Chapter 5a – Her Journey Begins

Chapter 5: Zeriah’s Story
A: Her Journey begins



Narration: It’s been days since Zeriah left her room. Not wanting to face the reality of her older brother Evogolist no longer existing she has secluded herself to the confinement of her room. Several times her mother Sulvia has knocked at her bedroom door, but Zeriah would not move an inch. At different times of the day she cries softly to herself while at others, she screams as loud as a banshee mourning the loss of her brother. And she should, despite his constant thirst for fun and adventure, Evogolist was Zeriah’s best friend.


After leaving home, Zeriah would call Evo daily via the family linkshell just to hear his
voice. And when Evo would return home to visit, she stuck by his side. The last thing Zeriah remembers is the night that sat at the docks area in Port Windurst laughing and joking about all her ex-boyfriends that Evo would chase away. As Sulvia comes back to attempt to reach her daughter, once again there’s no answer. Sulvia is overcome with sadness as she’s already lost a husband and a now her first-born son, but now her daughter might as well be dead too as she choices to be dead to the world and the people around her.


The following morning Zeriah awakens and for the first time steps out of her room. She looks around but sees no one. She then calls out in a soft whisper to her mother.

Zeriah: Mom…..mother are you there?

Narration: unbeknownst to her, Sulvia left earlier that morning to do some marketing. Zeriah then grabs a few clothes and makes her way to the water closet. While standing under water pouring from out of the wall, Zeriah recounts the events that transpired just only a few days ago.

After bathing, Zeriah makes her way to the bottom level of the Heaven’s Tower in Windurst Walls. It is here that not only are starfruit grown, but it is where a memorial has been placed in memory of those that perished during the Crystal War as well as those that have perished because of the Shadows attack earlier that week. As Zeriah makes her to the memorial she passes by Semih Lafihna who has just finished praying and paying her respects to her sister Sarafina Lafihna. Semih stops and speaks to Zeriah in passing.

Semih Lafihna: Hey lil sister.

Zeriah: Semih…… are you? Is everything okay?

Semih Lafihna: I’m as fine as I can be. I miss my sister but I can’t sit around mourning her for the rest of me life. I have to be strong for both the Wildcats and the Cougars as we go through this difficult time. And I have to be strong for Sarafina as well.

Zeriah: I understand.

Semih Lafihna: I’m sorry for what happened to Evo. But like I have to be strong and continue on living for Sarafina, you must do the same for Evo as well. Now if you would excuse me……duty calls.

Zeriah: Right…..take care Semih Lafihna.

Semih Lafihna: You too…..lil sister.

Narration: As Semih walks away she stops and turns around to leave Zeriah with even more words of comfort.

Semih Lafihna: Oh…….and lil sister.

Zeriah: Huh?

Semih Lafihna: If you ever need anyone to talk to… can always talk to me.

Zeriah: Mmm……thank you.

Narration: The two part ways and Zeriah then makes her way to the memorial. Zeriah comes down to her knees and begins to pray. Once she’s finished she let’s out a loud sigh and then says to herself……

Zeriah: Oh…..Big Brother…….why did you have to leave me.

Narration: Soon after Zeriah stands up and exits the Heaven’s Tower. Once back outside Zeriah begins making her way back home, that is until suddenly the mysterious woman known as Amerita appears.


Amerita: I was wondering when you were gonna come out of hiding.

Zeriah: Huh? Who…..who are you?

Amerita: I’m sorry to startle you. My name is Amerita.

I met your brother Evogolist two weeks ago. He assisted me on an assignment.

Zeriah: An…….assignment? You must mean when he went to Jeuno.

Amerita: Yes. We were investigating the disappearance of a little girl when suddenly those shadows that attacked the other day appeared.

Zeriah: What did they want?

Amerita: The one that resembled your brother must’ve been their leader. He said something about assimilating Evogolist.

Zeriah: Assimilate?
<Gasp> You mean?!

Amerita: Yes.
If I am correct, Evogolist may still be alive, but he’s trapped inside of that shadow.

Zeriah: We have to do something!!! We have to save my brother!!!

Amerita: Calm down. I am heading back to my tribe to see what can be done about the shadows.

Narration: Without hesitation Zeriah interrupts Amerita.

Zeriah: I’m coming with you.

Amerita: No……….my Tribe is located in the lost capital of Tavenazia. The journey there itself is far too dangerous for someone such as you.

Narration: With a stern look of determination in her eyes, Zeriah looks at Amerita as if to intimidate the woman.

Zeriah: I don’t care what you say, like it or not I’m coming with you.

Amerita: Uh………..uh…….

Narration: A speechless Amerita doesn’t know what to say Zeriah gives her the same look she gives Evo when she looks to have things her way. Amerita can’t help but think to herself how stubborn and spoiled the young hume girl is.

Amerita: Okay fine…….you can come.
We leave at dusk, be sure to meet me at the Windurst Woods Chocobo stables and don’t be late. The Ship to Selbina won’t wait forever and takes entirely too long to return.

Zeriah: Mmm……..I’ll be there.

Narration: After parting ways, Zeriah returns home and spends a few hours with her mother before packing up and leaving out on her journey. Later that evening, Zeriah meets up with Amerita who is standing at stables patiently awaiting her arrival.

Amerita: I was beginning to think you weren’t gonna show.

Zeriah: Sorry…………have you been waiting here the entire time?


Narration: Zeriah is amazed and a taken back by how calm and patient Amerita is.

Amerita: So are we all set to go lil sister?

Zeriah: Huh?

Amerita: I’m sorry did I offend you? Please forgive me if I did. I heard the mithras calling you that and I assumed that it was…….

Zeriah: No…….no………it’s okay.

(Little sister…….wow………..I can’t believe that she would call me that.)

Amerita: Umm…….if you still need some time we can wait,……..but the ship to Selbina won’t.

Zeriah: No, no…….everythings fine.

Amerita: Shall we be off then?

Zeriah: Mmm…….

Narration: As Zeriah and Amerita head out on their journey, Zeriah knows that the road ahead may be a dangerous one, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to save her brother and avenge the people of Windurst. When the two arrive in Mhaura, the giant-sized ship is docked and awaiting its passengers.


Amerita: Well there she is.

Zeriah: Wow, it’s so huge.

Narration: Amerita and Zeriah board the large ferry and as the ferry undocks and prepares to make its long journey to Selbina Zeriah looks out on the deck towards land and said her final goodbye to her home in Windurst.

Scene fades out
Moves to Ferry

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