Chapter 4c – Light Extinguished

Chapter 4: Dark Crest
C: Light extinguished

Narration: The Shadowlord………..a being of darkness and despair. His origin is unknown but it is said that he represents the very darkness of the Galkan race. After their last defeat, the shadow warriors Dark-Evo, Shadowbane, and Shadowmane return to Castle Zhval with not so pleasing news.

Duke Hoborym: Shadows………why have you returned?
Were you not defeated in battle?

Dark-Evo: Hmph…….
So you saw?

Spotter: We saw that you were defeated by two mere mortals.

Dark-Evo: Shut your trap you one-eyed bitch before I permanently make you blind.

Spotter: Why you?!!

Shadow Lord: What………….is……………..this………….noise?

Spotter: My……..lord.

Dark-Evo: Huh?

Duke Hoborym: Bow down you worthless shadows.

Dark-Evo: So you’re the Shadow Lord huh?

Shadow Lord: Why do you stand so boldly before me shadow?
Do you not fear me and what I could do to you?

Dark-Evo: I fear no one.

Spotter: Like you didn’t fear the warrior of light and hume girl.

Narration: Dark Evo suddenly throws his sword at the Spotter piercing its huge eye.

Spotter: Ahhhh……….you bitch!!!!

Dark-Evo: Told you I’d make you blind for good.

Shadow Lord: SILENCE!!! You have failed to defeat the warrior of light as well as brought harm to my seer……….Why should I not end your worthless life now shadow?



Dark-Evo: Because I can get you the power of the Holy Crest.

Shadow Lord: And just how do you plan to accomplish such a task?

Dark-Evo: Just watch and you’ll see.

Narration: Curious about the shadow warrior’s claim, the Shadow Lord sits back and watches how things unfold. Elsewhere the Sunbreeze festival enters its final hours before shutting down until next year’s festival.

Zeriah: Ooooh Evo, why does it have to end so soon?
I still haven’t won a decent prize from goldfish scooping.

Evogolist: Well there’s always next year.

Zeriah: I don’t wanna wait next year you big idiot!!!!
Now get over there and win me a prize!!!

Evogolist: Gee…….what happened to please?

Zeriah: Grrr………

Evogolist: Okay…….okay I’m going.

Narration: Just as Evogolist and Zeriah make their way outside to the goldfish game, a dark cloud begins to cover the sky.

Zeriah: Huh? Oh no……… can’t rain.

Shantatto: Hmm……..something is definitely not natural about this storm.

Narration: The wind begins to blow even harder and stronger. The Mithra, Tarutaru, and other citizens and adventurers in windurst begin to scream and fled to safety as the sound of thunder booms throughout the sky. Then suddenly a total of three lightning bolts strike the ground and the three shadow warriors appear.


Shadowmane: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

Shadowbane: Look at all the little taru squirm.

Dark-Evo: Citizens of the Federation of Windurst…………hand over to us the one named Evogolist and we shall spare your precious town.

Narration: The Windurst Combatcasters appear and begin casting their most powerful black magic spells on the shadow warriors, but the spells barely phase the three. The elvaan shadow formerly known as the justice knight Lunaris uses his powerful personal weapon skill and takes out majority of tarutaru wizards.

Shadowmane: Bleed with despair!!!!

Narration: As several tarutarus fall and the cloud of dust clears the sorceress Lady Shantatto appears and begins casting spell after spell on the shadows. But unfortunately not even a powerful sorceress such as Shantatto is a match for the shadows.

Shantatto: Try picking on someone your own size!!!!

Shadowbane: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Narration: The mithran shadow charges in to attack the sorceress. Shantatto castes every black magic spell she knows as well as her most power curses but the mithra is too fast as the next time she is seen, she appears from behind and uses her personal weapon skill Shadow Strike, striking down the powerful sorceress. Outside of the gate entrance
Evogolist and Zeriah notice that there’s smoke coming from inside the town and head back in to see what’s going on.

Zeriah: Oh my god………Evo look!!!!

Evogolist: Wha……what the?
Come on Zee we’d better go!!

Narration: Back inside the wildcat volunteers and the cougar brigade make their appearance in the town square.

Semih Lafihna: Alright girls let’s show these shadows what the Wildcats are made of!!!!

Sarafine Lafihna: Right behind you sis. Let’s go Cougars!!!!

Narration: The mithran brigades charge into battle. One by one they fall to the shadows. When Evogolist and Zeriah arrive there’s no one left standing except the three shadows who now have the mithran warrior Semih pinned to the ground and her sister held hostage.

Sarafine Lafihna: Grr……Let….me….go!!
Sis…..get up!!!

Semih Lafihna: Sa…ra….fine.

Dark-Evo: I told you people all you had to do was hand over the one named Evogolist and I would spare your weak pathetic town but no…… just had to launch an attack on me and my friends.

Narration: At that moment Evo and Zeriah appear. Zeriah spots her friend Sarafine.

Zeriah: Oh no……..Sarafine!!!!! Let her go!!!!



Evogolist: Grrr……dammit why are attacking these people?!!
They did nothing to you.

Dark-Evo: Oh but attrare they have. I simply asked for something that rightfully belongs to me and decided to keep it from me.

Narration: Suddenly Dark-Evo reaches and grabs one of Sarafine’s daggers and then without warning slits the mithra’s throat. Zeriah, Evogolist, and Semih look on in horror as the young mithra falls to the ground gagging and gasping for air.



Semih Lafihna: Grrr……RAAAWWRRRR!!!!!

Zeriah: SARAFINE!!!!

Evogolist: HOW COULD YOU?!!!!!

Narration: Evogolist grabs a nearby sword and charges toward the shadows. He jumps into the air preparing to strike down the shadow warrior but then something unexpected happens.

Evogolist: Huh?

Dark Evo: What’s wrong? Surprised?
The Holy crest means nothing when you strike in hatred and vengence.
So allow me to show you what true vengence is. Dawn of Apocalypse!!!!

Narration: Dawn of Apocalypse……..a powerful dark based weapon skill used by Dark Evo. The attack delivers a powerful critical blow to its victim and soon enough Evo is absorbed into the one called Dark-Evo.

Zeriah: BIG BROTHER!!!! NO!!!!


Dark-Evo: Ha, Ha, Ha…………..this is it.
The moment that I’ve been waiting for.
And now everyone bare witness as the Holy Crest is no more and I demonstrate the power of the Dark Crest!!!
<call Wyvern> Ragnorok……..come!!!!!

Zeriah: Lu no……… can’t!

Narration: Zeriah watches in horror as her brother is absorbed into the shadow warrior making him into a whole being and the wyvern once known as Lumiere becomes the dark wyvern Ragnarök.

Dark-Evo: And now……..for my grand finale. Goodbye my dear sweet sister.

Narration: Once again Dark-Evo prepares to use his new personal weapon skill Dawn of Apocalypse. His target……….Zeriah and the rest of Windurst. But just as he strikes, the attack is intercepted by another.

Dark-Evo: Huh? What’s this?

Amerita: Are you alright?

Zeriah: Huh?

Amerita: You might wanna get out of here………things are about to get a bit dangerous.

Dark-Evo: Damn you girl……………Ragnarok………..Spirit surge!!!!!

Ragnarök: RAWWWRRR!!!!

Narration: Dark-Evo uses a newly acquired ability called Spirit surge in which a dragoon and his wyvern become one and the strength’s of the wyvern become the dragoons.

Dark-Evo: Grrraaawwrrrr…………….Chaos Blade!!!!

Narration: Amerita blocks the attack with her shield and then counters the attack with the light based weapon skill Seraph Blade.

Dark-Evo: Dammit………………….Why won’t you just die!!!!! Dawn of Apocalypse!!!!!!

Narration: Amerita dodges the attack and then strikes with her own personal weapon skill.

Amerita: Blessed Radiance!!!!

Shadowmane: <Hiss>

Shadowbane: No not this again………I’m outta here.

Narration: The shadows flee as the mysterious woman uses her Blessed Radiance attack.

Dark-Evo: This isn’t over girl. We’ll be back.

Narration: After watching the shadows flee, Amerita turns to Zeriah and can’t help but notice the sadness that has overcome her.


Zeriah: Big……..Brother.

Amerita: I……I…….am sorry.
I was too late.

Narration: Further ahead in Windurst Waters center court area the Mithran Army mourns the loss of one of their own.

Semih Lafihna: Sarafine………my sister.

Narration: The mithran forces of the Wildcats and Cougars join Semih Lafihna and let out a loud cry for their fallen comrade and mithran sister. Later that evening as the citizens of Windurst hold a memorial service for their lost loved ones, Zeriah arrives home to tell her mom of the bad news.

Sulvia: No!! No……not my son too!!!
Goddess Altana why do you curse me!!!!

Narration: As Amerita enters Sulvia recognizes the mysterious blond-haired woman and begins to yell and curse the woman.

Sulvia: You!!! Why did you have to appear now?!!
First my husband and now my son!!!

Zeriah: Mom!!

Amerita: I’m sorry have we met before?

Sulvia: How dare you? Get out. GET OUT!!!

Narration: Not wanting to upset Sulvia any more Amerita leaves, but help but wonder why the mother of her new friend would say such things. Is this truly the end of our hero Evogolist? Wait…… this the end of our story? Read on to find out
what happens next in the world of Vanadiel.

Scene fades to black
End of Chapter 4


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