Chapter 4c: Unmasked

Chapter 4c: Unmasked

Narration: Face to face, eye to eye, and blade to blade stood two of Eorzea’s greatest swordsmen. Though Kilyah had yet to recognize Rostoft as the adventurer and his brother-in-law Evogolist, Evo knew all too well who Kilyah was and what the Captain was capable of.

Kilyah: Rostoft “The Black Pirate” huh?

Evogolist: You bet your chocobos I am.

Kilyah: I had heard that you died some 15-20 something odd years ago.

Evogolist: Well why do you think I’m call the Legendary Black Pirate?

Kilyah: Very well, I take that. So what bring such a great legend to my City-State?

Evogolist: Your ship.

Kilyah: My ship?

Evogolist: Yes, I’m in the market for a new ship and it just so seems that your ship is the perfect one.

Kilyah: Well I’m sorry my friend I can’t let you have such a beautiful ship. She’s mine.

Evogolist: Well then, I guess I’ll just have to take it.
Silver, Biggs, and Wedge try to undock the ship, I’ll take care of this guy.

Narration: Silver giggles like a little girl, happy to see her protegé becoming that of which she had hoped for.

Silvermane: Look at him, giving out commands and what not!!

Biggs: Hey Captain he forgot to say arg.

Silvermane: I’ll arg you if you don’t get to work on getting this ship moving!

Narration: Not wanting to lose his ship, Kilyah calls for more aid to dispose of Silver, Biggs and Wedge.

Kilyah: Men do not let them undock this ship. Anyone that does I will personally make sure that your lives remain a living hell for the rest of your lives.

Narration: A number of Cudas charge towards the trio. SIlver does her best to hold off the large group while Biggs and Wedge work on getting the ship ready to set sail.

Silvermane: Get to moving you too, I can only hold these blimey bastards off for so long!

Biggs: Aye Cap’n!

Wedge: Aye Cap’n!

Narration: Says the duo as they work their way around the ship loosening ropes and letting down the sails. Meanwhile, Evo and Kilyah continue to fight.

Kilyah: Not so bad for a legend.
Especially someone as old as you.

Evogolist: You’re not so bad yourself.

Kilyah: Say have we met before?

Narration: Evo hesitates, not wanting Kilyah to catch on to who he really is.

Evogolist: No, I don’t believe we have.

Kilyah: Well if you weren’t a pirate and all I’d offer you a spot within the Thalasscracy.

Evogolist: Yeah….no thanks, been there, done that, got betrayed.

Kilyah: Ah so I see.

Narration: Frustrated by the two’s constant matching remarks, Silver lets out a loud roar.

Silver: Rawwwrrr!!! Will you two shut up already! I’m up to mi arse in Cudas and all the two of you can do is have some sort of macho girly man talk like yer having some sort of tea party!

Kilyah: Silence Miqo’te, I wouldn’t expect a lowlife scum pirate like you to know what it’s like to fight such a rewarding battle.

Narration: Evo, still not up to speed on the races of this different world, attempts to correct Kilyah.

Evogolist: What did you say? Miqo’te….what the heck is a Miqo’te?

Kilyah: Huh?

Evogolist: I mean, I clearly know that you’re talking about Silver, but unless you’re some sick perv and Miqo’te is what you call every feline humanoid that you see, that my friend is a Mithra. Come on say it with me, Mith…..ra…..Mithra.

Narration: Confused, the trio of Silver, Biggs, and Wedge look on in amazement.

Silvermane: What in hellsguard is he doing?

Wedge: Um, cap’n….looks like our friend got wacked on the head or something.

Biggs: Cap’n what’s a Mithra?

Silvermane: Like I’d know you stupid idiot!
Now get this ship moving!

Narration: Suddenly the ship starts to move. Silver fights off the last remaining Cudas’ and then makes her way to the wheel, but Kilyah isn’t about to give his ship just yet.

Silvermane: Yes!
It’s mine! All mine!!

Kilyah: Oh no you don’t.

Narration: Kilyah fires a shot from his musket aimed directly at Silver. Evo quickly rushes to shield Silver and is able to block the shot with his sword, but not without a consequence. The shot ricocheted off of Evo’s sword and scars his left eye.

Evogolist: Ah!

Silvermane: Evo!

Narration: As Silver rushes over to Evo to check on him, Kilyah looks on furious to find out that his own brother-in-law that he now had distinct hatred for, was masquerading as the legendary pirate and had just made an attempt to steal his ship.

Kilyah: You!!
Evogolist Lunaire!! You of all people would dare to show face after disappearing for fourteen years. You of all people who abandoned my sister…..your wife and left her to suffer…..dare to appear before me and steal my ship!!

You will die for what you’ve done!

Narration: Kilyah rushes toward Evo, but Evo is quick to react.

Evogolist: Hey Kilyah, eye for an eye mate.

Narration: Evo’s sword strikes Kilyah’s face leaving a bloodied scar upon his right eye.

Kilyah: You!! Why you?!!! You’ll pay!!

Silvermane: Stop being such a drama queen will ya!!

Narration: Silver grabs her axe and charges towards Kilyah. Suddenly she swings the axe at Kilyah knocking a clear distance off of the boat.

Silvermane: And don’t you come back!!

Narration: With Kilyah, Captain of the 9th Squadron, defeated, the Siren’s Tears was theirs. But not without a price.

Silvermane: Evo, I’m sorry.
Your eye…it’s all my fault.

Wedge: By Silverhook’s bluff, we did it!! We beat the Cudas and got us a real ship!!

Silvermane: You hear that?
You got yerself a ship……Captain.

Narration: Evo sits on the deck of the ship, distraught over what he’s heard about his wife, about Milyah.

Evogolist: Milyah….what has happened to you? Fourteen years?
Where am I?

Silvermane: Hey…
We’ll find out what’s going on. Trust me.

Narration: And it is with that our hero sets sail out on the open sea of Vylbrand. Will Evo be able to handle what awaits him?

End of Chapter



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