Chapter 6a: Back Home

Chapter 6: Awakening
A: Back home


Narration: It’s been two months since Zeriah left the comforts of Windurst.
To Zeriah, even though the people of the Tavanazian tribe had
become like a family to her, to be able to see her mom and sleep
in her own bed meant more than anything to her. When Zeriah
arrives in town she is greeted by a small group of children.

Tarutaru child # 1: Big sister you’re home!!!

Zeriah: Hello little one.

Mithran Child: Big sisterrr we were so worried about you.

Zeriah: Is that so?

Mithran Child: Uh huh.

Tarutaru child #2: Big sister will play with us?

Mithran child #2: Yeah play with us big sister!!!

Amerita: You seem to be very popular with the children here little sister.

Zeriah: Yes…….I sometimes volunteer at the Windurst School of Magic.
I’m sorry little ones, I’ll have to come back later and play with everyone.

Children: Aww…..

Mithran child#1: You prrromise?

Zeriah: I promise.

Narration: As Zeriah says goodbye to the group of children, her and
Amerita make their way to Zeriah’s home and pays a visit
to visit to Zeriah’s mom.

Zeriah: Mom!! Mom I’m home!!


Narration: Sulvia jumps up and comes running down the stairs. Before
she could reach the bottom step, tears began streaming down
her face. Zeriah eyes also filled with tears because she knew
exactly why her mother was crying. Twenty years ago Sulvia
lost the man that she loved to the Crystal War. Two months
ago she lost her only son when the three shadows attacked
the Federation of Windurst. And a few days later, her only
daughter disappeared with only a letter to say goodbye. But
now Zeriah was home and Sulvia couldn’t believe her eyes.

Sulvia: Oh my child, where have you been?
I was so worried about you.
I thought that I had lost you too.

Zeriah: Oh mommy I’m so sorry.

Narration: At first Sulvia is occupied with her reunion with Zeriah
she doesn’t notice Amerita’s presence. Then Sulvia looks up
and isn’t so pleased to see the hume woman.

Sulvia: Why do you keep doing this to me?!

Zeriah: Mom no!!!

Sulvia: Do you want to take my whole family away from me?!!

Zeriah: Mom stop it!!

Narration: Sulvia continues her verbal attack on Amerita, that is until
suddenly Amerita speaks.

Amerita: No lil sister it is okay. My lady, my apologies for any harm
or pain that I may have caused you and your family. I am
truly sorry that I could not save your son, and I also sorry
for taking Zeriah with me and so I can understand why
you would be upset with me. But why do you hate me so?

Sulvia: How dare you stand here and act as if you have no idea why.
On that fateful day during that goddess forsaken war
Volker, Onias, and you all went to confront the quadav
that were attacking the port district of Bastok.


The only person that returned was Volker with Evogolist who had been
knocked unconscious. He informed me that my husband  fought valiantly but fell in battle to the quadav and that you were suppose to return to the shelter. But you never showed. Afterwards you disappeared and was never seen again………until two months ago.


At first I wasn’t sure it was you because it’s as if you haven’t aged but I have no doubt now.

Narration: Amerita then walks over and wraps her arms around
a tearful Sulvia.

Amerita: Mother of the one I call lil sister, I am deeply sorry
for the lost of your husband. The woman who you
speak of is not me.

Please understand that the Crystal war affected everyone including me. At the time of the war I was only just born. I don’t even remember my family or where I’m originally from.

Zeriah: Mom had it not been for Amerita I would not be standing here today.
Even though she never got to know her real family, she has a new
family now. She’s my big sister now. Do you think that you can
accept that?
Narration: At first Sulvia has a look of uncertainty on her face, but then
a strange feeling overcomes her and she pulls herself from
Amerita’s embrace. And just as Zeriah begins to show a look
of disappointment, Sulvia grabs Amerita and gives her the
biggest hug ever.

Sulvia: I am sorry child. Come here……my daughter.
Narration: For the first time, Amerita sheds tears of happiness as
she now has a family of her own.


The next morning after eating breakfast Amerita and Zeriah head out and begin
making their way up North. First stop, The Kingdom of San d’Oria.

Zeriah: So why San d’Oria?

Amerita: King Destin’s advisor Halver has information for us regarding
the shadows.

Zeriah: Oh.

Amerita: Don’t worry little sister we’ll save Evo, I promise.


Narration: Zeriah and Amerita reach San d’Oria by noon and being that
this is Zeriah’s first time in San d’Oria She’s amazed to see such
a place.

Amerita: Lil sister are you coming? Lil sister…….<echoes>

Zeriah: Oh…….my…….goddess.

Scene flashes
Moves to Southern San d’Oria


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