Chapter 5c – Dear Diary

Chapter 5: Zeriah’s Story
C: Dear Diary


Date: Firesday 8/23/898 Time: 21:03 Day 1

Zeriah: Dear Diary,
In the few short weeks that have passed, so much has happened. My big brother Evogolist returned home and we attended the Sunbreeze festival. For the first time since Evo left on his quest for adventure, we actually had fun. There was even one point where we laughed so hard that Evo almost shot the yagudo drink he had straight out of his nose.

Unfortunately ours and everybody elses fun was interrupted by the appearance of three shadows, one which even resembled my brother Evogolist. Many people were injured during the shadows attack on Windurst while others were killed including my friend Sarafina Lafihna. My brother also lost his life but Amerita……a mysterious woman who appeared and saved Windurst and myself from the Shadows……….says that my brother was absorbed by the leader of the three shadows that attacked so there’s a possibility that he may still be alive. I miss him……………my brother so much. Some nights I can’t help but cry to myself. He was my best friend.


After spending days mourning my brother and my friends I decided to finally venture outside the walls of my room and I ended up running into Amerita who revealed to me that she was from the legendary lost capital of Tavanazia and was on her way back to her tribe who had taken up haven in the Tavanazian Safehold to see if she could gather further information on the three shadows. After finding out that Evo may still be alive I decided to tag along. Along the way we fought off pirates and goblins, but eventually we made it. When we arrived we were greeted by Amerita’s tribe which included their leader a Galkan warrior named Kujata.
At first he was kind of scary………

Scene flashes
moves to flashback scene

Kujata: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
She’s a cutie.
Since when did you start bringing in stragglers Amerita?

Zeriah: Hey!!! Just who are you calling a straggler you big ugly hairy beast?!!!

Kujata: And feisty too.

Scene flashes
Moves back to current time

Zeriah:……………….but I’ve kinda warmed up to the big hairy guy.

Kujata: Lights out Zeriah, unless you wanna be hauling buckets of water up and down the Misareaux Coast tomorrow morning.

Zeriah: Alright already!!!! Give me a break will ya!!
Well that’s it for me diary. I start my training early tomorrow morning. I promise you big brother I’ll train hard and save you. I love you Evo.

With Love,

Scene fades to black

Date: Iceday 8/24/898 Time: 21:48 Day 2
Zeriah: Dear Diary,
I’m sooo tired, I didn’t know being a warrior would be so tiresome. This morning was the first day of training and it definitely wasn’t no walk in the park. There with me was a
hume woman named Jinx, a mithra named Tyrisha, a elvaan woman named Moonsabre, and a tarutaru named Elsenoir. Among the four, I think I can consider Jinx my rival. After the morning warm up session which involved stretching, jogging a few laps around the safehold, our first task involved retrieving several items from lookout posts located around Lufaise Meadows and Misereaux Coast. Once all the items were collected we were to meet back at the starting point. When I arrived, Jinx had been the first to collect the five items and return, followed by Moonsabre and Tyrisha. Elsenior and I placed last and because so we had to carry all the equipment back to the safehold. After training Amerita even stopped by to say hello as well as give some words of encouragement.

Scene flashes
switches to flashback scene

Amerita: Hey lil sister.

Zeriah: Big sister!!!

Amerita: So how’s Kujata and the others treating you?

Zeriah: I think my look explains it all.

Amerita: Ha, ha, ha, ha , so it does.
May I offer you some sound advice.

Zeriah: Sure.

Amerita: Don’t give up.

Zeriah: Don’t…….give……up? -.-

Amerita: I know that it doesn’t sound like much but you would be wise to remember that.
No matter how hard things get………never forget the reason why you’re here.

Scene flashes
switches back to current time

Zeriah: It’s been really rare that I see Amerita since coming here. I guess you can kinda say I miss her. For you Big Brother……..I won’t give up. Well that’s all for tonight. I’m waaayyy too tired to write anymore. Goodnight diary.

With Love,

Scene fades to black

Date: Darksday 9/9/898 Time: 17:21 Day 16
Zeriah: Dear Diary,

It’s been almost two weeks now since I started training. Despite Amerita’s words of encouragement sometimes I feel like I’m not cut out to be a warrior. I mean the mithra in Windurst were no where near as demanding as this group is. Yesterday Kujata scolded me for not holding my own during our training sessions. Even Elsenior who was running last with me passed me and joined the others who have advanced further in their training. Sometimes I just wanna quit and go back home. But I know if I do……..I’ll never see my brother again. I don’t know what to do, what should I do?
Maybe I’ll sleep on it. Goodnight diary.

With Love,

Scene fades to black
switches to flashback scene

Kujata: Zeriah!!! What are you doing? Get in there!!!

Zeriah: Grr……

Jinx: Now that’s a no….no. Never take your eyes off of your opponent.

Narration: Jinx knocks a unaware Zeriah to the floor and claims victory over the young hume girl.

Kujata: That’s enough. This training session is over. We will meet again tomorrow same time as usual.

Zeriah can I see you for a few minutes.

Narration: As the others return to their quarters, Zeriah stays behind and is once again scolded by Kujata.

Zeriah: You wanted to see me sir.

Kujata: Zeriah why are you wasting my time?

Zeriah: Sir?!

Kujata: Everyone excels in their training except you. You lack focus, you’re unorganized, you’re constantly late, and you’ve failed every training exam. Why should I even keep you around?!

Narration: Without thinking twice, a hurt and discouraged Zeriah runs off. With no sense of where she is, Zeriah pulls out her diary and begins to write in it.

Date:Windsday 9/20/898 Time: 11:42

Zeriah: Dear Diary,
I can’t do this anymore. I don’t even know why I even
bothered to come here. I’m tired………I’m so so tired. I wanna go home.
I miss my mom. I miss my brother. I………..I………..

Jinx: Hey so you running away?

Narration: Jinx suddenly appears. At first it seems as if she’s there to kick even more dirt in Zeriah’s face. But Jinx proves to be more than just a rival. She becomes more like another older sister to Zeriah in place of Amerita during her absence.

Zeriah: Why do you even care?
Jinx: Thats just it……..I don’t.
Go ahead and run for all I care.

Zeriah: Huh?

Jinx: What? You thought I was going to stand here and convince you to stay?
Give words of encouragement to make you try harder? Those things do nothing for you
in the real world. In the real world, you either give your all or die. Win or lose, only the strong survive. And I personally have no plans of losing or dying. And I certainly hope you don’t either. Not if you plan on being my rival.

Narration: Zeriah looks at Jinx, and is taken back by her strong-willed nature. Just then Kujata, appears and Jinx leaves the two to talk.
Kujata:<clear throat>
Jinx: Well that’s my cue. If you’re still around, I’ll catch you later……….lil sister.

Zeriah: Lil sister?

Kujata: Zeriah?

Zeriah: Y…..yes sir?

Kujata: I spoke with Amerita…….

Zeriah: Amerita?

Kujata: Yes and she told me about your brother. I’m sorry for being so hard on you, if I had known you were under so much stress I would have taken things a little easier on you. So…….if you want to leave I understand, but……

Zeriah: No………

Kujata: Huh?

Zeriah: I’m not leaving.

Kujata: Good because running only means that the bastards that hurt your friends and your family wins.

Zeriah do you know why I’m so hard on you?


Zeriah: No………

Kujata: When you first came here, Amerita told me about the battle with both the pirates and the goblins. After hearing about how you handled yourself I wanted to see for myself what Zeriah the ranger could do.

Zeriah: Zeriah……the…….ranger?

Kujata: Ah…….you like the sound of that don’t you? Zeriah look if you want to quit then I won’t stop you, but if you’re really serious about saving your brother, then you give it your all. Go all the way til you reach your limits and when you do, push it and go beyond your own limitations. If you’re half as good with a bow and arrow like Amerita says………….

Zeriah: I am half as good as Amerita says.

Kujata: Well then it’s settled, I’ll see you early tomorrow morning for training and afterwards you’ll train personally with me.
Zeriah: Mmm…….

Scene flashes
moves to Misereaux Coast training post.

Date:Watersday 10/14/898 Time: 22:57

Zeriah: Dear Diary,
It’s been two months since I’ve been with the Tavanazian tribe.
I’m entering my last stages of training and soon I’ll be able to return back home and save my brother. I think he would be proud of me right about now. This morning at training Amerita joined Kujata as one of our teachers for the combat lesson. First she and Kujata sparred and demonstrated how life is on the battlefield.

Amerita: Everyone listen up. Life on the battlefield isn’t always about who will be the hero. It’s not about who can get the first kill, the fastest kill, or the most kills.
When on the battlefield the most important thing to consider is honor. Without
a sense of honor you’re just like the beastmen, nothing more than savage beasts.
I want you all to watch as Kujata and I demonstrate how honor is displayed on the

Zeriah: As we stood back and watched Kujata and Amerita spar, I was just so amazed at Big sister. Watching her fight was like watching lightning flash throughout the sky. It was as beautiful as watching the mandragoras dance throughout the Sarutabaruta fields. When the two were finished everyone was told to pair up.
Tyrisha paired up with Moonsabre and Elsenior paired up with our newest recruit
a little girl by the name of Prishe. As for me, I ended up pairing with Jinx.

Jinx: So you ready lil sister?

Zeriah: I’m always ready.

While sparring with Jinx, there were times where I thought she had me beat.
But I could hear Amerita cheering me in the background. Even the others stopped sparring and watched the battle between Jinx and myself. 

Jinx: You’ve gotten a lot stronger since the last we sparred lil sister.

Zeriah: So have you big sister.

Jinx: You know I almost feel bad.

Zeriah: Why is that?

Jinx: Because I have to end this so soon.

Venomous fang!! Huh?!

Narration: Zeriah dodges the attack and then counters with her an attack of her own.

Zeriah: Tachi………Gekko!!!

When I saw Jinx fall to the ground, I heard everyone gasp including big sister Amerita.
The next thing I knew I had my wooden katana pointed down at Jinx and I was declared the winner of our match. After I helped Jinx up, she congratulated me on my win and the two of us along with the rest of our group finished up our training session for the day. Afterwards I remained with Kujata for my personal training session
with him.

Kujata: Zeriah I think it’s time that I taught you a technique known only to the people of my tribe.

Zeriah: The Blessed Radiance technique?!!

Kujata: Ah so you’ve heard of it.

Zeriah: Yes from Big sister Amerita. The weapon skill is incredible.

Kujata: Yes it is………but it requires one of pure heart to be able to harness its power.
That it is why only my tribe is able to handle its power. We practice the ways of the
goddess Altana. The only difference is there are no talks about The “Gates of Paradise”.
Only one person outside of this tribe knows of this technique.

Zeriah: Really? Who?

Kujata: Your father……..Onias.

Zeriah: My…my……father? You knew my father?

Kujata: Yes…..and your mother as well. Before the capital was attacked your father was sent here on a supply mission for the Republic. At the time he was just a cadet with the musketeers but from the moment I met him, I knew that he would be something great. It wasn’t before long that your father and I became best friends. During his days of rest, Onias would train with me and my tribe and it was then that he met the woman named Sulvia. The two begin to spend everyday together and soon they were inseparable. So when the time came for Onias to leave the two couldn’t bare to part from one
another. So Sulvia packed her things and headed to Bastok with Onias. Not long after the
Crystal War begin and the capital of Tavanazia fell to the beastmen invasion. Sulvia’s family was one of many murdered. Had Sulvia not gone with Onias, then you would not be here today.

So perhaps it is destiny that we meet and that you are my student.

Zeriah: Wow………my mom never told me any of this.

Kujata: I see. Well if you’re ready I’d like to start. Since your skill with a bow and arrow is extravagant perhaps its best if we teach you the Blessed Arrow technique.

Zeriah: Blessed………. Arrow.

We trained for hours, even so much as training in the rain. Kujata said that at first the
technique is hard to use but once mastered it will light the way to victory. I would fire arrow after arrow in hopes of unleashing the Blessed Arrow attack, but no matter how hard I tried………nothing. Kujata then said something to me that seemed to fuel my passion.

Kujata: Zeriah don’t concentrate on the arrow nor the technique itself………….

Zeriah: He said for me to focus on all the people who I loved and wanted to protect.
He also told me to focus on the people I lost.

Zeriah: Father………..Sarafina………Big Brother.
Please give me the strength to banish the darkness.

Narration: At that moment, The arrow begins to glow with a bright emitting light.
Zeriah fires the arrow and strikes down her fomor target.

Zeriah: I….I….I did it!!!

Kujata: Ha, Ha, Ha…….Congratulations little one. I know Onias would be hella proud of you if he was here, because I damn sure am.

Zeriah: I’m know you would be proud of me too if you were here big brother.
Well it’s getting late again so I’m gonna call it a night.

With Love,

Scene fades to black
Background music changes to Vanadiel March #2

Date: Lightsday 10/31/898 Time: 19:00

Dear Diary,
I’ve finally done it. Today was graduation day. Upon completion
of our training, everyone was given a proper graduation ceremony. And as of tomorrow,
I make my way back home. I’m kinda sad though, it’s like I’m saying goodbye to my family.
Even Kujata shed a few tears. Tyrisha even told me that once the ceremony was over, he went to the bridge near Sacarium and cried like a big baby, lol. Thank you Kujata, even though I never got the chance to meet my own father, you’ve been like a father to me. I’ll miss you.
Earlier this week the harvest festival started, but for me……today was graduation day and that means it’s time for me to return home. Hold on big brother………..I’m on my way.

With Love,

Scene fades to black
End of Chapter 5

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