Chapter 4a – Legend of The Black Pirate

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning
Chapter 4a: Legend of The Black Pirate

Narration: In port area of Limsa Lominsa, Evo along with Silvermane, Biggs, and Wedge gather together as Evo prepares for his final test. In order for Evo to become a full fledge pirate and rightfully take on the name of “Rostoft The Black Pirate” he must acquire himself a ship of his own. But does Evo himself even know what he’s getting himself into?
Silvermane: Well, there she be boys, the Siren’s Tear. One of strongest and most powerful ships in all of Limsa Lominsa.


Wedge: But cap’n that’s a cuda’s ship.


Silvermane: You damn skippy it is, and not just any cuda’s ship either. It belongs to non other than good ol’ Captain Kilyah Crystari.


Evogolist: Kilyah?!


Silvermane: You know him eh?


Narration: Evo keeps silent as he knows all too well of the rivalry between him and Kilyah. Back in Vana’diel, Kilyah was more than a match for Evo and if the Kilyah here was anything like the Kilyah he knew, acquiring the ship wasn’t gonna be an easy task.


Wedge: Hey cap’n aren’t we forgetting something?


Silverman: And what might that be?


Wedge: This here scrag doesn’t know the first thing about being the black pirate. I mean how is he suppose to act the part when he doesn’t even know he is?


Silvermane: Are you trying to outsmart me?! Trying to commit a mutiny eh?!


Wedge: No cap’n not at all!


Silvermane: Ye better not be or ye’ll walk the plank for sure. But anyways you do have a point. Hey Scrag what do you know of the Black Pirate?


Narration: Evo looks confused as other than what he heard from Wedge, he has no knowledge of the legendary pirate.


Silvermane: Meh I kinda figured ye didn’t. How’d the hells are ye suppose to be a bloody pirate when you don’t even know who the most feared and legendary pirate of them all is eh?!




Biggs: Uh, cap’n you don’t exactly know yerself.


Silvermane: Shut yer trap lugnut before I feed you to the executioners. And besides, I just prefer for Wedge to tell him. Wedge school the scrag if you will.


Wedge: Alright where to begin? Rostoft “The Black Pirate”, one of Eorzea’s most feared and legendary pirates. He was even more feared than Silverhook and Blackbeard combined. Even the sahagins were terrified of him.


Silvermane: Okay we get it! Just get on with the damn story will ya!


Wedge: As I was saying, Rostoft was widely known as one of the greatest and feared pirates, but he didn’t become that overnight. Legend has it that Rostoft used to be a cuda, that is until a group of pirates came and butchered his crew. Among his crew was his wife.

Uponing returning to Limsa he was angered over the fact that the cudas refused to retaliate against the group of pirates and thus forth set out to seek justice on his own. For days he searched around town, asking questions on the where about of the group of pirates that attacked his crew. When he found the information he needed, he made his way to Shposhae where the group of Pirates were held up at. After checking out the place, Rostoft knew that he couldn’t possibly make it in and out alive, so he dressed up as a bloody pirate himself.


Rostoft: Gentlemen if I may, I have a business proposition that your captain may very well be interested in.


Guard #1: nd just who in the seven bloody ‘ells are ye?


Rostoft: Do forgive my rudeness, I am Rostoft, The Black.


Guard #2: Ne’er eard of ye. Get out of ere before I use ye to polish me axe.


Rostoft: A thousand pardons men, but once again I do beg for you forgiveness as I seem to have a death warrant…….and so do you.


Wedge: After killing the two guards, Rostoft made his way through the cave taking any pirate that stood in his way. When he finally came upon their cap’n……….


Silvermane: What the hell does this have to do with Evo here stealing a ship and becoming the black pirate?!


Wedge: Wait a minute….wait a minute…..I’m getting there.


Silvermane: Well you’d better bloody damn wells hurry it up.




Wedge: Yes cap’n….no patience at all I tell ya….As I was saying, Rostoft made his way through the caves killing each and every pirate that got in his way, that is until finally reaching their cap’n. Upon reaching the cap’n, Rostoft was shocked to see that the band of pirates that butchered his crew and killed his wife was non other than another cuda fleet that had disguised themselves as pirates.


Evogolist: Wait, so the barracudas turned their back on Rostoft?


Wedge: Exactly….there’s often been talk of discord among the cudas. Each vying for a place as Admiral. And Rostoft was next in line to become Admiral.


Silvermane: Can we get on the story?!


Wedge: Very well.
As Rostoft came upon this dark discovery, his mind filled with questions.



Hymlithsyn: Well, well look what the cat dragged in. Seems like mi boys failed their job after all.



Rostoft: Why?! Why did you do this?



Hymlithsyn: Why else? Power. With your death, anyone can lay claim to the seat of Admiral. That is, once the current admiral dies.



Rostoft: My wife, my crew….they were all a part of your grand scheme to become Admiral.



Hymlithsyn: Mere casualties in the game of chess. The pawns must be sacrificed in order to protect the one thing most important. Your wife, your crew, and even your child, they are all pawns.



Wedge/Narration: Outraged at the thought of this betrayal, Rostoft draws his sword and runs in to attack Hymlithsyn and the rest of his crew. Hymlithsyn stood back and watched as his crew attacked Rostoft in groups. One by one Rostoft took them down until finally Hymlithsyn was the only one left standing. Hymlithsyn smiles and then draws his own sword. Both him and Rostoft charged towards one another until both of their blades meet. The loud sound of steel rang out throughout the halls of the cavern as the two clashed. Just as Hymlithsyn seems beaten, his draws his musket and attempts to gain the upper hand, Rostoft catches on and is able to dodge the shot. He then draws his own musket and fires at Hymlithsyn wounding the Hulking Roegadyn.



Rostoft: Now, give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you where you stand?



Hymlithsyn: Wait?! Wait?! I’m not the one you want.



Rostoft: Oh really? And just who is it that attacked my ship killing my crew and my wife?



Hymlithsyn: You’re right, I am the one that attacked your ship, but it was on someone else’s orders.



Narration: Shocked to hear that another party was involved, Rostoft presses his musket against Hymlithsyn’s chin and demands an answer.



Rostoft: Who is it?! Who gave you the orders?!



Hymlithsyn: Like I said before, there are many people in the regime just looking for a chance to become Admiral. But there is also the one who wants to keep his seat as Admiral. Even it means by killing one of their own. That’s right, the Admiral himself wants you dead. He fears for his life and his seat and because you’re next in line, you along with that Roegadyn she devil bitch Merlwyb have been given a bounty on your pretty little heads.



Silvermane: What just a damn minute there?! Are you telling that Admiral Merlwyb wasn’t always Admiral of the Cudas?



Wedge: Of course she wasn’t. It’s been about ten or fifteen years since the Black Pirate disappeared so of course back then Merlwyb and Rostoft were just a bunch scrags. But you have to remember, even now members of the Cudas fight for the seat of Admiral. Now if I may continue.



Rostoft was at a lost for words. To think that the very Admiral that he looked up to would betray him and his crew. That the same Admiral that had mentored him up until he became cap’n of his own ship and crew, would have him and his wife eliminated, Rostoft devastated.

Furious, Rostoft raised his musket towards Hymlithsyn and fires a shot. As the shot rang out, Hymlithsyn closed his eyes and upon opening them saw that Rostsoft had missed his shot and at the same time disappeared.



As Rostoft arrives at the Cudas headquarters, he’s blatantly furious. The Admiral’s guards try to restrain him, but he fights them off. Suddenly the Admiral speaks.



Admiral: Rostoft, what is this outrage?! How dare you burst into my office and cause a ruckus!



Rostoft: How dare me?! No…Admiral, how dare you? How dare you betray me and my crew. How dare you murder my wife?!



Admiral: So the rat spoke. Hm…..I guess that’s what happens when one desires the power that life can grant you, but is too afraid to face the consequences of death.



Rostoft: So then it is true? Why?!



Admiral: Rostoft you must understand, this seat as Admiral is my entire life. I worked hard to get where I am. There are people who will literally kill to be in my position. And thus, I am forced to move my hand against those that would do so.



Rostoft: But why me? You were like a father to me. I looked up to you.



Admiral: Yes indeed, enough to make you want to become Admiral yourself one day.
I refuse to give up my seat and will do what must be done. Enough of this melodramatic conversation. I will do what the rat and his crew could not. Goodbye Rostoft.



Narration: The Admiral picks up his musket and fires it at Rostoft seemingly hitting Rostoft.



Admiral: Glad that’s over, remove him from my office I have more pressing matters to attend to.



Admiral Guard: Yes sir.



Narration: Just as the two guards reach to pick up Rostoft’s body and drag him out to the sea, Rostoft opens his eyes and grabs the two guards. While grabbing the two guards, he reaches for their muskets and as the two guards land on the ground, Rostoft shoots both guards injuring them but not killing them. The Admiral then calls for help and as more guards come running in, Rostoft aims at the Admiral and fires off a few shots. The Admiral ducks avoiding the shots, but what he didn’t realize is that he gave Rostoft exactly what he needed, a way out. As the guards advance towards Rostoft in an attempt to capture him, Rostoft runs, jumping onto the Admirals desk and then leaps of out the shot out glass window and into the sea.



SIlvermane: Now this is getting good.



Wedge: They say that he swimmed for 3 days straight until his body became highly exhausted and he ended up at none other than Aleport. From that day forth he denounced his life as a Cuda and became known as none other than Rostoft “The Black Pirate”. For years he was force to be reckoned with and try all they could the Cudas could not capture him. That my friend is how the Legend of The Black Pirate started.



Evogolist: Hm…..sounds like I have my work cut out for me.



Wedge: More than that, you have a whole bloody legend to up to mate.
Eh, cap’n are you sure this here scrag is going to be able to pull it off?



Silvermane: You bet your damn ass he will. After what I saw four months ago, I have no qualms about it. So what do you say oh mister black pirate sir, you ready to show these scrags what you’re made of?



Narration: Evo first pulls out a picture of his family and then looks out towards the Siren’s Tear and he knows deep down if he’s to ever see them again then he has no choice.



Evogolist: Alright then, let’s go.




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