Chapter 5c: Milyah’s Peril

Chapter 5c: Milyah’s Peril


Narration: Evogolist, Zeriah, and Cera rush to Milyah’s aid. Milyah who had recently attempted to track the Ixali leader unknowingly contracted greenwrath and eventually ending up collapsing on the Shroud flooring in the middle of no where.

Evogolist: Milyah?!!

Zeriah: Milyah where are you?!

Cera: Lady Milyah please answer our calls!!

Narration: To no avail, Milyah didn’t respond. The trio searched and searched until Cera found Milyah laying on the forest floor.

Cera: Oh no lady Milyah.
Captain!! Lady Zeriah!! She’s here!!

Narration: Evogolist and Zeriah come running and upon arriving, Evo passes a crying baby Nuvea to Zeriah. He then checks to see if she’s still alive and then lifts her up and carries her back to Gridania.

The next few hours are critical as the medical team at the conjurer’s guild attempt to save Milyah. Outside, Evogolist paces back and forth praying that everything will be okay. Zeriah stands nearby cradling and nursing to baby Nuvea. One member of the medical team then comes out and updates the two on Milyah’s status.

Medic: Captain Evogolist can I talk to you for a bit?

Evogolist: Doc, is she okay? Please tell me Milyah will be okay!

Medic: I’m sorry, but unless we can move fast she’ll be lost to her woodsin in a matter of days if not hours. Even then I’m not sure if the ceremony will work. Her woodsin is so strong that Brother O-App could barely sense her aura.

Evogolist: We have to do something! Isn’t there anything that we can do?

Medic: Pray….pray Captain that she makes it through this, but you should also say your goodbyes just in case.

Narration: Evogolist can’t help, but shed a few tears. He and Zeriah then make their way to her room to say goodbye.

Evogolist: Milly…..Milly are you awake?

Milyah: Evo…..I messed up.

Evogolist: No you didn’t….I did.
I was supposed to protect you, but I didn’t and I’m sorry.

Milyah: Evo…what’s happening to me. My body feels like half of it is not even here and I’m cold.

Evogolist: Don’t worry about, just know that I’ll stay by your side forever.

Milyah: I love you Evogolist Lunaire.

Evogolist: And I you….Milyah Crystari.

Narration: The two embrace each other knowing that their time with each other is short. Zeriah even sheds a couple of tears. Milyah lived for three more days, during that time she spent as much time as she could with her family. Holding and cuddling baby Nuvea and each night Milyah, Evogolist, and Nuvea slept together. On the third day, unable to cleanse Milyah of her woodsin, Evogolist and the rest of Gridania watched and mourned helplessly as Milyah succumbed to the greenwrath leaving nothing but a lifeless shell.

(Back to present)

Cera: Afterwards, your father could no longer focus. He wasn’t himself anymore. I watched as the great Captain Evogolist Lunaire of the Wood Wailers fell from glory because of a broken heart. He could not bare to even be around you who reminded him so much of your mother. Thus finding himself unfit to be a parent to you. From then on he left Gridania and we haven’t seen or heard from since.

Nuvea: Mother……Father……

Narration: Chyldie does her best to comfort Nuvea who now understood why her parents weren’t around. Later that night, everyone is asleep around the camp when suddenly Nuvea hears a voice.

Mysterious Voice: Nuvea….Nuvea

Narration: Whispers the voice as it tries to grasp Nuvea’s attention. Nuvea then sits up and looks around.

Nuvea: Huh?

Mysterious Voice: Nuvea…

Narration: Nuvea looks around some more until spotting somewhat of a humanoid figure.
Not wanting to wake the others, she quietly gets up and attempts to get closer and investigate.

Nuvea: Hello?! Is anyone out there? Hello?!!

Narration: As Nuvea walks through the wooded area of the Shroud, The mysterious figure then appears again and this time reveals itself to Nuvea.

Nuvea: Hello?!

Narration: Non other than Nuvea’s own mother appears to her, standing there silent and staring at Nuvea.

Nuvea: Mother? Mother is that you?

Narration: Suddenly Milyah walks away and continues walking through the wooded area. Nuvea attempts to follow her and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Nuvea: Mom, no wait. Mom please no! Mommy?!

Narration: Nuvea tries her best to keep up with Milyah who had begun to walk faster through the woods. Nuvea then loses sight of Milyah and then drops down begins to cry. That is until she discovers something….a place known as The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak.
End of Chapter

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