Chapter 4b: Old Rivalry Renewed

Chapter 4b: Old Rivalry Renewed

Narration: Inside of the Coral Tower, a young captain of one of Limsa Lominsa’s eight squadrons awaits word on the condition of his ship the Siren’s Tear and prepares for his next assignment. But unbeknownst to him, things are about to get a bit more exciting.

Squadron Private: Captain Kiyah, repairs to the Siren’s Tear will be done in a few days. All is going according to schedule.

Narration: Impatient as he is, Kilyah scolds the young squadron private.

Kilyah: A few days? It’s been months since I’ve sailed the seas, I am bored out of my last mind and yet the only report that you can give me is that my ship will be ready in a few days?!

Squadron Private: I’m sorry captain. I didn’t mean to……

Narration: As the private attempts to apologize to Kilyah, in walks an older gentleman and thus saving the private from anymore humiliation.

Rear Admiral Onias: Have we no pride in ourselves young private?

Squadron Private: Rear Admiral Onias sir! Yes sir!!

Kilyah: Leave us private, now!!

Squadron Private: Y..y…y..yes Captain!

Narration: Studders the young private as he fumbles and stumbles his way out of the office.
Once alone, the two high-ranking officers have a long chat concerning business as well as personal matters.

Rear Admiral Onias: Captain Kilyah, must you always instill such fear into your crew?

Kilyah: It is necessary if am to whip them into decent shape to be called members of the Knights of the Barracuddas and more so men. You taught me that sir.

Rear Admiral Onias: Was I that demanding of a person?

Kilyah: It was for the best sir?

Rear Admiral Onias: So I see.

Kilyah: So what do I owe the honor of thy visit Commodore?

Rear Admiral Onias: Have you received the intel on your latest assignment?

Kilyah: Yes sir….

Rear Admiral Onias: But…..

Kilyah: But why is it that my squadron is stuck to these lowly missions while the other eight get some of the high-end missions?

Narration: Knowing all too well Kilyah’s state of mind, Onias changes the subject to that of something more personal.

Rear Admiral Onias: How long has it been Kilyah?

Kilyah: Sir with all due respect please….not now.

Rear Admiral Onias: Answer the question Captain.
How long has it been since she was overtaken by her woodsin?

Kilyah: Fourteen years sir.

Rear Admiral Onias: And yet you still act as if it happened yesterday.
How do you expect me or the Admiral to send you out on any top missions when your head is too clouded with hatred and revenge to focus on the task in front of you?

Kilyah: Sir once again with all due respect, I love my sister. Nothing will change that. It is through the Thalassocracy that I will find justice for my sister.

Rear Admiral Onias: Through vengeance? Through hatred? All of this for what? Justice and vengeance against the elementals? Spirits of which likely do not exist?

Kilyah: It’s better than doing nothing!
Her husband….your son….abandoned her and I’m just to stand idly by as my sister suffers!

Rear Admiral Onias: No….

Kilyah: Then tell me what it is that I should do!
I swear this on my blade’s honor that when I finally do come face to face with Evogolist Lunaire, that hour will be his last.

Narration: As Kilyah turns and leaves, Onias, father of Evogolist looks out towards the waters of Vylbrand and can’t help but feel a sense of disappointment. He knows all too well what will happen if the two ever cross paths, unknown to him that time was about to come very soon.

Outside of the Coral tower along the port area, Evogolist, Silvermane, Biggs, and Wedge all prepare to hijack the grand scale ship.

Silvermane: Well scrag, this here is it. Yer sure yer wanna do this?
There’s no going back out from here on out.

Evogolist: You damn right I’m sure.

Silvermane: Alright then, Biggs! Wedge! You two know what to do. So get yer arses in their!

Wedge: Right Cap’n… grand scale distraction coming right up.

Narration: The two misfits of Silver and Evo’s crew climb aboard The Siren’s Tear and just as they are aboard, the pair are spotted and captured, but not for long.

Siren’s Tear Crew: Hold it right there you two. I have no idea how the two of you were able to sneak on to this ship, but it’ll be the last time you sneak anywhere.

Wedge: Would it be wrong if I said that me and my dear sickly brother here wanted to get a tour of the greatest ship in all of Limsa?

Biggs: Hey Wedge I didn’t know that I was sick.

Wedge: Yes you are you stupid dolt! Now get with the program.

Narration: The guard then gives the pair a suspicious look.

S.T. Crew: Let me get this straight…..The two of you are brothers.

Wedge: Yeah….hey wait….don’t tell me you don’t see the resemblance?

S.T. Crew: And he’s supposedly sick?

Wedge: Oh yes….he’s sooo sick.

Narration: Wedge elbows Biggs in the abdomen.

Biggs: Oh…oh….I’m sooo sick….I’m even dying here!

Wedge: See what I tell ya….what I tell ya.

S.T. Crew: And you want of tour of me ship?

Wedge: Pretty please with sprinkles on top?

S.T. Crew: Guards!!

Narration: The group of guards surround the duo of Biggs and Wedge. And just as they are about to arrest the two, the guards are taken down by both Evo and Silver who somehow managed to climb the ship’s sails unnoticed.

Silvermane: “Pretty please with sprinkles on top?!”
What in hellsguard was that?!

Wedge: Hey I thought it sounded pretty convincing.

Silvermane: My axe up yer arse if you don’t shut up.

Evogolist: Save it for later you two. Looks like we have company.

Narration: The alarm sounds and more guards come rushing to the ship. Up in Coral Tower, Kilyah is curious to see exactly what is going on.

Kilyah: By the Twelve what is all the ruckus?

Chief Sergant: There appears to be some sort of disturbance coming from the Siren’s Tear sir.

Kilyah: My Siren’s Tear?!

Chief Sergant: Yes Captain and from the looks of it, it appears that a small group of pirates were trying to steal it.

Kilyah: No one attempts to steal my ship and gets away with. Let’s go.

Narration: The ill-tempered Captain makes his way down to the docks area and towards the Siren’s Tear. On board the group of four continue fighting off the group of guards.

Silvermane: Man these guys are such a push over.
And here I was expecting a bigger challenge from the cudas.

Wedge: Yer don’t say cap’n? Of course they’re no match for you.
But of course not everyone can carry a giant axe like you do…..

Narration: A shot then fires towards the group and everyone ducks and dodges.

Wedge: Hey watch it will ya! That’s me favorite hat given to me from me dearly departed mums.

Narration: Suddenly in runs Kilyah with both musket and sword drawn.

Kilyah: Disgusting lowly pirates this ship belongs not to you!

Narration: Evo catching on to Kilyah’s voice, quickly blocks Kilyah’s attack before it can connect. The two rivals now face each other eye to eye.

Kilyah: I don’t know who you think you are, but there’s no way I’m letting you leave without my ship.

Evogolist: Then allow me to introduce myself…..
I’m Rostoft…..
The Black Pirate.

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