Chapter 4a – Homeward Bound

Chapter 4: Dark Crest
A: Homeward Bound

Narration: It’s been almost a year since our hero, Evogolist last visited his home in Bastok. After a long and tiring journey from Jeuno, Evo returns home to find that everything is not what it seems and he’s about to receive a huge surprise.

Evogolist: Huh? What the……? No……NO…….NOOOOO!!!!
My clothes!! My Bed!! My……my……

Monty: Ku…..po.

Evogolist: My MOOGLE!!!!Only one person could be so devious enough to come into a man’s home and clean and violate their moogle.


Zeriah: Ah…….you finally returned.

Evogolist: YOU!!!! Zeriah!!!

Zeriah: You like what I did to the place?
Gawd I can’t believe how messy you are. If mom saw this she would just die.

Evogolist: How dare you?! This is my mog house. Why couldn’t you just grab a mog house on the otherside of town.

Zeriah: Silly why do that when I could save a ton of gil staying with my big brother.

Evogolist: You’re not seriously thinking of staying are you?

Zeriah: Of course I’m staying, mom specifically told me to move here and keep watch over you. Especially since you can’t seem to answer your link pearl. Speaking of which…..
where is your link pearl? Don’t tell me you lost it.

Evogolist: Damn it must’ve gotten crushed by some gigas.

Zeriah: Nevermind it doesn’t matter you need to go get changed. The Sunbreeze festival is starting soon and I definitley do not intend on celebrating it here in this god forsaken town.

Narration: As Evo bathes, he mumbles to himself about how disgusted he is to see that his younger sister has suddenly moved in. Twenty minutes later Evogolist emerges dressed in a blue Onoko Yukata, while Zeriah is dressed in a pink Omina Yukata. An hour later the two arrive in Windurst and begin making
their way around town.


Evogolist: Z could you let go please. People are staring.

Zeriah: Oh please no one would believe I was your girlfriend and besides there’s no way I’m letting you sneak off somewhere on some crazy adventure.

Evogolist: Aww….come on. Well could you at least loosen your grip?

Zeriah: Awww…….the Tarutaru festival dancers are just so cute.

Evogolist: And evil too.

Zeriah: Will you quit it already with the evil tarutaru thing?

Evogolist: Hey you’re not the one who got attacked and bit by a rabid TaruTaru.

Zeriah: That was like ten years ago and he was not rabid…….he was just………special.
Now come on I wanna do a bit of goldfish scooping, before the concert starts.

Narration: Zeriah pulls Evogolist along as she heads outside of town towards the goldfish scooping vendors.

East Sarutabaruta GF Vendor: My my if it isn’t Zeriah and Evogolist. You two should really be more careful. Someone might mistake you two for a actual couple.

Evogolist: See I told you so.

Zeriah: Ooooh just shut up and come on.

Narration: The two spend a fun filled day together as they both take time to enjoy the festivities of The Sunbreeze Festival. As the day comes to a close Zeriah and Evogolist sit at the docks area of Port Windurst and spend time talking
and reminescing about the past.

Evogolist: Hey Zee, I was thinking how come you don’t have a boyfriend?

Zeriah: Well I would if my big brother didn’t keep scaring them away.

Evogolist: Hey what about that guy……what’s his name……..?

Zeriah: Beaneater?

Evogolist: No

Zeriah: Poopyfresh

Evogolist: No

Zeriah: Reallylow

Evogolist: No

Zeriah: RealLink

Evogolist: Yeah that’s it…….RealLink. Whatever happened to him? I kinda liked the guy?

Zeriah: Well you put a Sarutabaruta rarab down his shirt. The poor guy couldn’t stop screaming for days. Even now when he sees me with my pet rarab Winslow he runs from me screaming.

Evogolist: Oh……um…….sorry.

Zeriah: Don’t worry about it. Besides I think he was cheating on me anyway and it was kinda funny watching him wiggle around for about an hour.

Evogolist: Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!

Zeriah: Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!

Narration: The two spend the rest of the night laughing and giggling about their past. From afar their mother Sulvia looks on and feels a bit of joy and happiness as she too remembers the day when a little Evogolist and a little Zeriah would run throughout the town of Windurst laughing and playing all day.

Sulvia: Welcome home my children. Welcome home.


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