Chapter 5b – The Journey West

Chapter 5: Zeriah’s Story
B: The Journey West

Narration: Aboard the ferry are several adventurers who had decided to lay down the sword and take up the skill of fishing. Some fish up some of the biggest fish while others fish up the smallest. Then there are those that are dumb enough to fish up a monster. To Zeriah, this is all new to her as she’s never really been the adventuring type. The most
of an adventure she’s ever been on is when Evogolist almost got the two of them expelled from The Windurst School of Magic when Evo tried to defend a then little Zeriah from the school bully and set a blaze the entire class room. Zeriah looks out into the massive open sea and then closes her eyes as the sea breeze blows past her.

Amerita: So is this your first time venturing out?

Zeriah: Yes, the only other time I’ve been away from Windurst is when I moved in with Evo a month back.

Amerita: I see. It must be hard for you. Losing Evo and all.

Zeriah: Mmm…… is. But if what you say is true then I must be strong for Evogolist.

Amerita: That’s good to hear.

Narration: There is a slight moment of silence between the two as they continue to look out into the sea. But then suddenly……..

Zeriah: Zeriah………..

Amerita: Huh?

Zeriah: My name……….it’s Zeriah.
I know yours but you don’t know mine.

Amerita:Ha, ha, ha………and here I thought that you’re real name was Lil Sister.

Zeriah: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

Yeah right…….as if I could live with that name.
Then I really would have to change my name.

Amerita: Ha, ha, ha, so do you not like being called lil sister by the mithra?

Zeriah: No….no……..I love it.
The mithra usually don’t let no one into their tribe especially if you’re not a mithra, so I’m honored to be considered as a part of them.

Amerita: You know it’s nice to see you happy.

Zeriah: Huh?

Amerita: Until today I never saw how happy you could be.


Amerita: <Yawns>

Zeriah: Looks like someone is getting………<yawns>………sleepy.

Amerita: I could say the same about you.

Let’s head on down and get some rest.

Zeriah: Mmm…..<nods>

Narration: The two hume girls head down below deck and call it a night.
Like a mother who nurtures her child, Amerita covers Zeriah with a blanket as the young hume girl lays her head on Amerita’s lap.

Amerita: Good night…….little sister.

Narration: With a slight yawn, Zeriah whispers…..

Zeriah: Good night………Big sister.

Nattation:The two quietly doze off to sleep and for the first time in days Zeriah sleeps a peaceful rest. A few hours past and then suddenly during the wee hours of midnight there is a loud explosion.

Zeriah: What was that?

Amerita: Stay here I’m going to check things out up top.

Zeriah: Okay.

Narration: When Amerita reaches the top deck she sees that the ferry has fallen under attack by pirates.

Ferry Captain: Grr………it’s those damn Tenshodo again.

Narration: The ferry captain shouts as the Tenshodo pirates cast what seem to be necromancy spells summoning skeletal pirates known as Crossbones and a long dead ancient pirate known as Silver Hook. Wanting to see exactly what is taking place, Zeriah comes atop the deck and is shocked to see the skeletal pirates.

Zeriah: Big sister!!!

Amerita: Zeriah go back down below!!!

Zeriah: No……..I won’t leave you!

Amerita: Then I hope you’re some good with that bow.

Narration: Without notice a crossbones charges toward Amerita but is stopped by Zeriah who shoots it with one of her arrows.

Amerita: Hmm……….fair enough lil sister.

Narration: The two along with a few adventurers on board battle the crossbones and Silver Hook. But with every skeletal pirate they slay, two more appear.

Zeriah: Why are there so many of them?

Amerita: Damn…………stand back little sister.

Zeriah: Huh?

Narration: Once again Amerita uses her special weapon skill Blessed Radiance wiping out the entire group of skeletal pirates. But just as they celebrate their victory Amerita falls to the floor.

Zeriah: Big sister!!!

Scene fades to black
moves to lower deck of ferry

Narration: As morning rolls around Amerita awakens and finds a sleeping Zeriah sitting next to her. Suddenly Zeriah awakes.

Zeriah: You’re awake.

Amerita: Yes. thank you lil sister.

Zeriah: What happened? The white mage that’s on board said that you had passed out from over exerting yourself.

Amerita: Mmmm………….it happens when I use the Blessed Radiance technique too many times.

Zeriah: Ooooh.

Narration: The Ferry Captain Comes over the mic of the ferry to inform its passengers of their arrival to Selbina.

Ferry Captain: Ladies and Gentlemen we are now docking at Selbina. Once again my most humble apologies for the recent pirate attack and thank you for riding with us.

Amerita: Well this is it.

Zeriah: Wow it looks almost like Mhaura.

Amerita: Once we’re outside we’ll go left towards the Siren Sands.

Once there, there is a tunnel which will lead us to a vortex that will teleport us to Lufaise Meadows.

Zeriah: Well what are we waiting for? let’s go!!!

Amerita: Uh…… might wanna wait, there are goblins waiting outside of the city.

Uh……..perhaps you should go ahead.

Amerita:Ha, Ha, ha.

Narration: Once outside Zeriah and Amerita make their way to the swirling vortex ducking and dodging goblins at every turn. Suddenly Zeriah’s invisibility spell wears and two goblins begin pursuit.

Zeriah: Uh oh we got company!!

Amerita: We need to hurry.
Tachi: Hobaku!!

Narrition: Amerita uses the weapon skill Tachi: Hobaku stunning one of the goblins and stopping him in his tracks. Zeriah turns around and fires an arrow at the second goblin pursuing them but misses. She then fires off another but once again misses as the goblin continues to follow.

Zeriah: Ooohhh, come on.

Amerita: Lil sister what are you doing?

Narration: Zeriah stops and aims her bow and arrow at the goblin who is not so far away. She stands there waiting. In the background Amerita is yelling for Zeriah to run, but Zeriah doesn’t listen. With the goblin now only a few inches away Zeriah closes her eyes.

Zeriah: Big brother……….help guide this arrow of mine.

Narration: Then just as the goblin is about to attack Zeriah opens her eyes and fires off a powerful attack with her arrow hitting the goblin and sending the beastman falling to the ground right at her feet.

Zeriah: Piercing Arrow!!!!

Narration: Just as the two think that they are safe, the goblins just so happened to have brought some friends along.

Amerita: Shit……….lil sister leave the heroics for later we need to go.

Zeriah: Whoa!!!

Narration: Amerita grabs Zeriah by her arm and makes her way to the swirling vortex.

Amerita: Hold on lil sister we’re almost there.

Narration: As the goblins close in on the two, Zeriah and Amerita come upon the swirling vortex.

Amerita: There it is……..jump!!

Zeriah: Whoa!!!

Narration: The two jump into the vortex and are teleported to a cave in Lufaise Meadows.

Zeriah: Oww…….that hurt.

Amerita: If you’re ready we should get moving. Tavanazia isn’t that far from here but there are beastmen along the way.


Zeriah: Okay.

Narration: To make the short trip to Tavanazia easier Zeriah casts invisible and sneak on both herself and Amerita. As they make their way to the haven, they pass several gigas and orcs. At one point they have to stop and recast, and there’s even one time where they suspect a orc or two following behind them, but the orcs passed them by. Not soon after
the two arrive at the Tavanazia Safehold. Zeriah is surprised to see that such a place even exists. Before coming to Tavanazia, Zeriah had read about how the capital had been over run by the beastmen forces and was cut off from the rest of Vanadiel and destroyed. But here the people of the legendary town still exist and are alive and well. And though they do not have much, they make ends meet.

Zeriah: Wow………look at this place.
I can’t believe that it exists.

???: You’d best to believe it girly…….because you’re standing right in the middle of it.

Zeriah: Huh?

Scene fades out

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