Evogolist: It is……..if you don’t mind, in your absence I’ve taken on the role as acting leader and came up with two events that will help build up morale as well as strengthen the bond of this linkshell.
Crazydragon: Sounds great tell me all about it.
Narration: Evogolist goes over the plans for the events but to his dismay Crazy’s response takes him by surprise.
Evogolist: Huh? What?
Crazydragon: Ha, Ha, Ha, no but really as great as the events sound we don’t wanna scare away our current members.
Evogolist: But Crazy if you saw exactly what’s going on you would agree with me and the event. I mean can you really be so blind as not to see that your own linkshell…….the very one you created is dying. Unas has left and defected to VDOP and we ended up
recruiting Ingel who was a VDOP spy. Shy has left and gone out on her own and so have Jef and Eras. And Shiibu……..
Shiibu is out there somewhere missing and could still be alive for all we know.
Craxydragon: Calm down my friend. Unas was a dear friend and an important part of this linkshell and whether he’s in VDOP or any other linkshell group he is to still be treated as such. And the same goes for Shy, Jef, Eras and any other member of this linkshell
who decides to venture out on their own.
Evogolist: <sigh> Do I atleast have your support with the events?
Crazydragon: Yes…….but remember, linkshell events aren’t solely based on how dedicated a member of the group is to the shell……….
but how much fun you have as a group and the bonds and memories that you build and form as friends.
As a leader, you will do good to remember those things.
Evogolist: Yes sir.
Crazydragon: DoC Salute!!!
Narration: It’s the last salute that Evogolist does as both the True Dragons and Circle of Flames events never take place.
After contacting Crazydragon one last time, Evogolist says his goodbyes and drops his DoC linkpearl. Elsewhere, a sinster plot seems to be taking shape.
Shadowmane: The plan worked master.
Dark Evo: Good well done you two.
Shadowbane: Meow!! You should have saw the disappointment on his face when the taru made him look like a total and complete fool.
Narration: The one known as Dark Evogolist thinks to himself and prepares to fulfill his plans of assimilating our hero.
Dark Evo: Soon…….very soon you and I will be one……Evogolist…….warrior of light.

Scene Fades out
End of Chapter 3


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