Chapter 5a: Memories of the Past

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 5a: Memories of the Past


Narration: Back in Gridania, the young Nuvea along with her best friend Chydie and their guardian Wood Wailer Cera prepare to set off her their journey to find and defeat the group known as the Lucavi before they can cause any more harm to the people of Eorzea. But there’s one more thing that Nuvea has to get past first, her Aunt Zeriah’s protection of her.

Zeriah: Now you remember Nuvea, no goofing around, remember to act like a civilized woman when around adults, be sure to eat all your veggies and that means no sneaking your food to Mu.

Narration: Zeriah says with a stern look on her face knowing all too well how much Nuvea hates eating her vegetables. Nuvea stands there sulking, growing bored and tiresome of her aunt’s lecture.

Zeriah: And be sure to remember to contact me daily via linkshell and give a full on report of what’s going on understood?

Nuvea: Yes auntie Zee.

Zeriah: Cera I’m expecting you to take great of my niece. Please don’t disappoint me.

Cera: Yes I understand mi lady.

Nuvea: Hey has anyone seen Chydie see was just here a….moment…..ago….

Narration: Just as Nuvea looks around curious as to where her best friend disappeared to, Chydie reappears dressed fully clad in wooden armor with a wood staff to match. Nuvea can’t help herself but laugh hysterically at Chydie.

Nuvea: Ha, ha, ha….oh my god Chydie what are you doing?

Chydie: Hey if we’re going up against mister big bad then I plan on being prepared.

Nuvea: Uh…..Chydie, I don’t think…..

Narration: As Chydie struggles to keep her balance and Nuvea looks on laughing, Zeriah throws in her opinion.

Zeriah: I think it’s a good idea Chydleluve and a certain someone could learn from it.

Narration: Nuvea fumes, showing her disappointment in her aunt’s judgement of her.

Zeriah: Hey young lady, don’t judge if you can’t stand to be judged.

Nuvea: Yes auntie Zee, can we go now?!

Narration: Zeriah then tries to stand up to hug Nuvea goodbye.

Nuvea: Auntie Zee you shouldn’t!

Zeriah: No it’s alright. I can bare to stand up for a minute or two and give my niece a hug goodbye. Take care of yourself young one. I’m counting on you, we’re all counting on you three to put an end to this evil menace.

Nuvea: I promise auntie Zee, I won’t let you down.


Narration: And it is with that Nuvea, Cera, and Chydie set out on their quest. While walking, Nuvea couldn’t help but to ask Cera about her mother.

Chydie: Hey you guys, can we stop for a bit…..this armor is kinda heavy?

Nuvea: Chydie!

Chydie: I’m sorry!

Cera: No it is alright. We have been walking for quite a while now so a few minutes rest wouldn’t hurt us.

Nuvea: Hey Cera?

Cera: Yes?

Nuvea: What were my mom and dad like?

Narration: Cera is shocked and surprised that Nuvea would ask her of all people that question.

Cera: Brave.

Nuvea: Huh? That’s it? Just….brave?

Cera: They were extremely brave. They helped save Gridania and the Twelves Wood on more than one occasion. They also loved each other very much. You know who they loved very much?

Nuvea: Me of course.

Narration: Said Nuvea, sure of her parents unquestionable love for her.

Cera: Correct.

Nuvea: Then why did they leave me then?
Why did they abandon me?

Cera: <sighs> I assure you they did not abandon you.
I will tell you something about you…..about your parents that I believe you should know.
On that day, when the Ixali almost got away with you, it was your mother and father’s quick thinking that saved you that day. But it would also be the last time that your parents would serve the Twelveswood.


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