Chapter 5b: Infiltration Unknown

Chapter 5b: Infiltration unknown


Narration: Cera thinks back to the day that her, Evogolist, Zeriah, and Milyah were sent to investigate a strange-looking object that had appeared one day in the Shroud. To them it was a simple task, but little did they know…the worst was yet to come.

Cera: Captain!! Over here!!

Narration: Evo, Milyah, and Zeriah all run to Cera’s location where they are astonished by the large object.

Milyah: What is this thing?

Evogolist: Um…..a deformed tree?

Zeriah: Could you be anymore of a goofball?!

Evogolist: Then you tell me what it is then?

Zeriah: Um…it’…’s a….um……

Evogolist: Ha! See you don’t even know what it is!

Zeriah: Evogolist Lunaire! Could you be anymore childish?!

Milyah: Quiet you two, somethings happening.

Narration: As the group looks on, a weird disturbing noise resonates from the object and then a several balls of light emerge from it. Suddenly a group of Ixali appear and they appear to have a baby in tow with them. As the group looks on they realize that the baby is non other than Evo and Milyah’s daughter Nuvea.

Cera: What the hell?!

Milyah: Oh no, Evo look!!

Zeriah: That’s Nuvea!!

Evogolist: I don’t know how you son’s of bitches were able to take my daughter, but I’ll be damn if I let you get away with her.

Narration: Evo and Cera charge in drawing their lances and attacking the group of Ixali.

Evogolist: Grrr……Chaos Spear!!

Narration: Evo takes down one of the feather beastmen with his powerful spear and then makes turns and takes down another. Cera then follows up using her speed and skills with a lance to defeat two Ixali.

Zeriah takes on two of her own as well, using her skills as an archer and combining with some magic that she learned when she trained as a conjurer. Zeriah fires multiple arrows, each hitting their targets, easily dispatching the remaining two Ixali. Or so they thought.

Cera: Well that takes care of them.

Zeriah: Hey guys….where’s Milyah?

Evogolist: Nuvea isn’t here either.
Milyah!! Nuvea!!!

Narration: The trio shout for their friend who seems to have strayed away from the group. They soon spread out to look for her in the darkness of the The Black Shroud.

Not far away, an Ixali was able to escape the group. With baby Nuvea in tow, the beastman ran as fast and as far as it could hoping that it had lost the group of Evo and friends. unbeknownst to him, he was being trailed by non other than Milyah, who traps the Ixali in a circle of arrows.

Milyah: And just where do you think you’re going?
Hand over my daughter now and I guarantee that you won’t end up like your friends.

Ixali leader: Foolish girl……stupid girl…..child is not yours to keep. She belongs to….

Milyah: She belongs to me!! Now hand her over!

Ixali Leader: Could you be anymore naive? You have wondered too far. You in Ixali territory now. The Shroud belongs to us.

Narration: More Ixali step from out the shadows of the woods and surround Milyah.
Milyah looks around and realizes that she’s outmatched and the odds are against her, but for her daughter…she would face those odds, even if it meant death.

Milyah: Too chicken to fight your own battles I see. Very well then.

Narration: Milyah charges towards the Ixali leader, at first it seems that she’s about to snatch baby Nuvea from the leader, but then she leaps backwards and over the group of Ixali. FIrst she leads them away from the Ixali leader and Nuvea and then from there hits them with her wide volley attack taking out a small group of them. She then draws her sword and fights them one by one.

She swings her sword left than right and then again hoping to take out as many of the beastmen before the leader can escape again. Upon taking down the last of the of the Ixali, Milyah rushes back to where she left the Ixali leader only to discover that he had escaped.

Deeper into the Black Shroud, Ixali leader believing that he’d finally escaped the group of guardians stops for a breather. Suddenly baby Nuvea begins crying. The Ixali tries his best to quiet down little Nuvea.

Ixali Leader: Quiet little one or else I’ll eat you for supper.

Narration: To the Ixali Leader’s dismay, baby Nuvea continued to cry and the more and more she cried the louder she got.

Ixali Leader: Huh?

Narration: Says the Ixali Leader as he looks up believing that he heard something.

Ixali Leader: Grr…..

Narration: Just as the Ixali Leader begins to move he’s blocked by Cera’s spear. He then tries to turn around and instead ends up staring face to face with Zeriah’s bow.

Zeriah: No more running!

Narration: Evogolist then appears, swiftly grabbing baby Nuvea and aiming his spear at the Ixali leader.

Evogolist: You gave us a lot of trouble, but it ends here. Now go before I decide to finish you off myself.

Ixali Leader: Yes….yes….how kind of you to spare my life. But if I was you I’d be more worried about the other archer. The woods are angry and the soon the greenwrath will be upon her.

Narration: Evo then changes his mind. Fed up with the Ixali leader he thrusts his lance into the beastman’s chest killing the Ixali leader once and for all.

Zeriah: Evo….what do you think he means?

Narration: Evo grabs his spear and begins running through the shroud searching for his wife Milyah. Elsewhere, Milyah begins having trouble breathing and struggles to walk. She walks past a few trees of which she unintentionally sliced with her sword. She attempts to take another step and then without warning…..she collaspes. Evo, Zeriah, and Cera rush as fast as possible to reach Milyah, but will they make it in time?

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