Chapter 7a – Towards The Land of Darkness

Chapter 7: Light
A: Towards the land of Darkness


Narration: After returning home from their training and reuniting Zeriah with her mother,
Zeriah and Amerita headed to the Kingdom of Sand ‘Oria where they received
important mission to replace the seal of Fei Yin that prevents the evil
Shadowlord and his arming from returning. Just as they were about to head
out on their mission, they were attacked by the two shadow warriors
Shadowbane and Shadowmane. Just when it seemed as if they were overwhelmed
two heroic dragoon twins appeared to assist Zeriah and Amerita.

Once they reached Fei Yen they were first met by the dark knight Zeid as
well as the mysterious red-haired woman known as Lion whom were still
investigating the actions of the Kindred and Beastmen armies. Content on
stopping the Shadowlord from awaking the party of Zeriah, Amerita, and
the two dragoon twins raced to Qu’Bia Arena where they then encountered
the evil Dark-Evo. Finding themselves outnumbered and overwhelmed by a
group of Skeletal Demons, the party is then joined by a mysterious
white-haired elvaan who uses a powerful light based attack which left both
the skeletal demons demolished and left Amerita questioning the origins
of this mysterious knight.

Determined to stop the awakening of the Shadowlord, the white-haired knight
uses another powerful attack but misses his target and ends up destroying
what’s left of the old seal, awakening the evil Shadowlord. What happens
next could very well determine the fate of Vana’diel.


Twin Dragoon#2: Dammit!! Thanks a lot mister hero….you’ve just handed Vana’diel to
the Shadowlord on a silver platter.

Narration: The dragoon storms over to the mysterious knight and knocks him to the ground.

Twin Dragoon#1: You need to start explaining who you are….and I mean right now.

Narration: The Second Dragoon then approaches, demanding the elvaan to reveal his identity.
Just as the elvaan knight attempts to stand up, he’s met by Amerita’s Great

Amerita: I second that, you need to start explaining now or else you won’t have a head to
talk with.

Zeriah: Big sister!!!

Mysterious Knight: No….it is okay.

I will give you your answers. My name is….Lightwind De’Ragnor and like you
Amerita, I am a knight of light from the Tavnazian Tribe.

Amerita: So that explains why you were able to use a blessed move.

Lightwind: Yes…

Amerita: Who sent and why are you following us?

Lightwind: Who do you think?

Amerita: Kujata…that son of a….

Twin Dragoon#2: Enough of this mumble jumble….do you realize what you’ve done?!

Twin Dragoon#1: Yeah…..thanks to you the seal has been destroyed and the Shadowlord is probably
well awake by now.

Zeriah: Hey you two lay off of him!!
You two might have saved my life but you’re not exactly in the clear either.

Amerita: Zeriah is right you know….who are you two?

Twin Dragoon#1: Hahaha….brother they don’t know who we are.

Narration: The second dragoon leans over to his brother and whispers a question in his ear.

Twin Dragoon#2: Um… should they, we’re not exactly famous you know.

Twin Dragoon#1: You idiot!!!

How do even expect us to become the Heroic Dragoon Twins when you keep acting
so dumb and clueless?!

Narration: Amerita clears her throat.

Zeriah: Hello we’re waiting on a answer or would you like a arrow or two right in the crack of your arse.

Twin Dragoon#1: Hey hey calm down mi lady..

Twin Dragoon#2: Yes no need for such violence….

Zeriah: Then tell us who you are!!

Twin Dragoon#1: (I was just about to you sporty little brat) *smiles*
Why…..I’m Blackstar.

Twin Dragoon#2: I’m Silverstar.

Blackstar+Silverstar: And we’re the Heroic Dragoon Twins!!

Narration: Amerita, Zeriah, and Lightwind all stare at the twins with a blank look and then resume talking
amongst each other causing both the twins to fall over.

Zeriah: So what do we do now?

Amerita: How about try putting the New Seal in place of the old seal?

Lightwind: No that won’t work… now the Shadowlord has already awakened.
Our best bet is to head back to town and inform their respective officials.

Narration: Suddenly, the dark warrior Dark-Evo appears once again.

Dark Evo: Do you really believe that doing so will do any good?

Zeriah: Evo!!

Dark-Evo: If you want to save your precious Vana’diel, come to Castle Zhval in the land of Xarcabard.

Amerita: Xarcabard….

Dark-Evo: Only then will you be able to save Vana’diel and what remains of your friends…..and just maybe
you can even save you dear brother…Zeriah.

Zeriah: Wait!!!

Silverstar: Why you!!!

Narration: The dark warrior once again vanishes leaving the group to wonder what’s next and the young Zeriah
in hysterical state.

Zeriah: Evo!! We have to go save Evo!!

Amerita: Little sister….get a grip on yourself!!

Zeriah: But?!

Blackstar: I don’t know about you guys but I’m not about to sit here and let the world go to hell.

Silverstar: And I’m damn sure not about to run back and tell mommy.

Lightwind: So we head to Castle Zhval?

Amerita: I don’t know….

Zeriah: Yes…..that’s what my brother….Evogolist would do.

Lightwind: Very well…..but be warned….the road there will be very dangerous.
Xarcabard is a very dangerous place and contains many undead and unholy creatures.
The Shadowlord will know that we’re coming as there will be many Ahriman’s there watching our
every move. And closer to the Castle there will be tons of Kindred demons guarding the entrance.
So everyone be on point, don’t hesitate, and most of all stick together. Got it?!

Narration: The remaining party members nod and prepare to make their way to Xarcabard, but what dangers
await them in the dark and cold evil land?


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