Chapter 4b – Destined Heroes…When Evo met Ame.

Chapter 4: Dark Crest
B: Destined Heroes…….When Evo met Ame.


Evogolist: Dad……..Dad where are you?!

Onias: Oh god no……….Evo no!!!!!
Son get out of here!!!!

Evogolist: Dad………Dad no…..!!!!!!

Narration: The Crystal War…….it is an event that shook the very core of Vanadiel. To one such as Evogolist. It is a constant nightmare. It is the day that he lost his greatest hero and mentor. It is the day that a new hero was born………and it was day when two heroes met for the first time.

Wyvern: Rarrgh!!

Amerita: No girl he’s too young!!!!

Dream sequence ends
Moves to Evo’s room.

Narration: Our hero awakens from his dream puzzled and wondering who was the wyvern that bonded with him those many years ago and who was the woman who pleaded for the wyvern not to.

Evogolist: Oh man, what a weird dream.
Lu…….could it be?
Naw. But who was that woman?

Zeriah: Hey sleepy head about time you woke up.

Evogolist: Aw give it a rest Zee. I didn’t sleep too good last night.

Zeriah: Wow……..still dreaming about that rabid Tarutaru are you?

Evogolist: SHUT UP!!!!

Zeriah: Oh by the way breakfast is downstairs on the table.

Evogolist: Alright tell mom I’ll be right down.

Narration: As our hero arises from his bed of rest he makes his way downstairs to join his family for breakfast.

Sulvia: So you’ve finally decided to join us.

Evogolist: Uh……yeah sorry about that was having really bad dream.

Sulvia: Well it must’ve been some dream……I sent Zeriah to wake you up almost a hour ago.

Evogolist: A what ago?! Zee?!

Zeriah: Sorry… know how I am when it comes to dreams and watching people sleep.

Sulvia: Child how many times do I have to tell to stay away from that crazy woman. She’s nothing more than a crazy sorceress.
Zeriah: But mom, Shantato is the best when it comes down the mystics.

Evogolist: Yeah the best at casting cursing spells.

Sulvia: That will be quite enough you two.
Now eat before your food gets any colder.

Evogolist: Hey mom…….a few years back during the Crystal war……..

Sulvia: Oh you know how I feel about that war. Must you bring it up?

Evogolist: But mom………in my dream there was this woman with blonde hair and she had a wyvern with her.

Sulvia: I said that’s enough!!

Zeriah: Oh boy you’ve gone and done it now.

Evogolist: I’m sorry……didn’t mean to upset you.

Sulvia: <sigh> No I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled at you.

Narration: The rest of the morning is quiet as Evo, Zeriah, and their mother Sulvia sit and eat breakfast. Later that day Evogolist receives a tell from his mithran friend Kheops.

Kheops: Hey Evo are you there? Answer me?

Evogolist: Hey Khe what’s going on? Why the sudden tell?

Kheops: Man you need to head over to Upper Jeuno like now there’s something crazy going on.

Evogolist: Okay I’m on my way.

Zeriah: You’re not seriously thinking of going are you?

Evogolist: It’ll only be for a little bit. I’ll be home later.

Zeriah: Fine.

Narration: Evogolist takes the next airship to Jeuno and as soon as he arrives is stunned to hear a ton of commotion about a mithran treasure hunter by the name of Luto Mewirah.



Evogolist: Luto eh? Hmm…..I’d better check this out.

Narration: Evogolist then takes and heads to Upper Jeuno where he’s greeted by Kheops.

Kheops: Hey Evo!!!

Evogolist: Khe…….man you weren’t lying when you said that everyone was going crazy.
What exactly is going on?

Kheops: This Luto character appeared not too long ago talking about some mystic mirror.
Now she’s looking for anyone that will help her unlock it’s secrets.

Evogolist: Hmm….sounds interesting we should check into it.

Kheops: Naw……treasure hunting isn’t exactly in my repertorie.

Evogolist: Lol……okay well than later Kheops.

Kheops: See ya old buddy.

Luto: My……my you wouldn’t happen to be willing enough to help figure out the secrets to this mirror would you?


Luto:Oh great just what I need……..a retard.

Evogolist: Hey I heard that!!!

Luto: Uh……oh sorry. Would please help a dear ole mithra in distress?

Evogolist: Look cut the act lady.

Luto: Now you wait just a damn minute. I’m offering you fortunes beyond your wildest dreams and you…………

Narration: Suddenly a lady screams out for help as her young daughter has disappeared.

Noble Lady: Someone please help!!!!

Evogolist: Huh? What’s wrong?

Noble Lady: It’s my daughter Palmoleto. She’s missing.

Evogolist: Do you have any idea where she may have went?

Noble Lady: No…

Evogolist: Well leave it all to me. I’ll get your daughter back.

Narration: Evogolist sets off on a quest to find the missing girl asking any and everyone he comes across as to the sudden disappearance of the young girl. After asking several questions Evo receives intel that a young hume woman dressed in Scale armor was also investigating the missing girl incident andwas headed toward Eldieme Necropolis.

Evogolist: Man this place is just so creepy.
I’d better find the girl and get out of here.

Narration: As Evo continues to walk, up ahead he hears the sounds of a battle taking place. When he arrives he spots the young girl but is shocked to see the woman from his dreams.

Evogolist: Huh? It’s her……….

Amerita: Grr….stay away from her!!!

Lumiere: Rarrgh!!!

Amerita: Huh?

Evogolist: Shooting Star!!!

Skeleton NM: <Hiss> Damn you.

Amerita: Behind you!!!

Evogolist: Grr…..Chaos Spear!!!!

Narration: Chaos Spear, a modified version of the polearm weapon skill Penta Thrust. The attack defeats the NM skeleton, but it doesn’t seem to go unnoticed.

Dark Evo: Huh? What’s this? Ha, Ha, Ha, this is just great!! Shadowbane………Shadowmane let’s go!!!



Narration: The dark shadow warriors head off to confront our hero, back at Eldieme Necropolis Evogolist and the mysterious blond-haired woman are introduced to each other.

Amerita: I don’t know who you are but thanks.

Evogolist: That’s weird I could’ve sworn we’ve met somewhere before.
Oh well anyways my name is Evogolist but you can call me Evo.

Amerita: It is an honor to meet you Evogolist I am Amerita.

Evogolist: Amerita huh? Hey you wouldn’t happen to have a pet wyvern would you?

Amerita: Um……no.

Evogolist: Uh……okay.
I guess you’re really not her.

Amerita: Well I’d better get Palometa here back to her mother.
Again I thank you.

Evogolist: No problem.

Narration: As Amerita and Palometa make their way out of Eldieme they feel a cool breeze brush past them. Suddenly the three shadow warriors appear before Evogolist.

Amerita: Palometa……..take my chocobo and hurry back to town…….NOW!!!!

Dark-Evo: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha

Evogolist: Huh? Who’s there?!

Shadowmane: Evo……go…..list.

Narration: Out of nowhere Shadowbane appears and uses her personal weapon skill Shadow Strike to bring Evo down to his knees.

Dark-Evo: Quick…….grab him.

Evogolist: Let me go!!!! Grrr……

Dark-Evo: Struggle all you want, you only delay the inevitable.
Today Evogolist you will become a part of me.

Narration: Just as the shadow Evo is about to assimilate our hero, Amerita appears and breaks the shadow’s hold on Evo.

Amerita: Grrraawwrrrr……Blessed Radiance!!!!

Shadowbane: <Hiss> The light!!!

Dark-Evo: I will not be denied what is mine!!!
Chaos Blade!!!

Narration: Before Dark-Evo’s blade can connect with Amerita, Evogolist steps in and counters the attack with his light based weapon skill Shining Wave. The attack sends Dark-Evo into retreat as the attack is too strong for him.

Evogolist: Yeah…….and don’t come back!!!!

Amerita: What……What was that?

Evogolist: His name is Dark Evo, he’s a shadow warrior created to look like me.

Amerita: Why is he after you?

Evogolist: For some reason he wants to assimilate me.

Amerita: assimilate you?

Evogolist: Yes…….now what about you? I thank you for your help, but what exactly is that attack you used.

Amerita: It’s called Blessed Radiance. It is a special weapon skill used by the people of my tribe.

Evogolist: Tribe? Wait don’t you mean linkshell?

Amerita: We do not deal with such trivial things.Linkshells are politics based and lack honor whereas our tribe leans more towards our faith in the Goddess Altana.


Evogolist: So you’re like those paradise freaks then?

Amerita: I beg your pardon.

Evogolist: I’m sorry….didn’t mean to offend you.

Amerita: It’s alright…….I must now take leave of this place.

Evogolist: Okay see you around.

Amerita: Here take this. If you ever need me again just contact me through this.

Narration: Amerita gives Evogolist what is called a signal pearl. The pearl allows Evo to contact Amerita at times of need. After saying goodbye, Evogolist returns home and is greeted by an displeased Sulvia.

Evogolist: Mom…….Zee…….I’m home!!!!

Zeriah: Spiss…….. Evo…….Evo.

Evogolist: Huh?

Zeriah: I wouldn’t be in such a rush to see mom if I was you.
I tried to explain things to her and she was furious.

Evogolist: Bah, Zee she was probably just worried.
See watch. Hi Mom.

Narration: As Lady Sulvia walks toward her son she raises her hand and gives Evo a hard slap across the face.

Evogolist: Ow…….Mom that hurt.

Sulvia: And it should too.


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