Chapter 7b: Gauntlet of Darkness

Chapter 7: Light
B: The Gauntlet of Darkness


Narration: After an encounter with the evil Dark-Evo, the party of five made their way to the dark cold land
of Xarcabard. It is there that shadow warrior told them that they would not only be able to find to
find the Shadowlord himself, but also be able to save their friends…..or atleast what remained of them.

Blackstar: T…T…Th…..This…place…is…..freezing….cold.

Lightwind: He’s right, we’re in the heart of darkness.

Everything here is pure evil and won’t hesitate for a second to kill you.



Amerita: So you’ve been here before?




Silverstar: Well what are we waiting for…..let’s get moving!!!


Lightwind: Sure if you want to become another Lost Soul.


Silverstar: Huh?


Lightwind: Just a bit up ahead is a group of Lost Souls….people that traveled here and were overtaken by the


Silverstar: Uh…right, maybe you guys should go on ahead.


Blackstar: Oh no you don’t.


Narration: Blackstar grabs his twin brother’s Ogre Jerkin by the collar and drags him along as the team silently makes their way
past the group of lost souls, Upon reaching the open field they quickly realize that the path to Castle Zvahl isn’t going to be an easy one.


Lightwind: Beyond the snow-tundra lies Castle Zvahl, there are several towers along the way that we must be mindful not to get to close to.


Zeriah: Why is that?


Lightwind: Because each tower houses a kindred demon.


Silverstar: Oh great this is just turning into one great big happy adven…ture.



Blackstar: Guys….looks like we have a problem.


Lightwind: Damn, a shadow dragon.


Amerita: Can we take it.


Lightwind: Most likely yes.


Silverstar: Then let’s kill the bastard!


Lightwind: No wait!


Narration: The two dragoon twins run in and attack the demonic looking dragon and are able to easily dispose of it, but just when everything
seems fine another dragon appears not too happy to see what happened to its friend.


Lightwind: And that is why we weren’t going to attack the dragon.


Zeriah: But the other was so easy to kill.


Blackstar: Aw, stop being such a caution freak.


Silverstar: Yeah this one will go down just as easy as the last.


Narration: The two dragoon twins once again run in and jump the Notorious Shadow Dragon known as Biast, but are knocked away by the dragon.


Silverstar: Did anyone get the number of that buffalo?!


Narration: The two dragoon twins are knocked unconscious by the dragon leaving the remaining party members to handle the terrifying monster on
their own.


Amerita: So much for those two.


Zeriah: What do we do now?


Lightwind: I have a plan, but it’s going to require all of our Blessed attacks.


Narration: Zeriah and Amerita then look at each other. Zeriah wonders if Amerita can manage using another Blessed attack with bringing harm to
herself. Amerita, sensing Zeriah’s worry…assures Zeriah that she will be fine and to concentrate on defeating the powerful shadow dragon.


Amerita: Do not worry Lil sister, I will be fine.


Zeriah: Okay then let’s go.


Narration: What follows next is a series of attacks as Lightwind runs and grabs the dragon’s attention. Both Amerita and Zeriah cast a few spells
to try to hinder it.


Zeriah: Darkness cover thy eyes. Blind!!


Amerita: Spirits of thunder, hinder thy enemies movement. Paralyze!!


Narration: The dragon is then blinded and paralyzed allowing Lightwind to begin the Blessed attack combo.


Lightwind: Now it’s my turn.
Sword of Judgement, banish thy creature….Blessed Judgement!!


Narration: Amerita and Zeriah follow suit using their own respective Blessed attacks.


Amerita: Blessed Radiance!


Zeriah: Blessed Arrow!


Narration: The powerful beams of light does a tremendous amount of damage on the notorious dragon. The dragon then tries one more time to attack
the group. But is met by a powerful attack from the dragoon twins.


Blackstar: Thought you had us down for good ‘eh?


Silverstar: Why brother I do believe it’s time we exposed our secret technique.


Blackstar: No! Not the secret technique!


Narration: Zeriah, annoyed by the duo, yells at the two.


Zeriah: Will you two shut up and just use the damn attack already!!!


Silverstar: Very well.


Blackstar/Silverstar: Ultimate Twin Psycho Drive!!


Narration: The twin dragoons use the combined attacks of their Impulse Drive to dispatch of the dragon. Zeriah still annoyed by the twins, tries
her best to restrain herself.


Silverstar: See, all done love.


Zeriah: Grr….


Blackstar: Is she all right?


Lightwind: We need to get moving.


Amerita: He’s right, it’s only a matter of time before the Shadowlord makes his move.


Zeriah: Come on you two!


Blackstar: So demanding.


Silverstar: Yeah.



Narration: The party continues on making their way through the dark land of Xarcabard. Not soon after, the party comes upon the entrance to
Castle Zvahl. The entrance seems to be heavily guarded by several demons as well as the three shadow warriors and another Notorious Monster known
as Shadow Eye.


Silverstar: Well looks like they rolled out the welcome mat.


Blackstar: Well then, let’s not keep them waiting.


Narration: As Dark-Evo looks on, he laughs as the party fights their way through the horde of demons and undead souls.
Zeriah fires a Barrage of arrows taking down a few mobs. The twins follow-up with their Twin Tornado attack.


Silverstar: Hey these guys are a piece of cake.


Blackstar: Yeah, and here I was expecting so all out battle royale, but…..


Narration: Just then the Ahriman Notorious monster Shadow Eye uses one of his special attacks to blind the party.


Silverstar: Son of a…..


Zeriah: I can’t see!


Shadowmane: Looks like that’s our cue.


Narration: Says the elvaan shadow warrior as he and Shadowbane along with Shadow Eye, dive in and begin attacking the party of five.


Amerita: Zeriah watch out!


Zeriah: Huh?


Narration: Amerita dives and does her best to shield Zeriah from Shadowmane’s blow.


Zeriah: Big sister!


Shadowmane: One down….who’s next.


Narration: The twins then run in and begin attacking Shadowmane. Try as they might, the dragoon duo was unable to land a hit on the Shadow
warrior. Zeriah and Lightwind also have problems tackling the likes of Shadowbane and Shadow Eye.


Shadowbane: What’s wrong little girl? No big brother to save you? He’s right over there and he wants to kill you.


Zeriah: Get off of me.


Shadowbane: Aww….don’t worry it’ll be all over soon.


Lightwind: Lady Zeriah!

Grr…Soul of…..


Shadow Eye: No you don’t.


Narration: The Ahriman NM once again uses another attack, this time a technique known as Level 5 Petrify.
Lightwind, Blackstar, and Silverstar were petrified…unable to move and save Zeriah.


Dark-Evo: Goodbye little sister.


Narration: Shadowbane stands over top of Zeriah, sword drawn and ready to strike the final blow, but is then stopped by non other than


Amerita: Back away from her. Now!


Shadowbane: You again.


Amerita: I won’t say it again. Now move.


Narration: Amerita and Shadowbane are in a standoff as the two size each other up and prepare to strike at one another. Then without any warning
the two charge towards one another. The sound of their swords clashing against each other.


Shadowbane: Give up, you know you’re not going win.


Amerita: I can’t…..I won’t…there’s too many people depending on me.


Shadowbane: Let them die, they mean nothing. When this is all over you’ll be nothing more than just their little errand girl.
Always there at their beckoned call.


Amerita: You’re wrong!


Narration: Amerita breaks the hold and forces the shadow mithra back. Not far, Dark Evo takes notice of something glowing on Amerita.


Dark-Evo: Huh? What’s this?!


Lightwind: What the? Could it be?!


Narration: Even Lightwind takes notice of the glowing object and is startled by it. An angered Shadowbane prepares to strike towards Amerita one
last time, but Dark Evo tries to warn and stop her.


Shadowbane: You hume bitch! Now you will die!


Dark-Evo: Shadowbane you fool! Get away from there!


Narration: Shadowbane ignores Dark-Evo’s plea and rushes in towards Amerita, but as soon as she approaches Amerita a powerful bright light
flashes knocking Shadowbane clear across the field.


Shadowmane: Shadowbane!!


Dark-Evo: Shadowbane!!


Narration: As Amerita defeats Shadowbane, Shadowmane and Dark-Evo look on terrified of what just happened. The mirror then glows bright again and
releases the twin dragoons and Lightwind from their petrified state.


Silverstar: Finally, I was starting to get all cramped up.


Blackstar: I highly doubt that was possible since every bone in your body was petrified.


Silverstar: It was a figure of speech you idiot!


Narration: Angered by the power of the mirror, Dark-Evo sends Shadowmane and Shadow Eye back in and joins them as he attempts to kill Amerita.


Dark-Evo: Grr….I will not be defeated! Ragnorok…Come forth!!


Narration: Yells Dark-Evo as he summons the wyvern formally known as Lumiere.
The twin dragoons Blackstar and Silverstar run in with their wyverns in an effort to defeat the dark warrior.
Blackstar jumps and then comes back down driving his lance into the eye of Shadow Eye.


Blackstar: That’s for turning me into pigeon hangout spot you bloody winged cyclops.


Narration: Lightwind then joins them running in with his sword drawn. Shadowmane plans on meeting him with his own sword drawn and just as the
shadowy elvaan jumps into the air, Lightwind intercepts Shadowmane’s attack with a new one.


Lightwind: To this, you’ve fought well my friend. May you join the knights of round in the afterlife.
Sword of Kings! I call upon thee!! Guide thy soul so that it may seek Salvation! Light of Salvation!!


Shadowmane: Grr…..Ahhhh!!


Narration: Yells Shadowmane as Lightwind’s attack banishes him. Dark-Evo looks on angered. At some point he even let’s a tear drop fall.
He now knows that all that remains now is him. The party of five gather as they prepare to face Dark-Evo, the one who stands between them and
the Shadowlord’s revenge on Vana’diel.

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