Chapter 6c: The Shadow Lord Awakens

Chapter 6: Awakening
C: The Shadowlord awakens

Narration: Time is of the essence as our heroes make their way through Beaucedine Glacier and to the ruins of Fei Yin. Their mission, place a new seal in Qu Bia arena
before the evil Shadowlord awakens.

Twin dragoon #1: Well here we are.

Zeriah: It looks scary.

Twin dragoon #2: Scarred are we my lady?

Zeriah: I said it looks scary, not I’m scarred.

Amerita: We don’t have much time we should get moving.

Narration: The group makes their way into fei yin but upon entering they run into Lion and the galkan dark knight Zeid.

Twin dragoon#1: Look there seems to be someone else here.

Lion: Whoever you are you need to get out of here. It’s far too dangerous for mere

Amerita: I understand, but we are here to replace the seal.

Zeid: Very well, but we need to hurry. Lion and I will go ahead and clear the way.

Narration: After leaving Zeriah, Amerita, and the dragoon twins make their way to
Qubia arena. Along the way they end up fighting off several shadows until eventually
they come upon Qubia Arena. Once inside they are greeted by non-other than
Dark-Evo himself.

Amerita: Here we are. We just have to…..umph!!!

Narration: Without warning Amerita is punched and knocked to the ground.

Zeriah: Big sister!!!


Dark-Evo: Ha, Ha, Ha……….hello…….Zeriah.

Twin dragoon #2: You know this guy luv?


Dark-Evo: Go ahead and tell them Zee, I’m your dear sweet big brother.

Zeriah: No!! You’re not my brother!

My brother would never do the things that you do.

Dark-Evo: Ouch…… hurt my feelings Zee.

Zeriah: Stop calling me that!

Dark-Evo: Fine but I have a little surprise for you.

Narration: Dark-Evo then summons the skeletal notorious monster
and his six skeletal minions.

Dark-Evo: Sorry to leave so soon but I have a ceremony to attend to.

Narration: Before leaving Dark Evo looks at the skeletal nm and says to him…….

Dark-Evo: Make sure they don’t leave, and if you have to, kill them.


Narration: The one called Dark Evo then vanishes and our heroes are left to face
the summoned skeletal NMs. Amerita stands up and prepares to use
her Blessed Radiance attack, but is stopped by Zeriah.

Zeriah: Big sister no……….you’ve used it too much already.

Twin dragoon #1: Then allow us.

Narration: The dragoon twins once again use their Twin Tornado attack, but it
doesn’t stop the skeletal mobs and they continue coming.

Twin dragoon #1: Huh?

Twin dragoon #2: Our attack didn’t faze them.

Zeriah: They’re still coming.

Amerita: We have no choice.
So I hope you’re ready lil sister.

Narration: Zeriah’s hands begin to glow as she preps the use of her redmage spells.
Amerita draws her great katana and braces herself as the skeletal mobs
close in on their position. The Twin dragoons and their wyverns also
stand ready for battle and just as the lead skeleton prepares to strike
a mysterious white-haired elvaan appears from out of nowhere and
begins fighting the skeletons.

Twin dragoon #1: Seems like we have an unknown ally.

Zeriah: Huh?

Narration: The white-haired elvaan seems to be dressed in full Koenig armor.
His weapon is that of giant great sword and another small-sword
on his side. He uses his special ability Holy Circle to shield the others
from the skeletons and then he single-handedly takes on every skeletal
mob. The others look on in awe as the unknown mysterious knight
fights off the skeletons, but with every one that he takes down
another one arises.

Amerita: There’s more coming!

Narration: The blonde warrior shouts to the knight. The knight looks and then grins
roguishly at the other skeletons. What happens next no one could have seen

Mysterious Knight: By the grace of Altana………

Narration: While still holding his powerful great sword, the mysterious knight draws
his secondary sword and begins running towards the skeleton boss. He
then jumps into the air and then comes back down driving his secondary
sword into the ground. The skeleton nm is trapped in a large barrier of light.

The white-haired elvaan then takes his great sword and extends it toward
the nm. The sword itself seems to open up. There’s lightening coursing
throughout the blade as the knight prepares to finish off the skeletal fiend.
Suddenly he shouts ……..

Mysterious Knight: Sword of Judgement, Banish thy creature………….Blessed Judgement!!!!!

Narration: A beam of light fires from the giant great sword and hits its target disposing of the NM skeleton. The remaining skeletons fall to the ground like puppets without
a puppeteer. The white-haired knight yells to Zeriah and company.

Mysterious Knight: Come, there’s not much time left.

Narration: Amerita thinks to herself about the attack the mysterious knight used and asks him to reveal his identity.

Amerita: Blessed……Judgment? Wait who are you?!

Mysterious Knight: That is not of importance at the moment.

Narration: Soon after they reach the location of the old seal and prepare to place a new one when suddenly a powerful wind blows them back.

Twin dragoon #1: What was that?

Dark-Evo: You’re too late mortals. Even now as we speak my lord the Shadow Lord is
awakening and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Mysterious Knight: Grrr………Soul of Ultima!!!!

Narration: The mysterious knight uses an attack that sends waves of light
at its target, but the attacks fail to connect as the three shadow warriors
dodge out-of-the-way destroying what was left of the old seal.

Amerita: No!!!


Twin dragoon #2: Dammit what have you done?!

Dark-Evo: Say goodbye to your precious Vanadiel…………the time has come
for the Shadowlord to rise again.

Narration: The trio disappears and our heroes are left to wonder what will happen next.
Back at Castle Zhval in the Throne Room the Shadowlord has begun to fully

Duke Hoborym: Ah………’s happening…………..he’s returned.

Shadowlord: Ah…….finally after twenty years of waiting……..I……..Shadowlord
will have my revenge.

Scene fades to black
End of Chapter 6



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