Chapter 7c: Light Restored

Chapter 7: Light
C; Light restored.


Narration: Making their way closer to defeating the evil Shadowlord, the Adventurers of Vana’diel fought their way through the hordes of demons
and undead souls that inhabited the dark land of Xarcabard. Finally coming face to face with the three Shadow warriors, Zeriah and her friends
were able to defeat the shadows known as Shadowbane and Shadowmane. All that remained now was Dark-Evo. If she could, Zeriah knew that she would
do whatever it takes to defeat the one possessing her brother’s body. But she also knew that if it came down to it…she would have to do the

Dark-Evo: Nooo!!!
Damn you! All of you!!

Blackstar: Looks like we pissed blondie here off.

Amerita: Zeriah are you ready?

Zeriah: …….

Silverstar: Ready for what love? To kill her own brother?
I don’t think anyone will ever be ready for something like that.

Dark-Evo: Now you’ll pay. I was going to present your heads to my lord, but after what you’ve done, I think I’d rather just feed them to the

Narration: Dark-Evo runs in with Ragnarök following not far behind. He then uses the power of Spirit Surge to merge with his wyvern thus
granting him more power.He first jumps into the air and then comes crashing down on to the ground’s surface. The party quickly dodges out of the
way. He then tries to make his way to Amerita, hoping to destroy the mirror that she posses.

Zeriah: Big sister look out!!

Narration: Yells Zeriah as Dark Evo rushes towards Amerita.

Amerita is able to block the attack, but Dark-Evo proves to be too strong for her to
hold off.

Lightwind: He’s after the mirror!

Zeriah: We have to help her!

Narration: First the Dragoon duo of Silverstar and Blackstar run in and try their best to tackle down Dark Evo, only to have their polearms
grabbed by Dark-Evo allowing him to spend them around and finally tossing them both across the field. Lightwind then tries and runs in attempting
to use is Blessed Judgement attack, but the attack is blocked by Dark-Evo and Lightwind is shocked. Zeriah fires off a Blessed Arrow attack, but
that too is also blocked by Dark-Evo. Dark-Evo then casts a Firaga spell, Lightwind jumps in front of Zeriah and shields her with his heavy
Koenig Armor before falling to the ground.

Zeriah: Lightwind!!

Narration: Zeriah drops to the ground and looks around her taking notice of her fallen friends. She then watches as Amerita once again does her
best to defeat Dark-Evo.

Amerita: You….won’t….win. I won’t let you!

Dark-Evo: But I will and none of you will stop me!

Narration: Amerita then attempts to use her Blessed Radiance attack, but Dark-Evo counters it with his Dark Wave weaponskill, knocking Amerita’s
Great Katana out of her hand. Amerita then falls to her knees knowing all too well what’s coming next.

Dark-Evo: Ha, ha, ha… you accept defeat?
Very well, I shall give you a quick death.

Narration: Zeriah looks on, once again feeling helpless. She knows that she could never really bring herself to kill her own brother, but she
also knows that if she doesn’t then her friends…..the ones that helped her get this far, will die.

Zeriah: There is no other way.

Narration: Zeriah stands up, she then makes her way over to Amerita’s Great Katana.

Zeriah: All of the things we’ve been through.
The laughs….
The joys….
The hurt…..

Narration: She then picks up Amerita’s sword and drags it towards where Dark-EVo and Amerita are.

Zeriah: I can’t kill you….
I won’t kill you.

Narration: As she gets closer, she then stops and calls out to Dark-Evo.

Zeriah: Evo!! I know you’re in there!

Dark-Evo: What’s this?

Amerita: Zeriah, what are you doing?!
Get away from here!

Narration: Zeriah holds Amerita’s Great Katana in both of her hands and looks over it.

Dark-Evo: Aw….Zee….put that don’t down or you’re going to make me have to hurt you.

Zeriah: No more…..

Narration: Zeriah holds the Great Katana up with the sharp point aimed at herself.
Amerita looks on in horror knowing full well what Zeriah is preparing to do.

Amerita: Zeriah no!!

Zeriah: I’m sorry big brother.

Narration: Zeriah raises the sword and then jabs it into her abdomen.

Dark-Evo: Wha…..what?

Narration: Dark-EVo is stunned to see that Zeriah would take her own life. He then drops his sword and stands there
puzzled, confused even. And tear drops begin falling down his face. Amerita falls to the ground as well. She then notices
Dark-Evo’s sword laying next to her and picks it up. Amerita stands up. and as she makes her way towards Dark-Evo, the mystical
mirror begins to shine once more. She walks around Evo looking at him as he tries to make sense of his emotions. Amerita then takes
the sword and jabs the sword into the Shadow warrior.

Amerita: Grr……Ahhh!!!

Narration: Amerita let’s out a loud angered yell. Dark-Evo standing there, grips the sword and looks down.
Amerita begins crying and as Evo reaches out to her, suddenly the mirror begins shining brighter. A bright radiant light
emits from the mirror and as Dark-Evo touches Amerita’s face the mirror destroys the shadow causing a bright flash to take place.

Dark-Evo: I’m free…..

Narration: Says the Dark shadow warrior, and as he fades away Amerita let’s go of the sword and drops to the ground feeling as if
she just failed her mission. Soon after, as the light fades, someone walks pass her. Amerita opens her eyes and as she looks up, she notices a familiar figure.

Evogolist: Zee……I’m sorry.

Amerita: Evo……

Narration: With powers of Amerita’s mirror and The Holy Crest, Evo is then able to heal and restore Zeriah’s life.
At first Zeriah is a little groggy, but then as she looks up, she is happy and brought to tears to see that her brother
has returned.

Zeriah: Evo! You’re back. I missed you so, so much.

Evogolist: I missed you too Zee.

Narration: Recovering from their fight with Evo’s darker self, the party gathers together and prepares for their final battle.

Blackstar: <eyes brim over with tears><blackstar’s eyes=”” brim=”” over=”” with=”” tears=””>

Silverstar: Just what are you crying for ya big baby?

Blackstar: Nothing……I just love happy endings.



Lightwind: It’s not over just yet.

Amerita: He’s right. There’s still the matter of the Shadowlord.

Evogolist: They’re right. He’s still up there in his Throne Room.

Narration: In the far reaches of Castle Zvahl, the Shadowlord awaits our adventurers. Angered by the defeat of the Shadows, he disposes of the
Demon lord Duke Haborym prepares himself for the final showdown…..A battle that will decide the fate of Vana’diel.


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