Chapter 6b: The Mission Up North

Chapter 6: Awakening
B: The mission up North


Narration: Having returned home from her two month training with the
Tavanazian tribe, Zeriah continues her quest to find and save
her brother the adventurer Evogolist. Upon arriving in
the Kingdom of San d’Oria Zeriah is nearly intimidated by
the massive Kingdom.

Zeriah: I can’t believe how beautiful it looks. Oh and they even have the
traveling troupe here, It’s rare that they come to Windurst.

Amerita: Well San d’Oria constantly remains ranked 1st place in conquest.

Zeriah: Conquest? What is that?

Amerita: I’m sorry I forgot that you have rarely ventured outside of Windy.
Conquest is a political campaign where the three nations
battle it out for regional control of certain areas across
Vanadiel. In the end, whoever controls the most regions
ranks 1st place in conquest while whoever controls the least
is last.


Unfortunately for The Republic of Bastok, even though their
nation is far more technologically advanced than the
Federation of Windurst and The Kingdom of San d’Oria,
they tend to always fall into last place.

Zeriah: Ooooh. Huh?

Narration: The two continue making their way towards Chateau d’Oraguille when
suddenly they run into a elvaan child who has been separated from his father.

Ailbeche: <crys>

Zeriah: Aww……..what’s wrong little one?

Ailbeche: I…I…….can’t find my father.

Zeriah: What’s your name?

Ailbeche: Ailbeche.

Zeriah: Well Ailbeche I’m going to help you find your father.

Amerita you go ahead and I’ll catch up.


Amerita: Are you sure?

Zeriah: Yes.

Narration: As Amerita makes her way to see Halver, Zeriah starts her search for
the young elvaan’s father.

Zeriah: So Ailbeche, what exactly is your father’s name?

Ailbeche: Exoroche.

Zeriah: Okay, tell you what I’m gonna go ask around town to see if anyone
has seen him and I’ll be right back.

Ailbeche: okay.

Narration: As Zeriah begins searching for the young boy’s father, something
unexpected happens. The little boy reveals himself to be the
shadow known as Shadowmane. A mithra that was standing nearby
also changes form to that of the shadow Shadowbane.


Shadowbane: Good job.

Shadowmane: Yes…….the girl took the bait.

Shadowbane: Now it’s my turn.

Narration: The mithran shadow changes her form once more to that of Zeriah
and then makes her way to Chateau d’Oraguille.

Shadowmane: While she takes care of her, I’ll take care of San d’Oria.

Narration: Several shadows emerge and begin an attack on the Northern
San d’Oria area. In Southern San d’Oria Zeriah locates young
elvaan boy’s father, but is surprised when she confronts the father.

Zeriah: Excuse me are you Exoroche?

Exoroche: Yes I am him.

Zeriah: Um…..your son Ailbeche is waiting for you at the fountain in Northern
San d’oria.

Exoroche: My son? Perhaps you are mistaken, my son has been with me the entire time.

Zeriah: That’s impossible………I spoke with a young boy who claimed……to………

Narration: Zeriah then realizes what has transpired and then suddenly hears a scream.


Exoroche: I do say what is with all the ruckus?

Narration: Zeriah runs outside and sees that the town is under attack by shadows.

Zeriah: Oh no……….


Narration: Back at Chateau d’Oraguille, Amerita who is unaware of the events transpiring outside meets with the king’s advisor Halver.

Amerita: Lord Halver…..

Halver: Yes?

Amerita: I’m here in reference to the mission up in the Northlands.

Halver: Ah……….yes, come with me.

Amerita: Where are we going?

Halver: To meet with the Lord King Destin.

Amerita: King Destin?

Narration: When Amerita enters the king’s chamber the mighty King looks over the
female hume warrior and before she can speak King Destin quickly judges

King Destin: You come here today to offer your services for this mission, but yet I look at you and I see nothing impressive about you. The Kingdom of San d’Oria is made up
of the strongest knights that Vanadiel has to offer, why should I entrust this mission
with one such as yourself who is feeble and weak?

Amerita: I mean no disrespect my Lord, to you I may look like I’m weak and feeble-minded, but I stake nothing more than my honor upon my sword and it is with that I
claim victory over my opponent.

King Destin: Honor? You dare speak of honor to one such as me. To us elvaans, it is not
your precious honor that leads us to victory but our pride and our strength.
So do not speak to me of honor.

Amerita: Sure pride and strength are important elements in order to grab victory, but
what good are they if you have no respect for yourself, your opponent,
your fellow soldiers, nor the very people who you protect.

King Destin: You hold a well fought debate my lady, for one who comes from a race
who only cares for their own personal advancement, certainly you are not
from the Republic of Bastok, so where is it that you come from?

Amerita: I hail from a tribe that takes haven in a Tavanazian safehold.

King Destin: Is that so?

Narration: Suddenly the elvaan knights Rahal and Curilla bust through the chamber doors.

King Destin: How dare you burst into my chambers without my permission!!
What is the meaning of this outrage?!!


Rahal: My apologies my lord, but both the northern and southern San d’Orian areas are under attack.

King Destin: Amerita warrior of honor, there isn’t much time left. Soon the Shadowlord will awaken and bring chaos and destruction upon the land of Vanadiel just as he did twenty years ago.
Take this seal and head towards Fei Yin. Once there you will enter the Qubia Arena where
you will place the new seal. Now go!!

Narration: After receiving the replacement fei yin seal Amerita leaves the chateau and makes her way to the northlands temple of fei yin. On her way out she runs into Zeriah, but unknown to Amerita, the girl isn’t who she claims to be.

Zeriah: Big sister what’s going on?

Amerita: San d’Oria is under attack, We have to go now!

Narration: The two fight their way through the horde of invading shadows and makes their way to the chocobo stables. Nearby the real Zeriah spots Amerita and her doppleganger making their way out-of-town.

Zeriah: Oh no…………grr……..get out of my way!!!

Narration: Suddenly two dragoons appear and begin fighting off the shadows providing Zeriah with an escape route.

Twin Dragoon #1: Pardon me but I couldn’t happen but notice your need for assistance.

Zeriah: Huh?

Twin Dragoon#2: Don’t be so alarmed we’ll clear the way for you.

Narration: As the two dragoons battle it out with the shadows, Rahal and his temple knights arrive and are shocked to see the two dragoons.

Rahal: What’s this? Dragoons? But that’s impossible.


Temple knight: Sir is something wrong?

Rahal: ………………

Narration: Meanwhile, Zeriah and the two dragoons continue battling the shadows, but it seems as if they’re never-ending.

Zeriah: There’s too many of them!!

Twin dragoon #1: Hold on me lady we’ll get you out of here.

Twin dragoon #2: Ready brother?

Twin dragoon #1: Always.

Twin dragoons: Twin Tornado!!!

Narration: Twin Tornado……………it is the attack used by the dragoon twins when they simutaniously use the polearm weapon skill wheeling thrust. As the wind charged attack heads towards the army of shadows, Zeriah adds her own special weapon skill to the attack.

Zeriah: Blessed Arrow!!!!

Narration: Now filled with the power of light, the attack strikes the shadows giving the three enough time to escape.

Twin dragoon #2: That’s our cue.

Zeriah: Come on…….big sister is in danger!

Narration: As the dragoon twins jump the castle walls, down below the shadow warrior
Shadowmane appears and gives a sharp glare towards the trio.

Shadowmane: Hmph…………
You’re too late girly.

Narration: Far up ahead while walking through Ranguemont Pass, the shadow’s plan unfolds as Amerita is ambushed by three floating eyes.

Amerita: Damn looks like we got trouble lil sister.

Zeriah: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!! You foolish mortal.

Amerita: Huh?

Shadowbane: You let appearances fool you.
And now it’s payback time for what happened at Windurst.

Narration: After changing back to shadow form, Shadowbane leaps towards Amerita.
And now the blond-headed warrior must battle with both the shadow warrior
Shadowbane and the trio of floating eyes. As the sound of clashing steel
echoes throughout the tunnels, further back Zeriah and the dragoon twins
struggle to make their way through the tunnel.

Zeriah: What are you doing? We need to pass.

Tunnel Guard: What do you mean? You just passed by here a few moments ago with a
blond-haired lady.

Zeriah: That wasn’t me it was a shadow pretending to be me.

Tunnel Guard: Sorry but until we can figure out what’s going on here………umph!

Narration: The twins knockout both guards and activate the passage way door.

Twin Dragoon#1: There you are my lady.

Zeriah: Thank you. I hear fighting they must be up ahead.

Narration: The trio make their way through the tunnels of the maze like Ranguemont Pass as it’s a race to save the female warrior. Up ahead the battle continues.

Shadowbane: You know………I was gonna turn you into a shadow, but I honestly can’t
stand you.
Shadow Strike!!

Amerita: I guess the feelings mutual then…………Blessed Radiance!!!

Narration: The two attacks crash into one another creating a huge explosion.

Zeriah: They’re here!!

Shadowbane: Huh? Damn

Twin Dragoon #1: Oh no you don’t.

Narration: The two dragoon twins battle the mithran shadow while their wyverns
battle the trio of floating eyes. Meanwhile Zeriah checks on Amerita.

Zeriah: Big sister!!

Amerita: Zeriah…….are you alright lil sister?

Zeriah: Mmm……
And you?

Amerita: Yes…….who are your friends?

Zeriah: I…..I…..don’t know.
They saved me during the shadow attack.
What happened with the king’s advisor?

Amerita: We need to head to fei yin and place this new seal in Qu bia arena before
the Shadowlord is allowed to awaken.

Twin dragoon #2: Sorry to interrupt, but we could kinda use some help.

Amerita: Lil sister lets combine our light attacks.

Zeriah: Right

Narration: Zeriah and Amerita both use their respective light based attacks
Blessed Radiance and Blessed Arrow.

Twin Dragoon#1: That’s our cue bro.

Twin Dragoon#2: I’m on it.

Twin Dragoons: Twin Tornado!!!

Narration: With their combined attacks the trio of floating eyes are defeated but
unfortunately for our heroes Shadowbane dodges out-of-the-way and

Zeriah: Oooh…..she got away again.

Amerita: It’s okay we’ll get them. But first we need to get this seal to
fei yin.

Narration: The group continues on their way to fei yin in hopes of stopping the
shadow lord’s awakening and saving the one called Evogolist.
But what dangers await our heroes around the corner?


Dark-Evo: Everything is going according to plan my lord.

Shadowlord: Good.
The mortals are too late to stop my awakening.
Soon I….the Shadowlord……will soon have my revenge.

Scene fades to black

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