Chapter 6a: Distorted Dreams

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 6a: Distorted Dreams

Narration: Deep in the Twelveswoods of The Black Shroud, Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie
camped for the night, before continuing on their quest. At some point during the night
a voice called out to Nuvea. Upon awakening, Nuvea discovered that the voice was that
belonging to her mother Milyah Crystari. As she followed her mother deeper into the woods
Nuvea had hoped to finally be reunited with her mother, but to her dismay her mother
vanished. After shedding a few tears, Nuvea found herself outside of a place known as the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. Nuvea entered the ruins hoping that her mother would be inside and that her questions would finally be answered.

Nuvea: Hello?! Mom?! Mom are you there?!

Narration: Called out Nuvea, but once again no one answered. She cautiously made her way through the ruins, arrow drawn and peeping around every corner trying her best to not be caught off guard. Nuvea then comes upon a small hall where several wildlings are located and just as she’s peaking in to see if she sees her mother, suddenly someone grabs her and she lets out a slight scream.

Back at camp, Cera and Chyldie awaken to find Nuvea missing.

Chyldie: That was such a nice dream. Wish I could dream like that every night. How about you Nuvea? Nuvea? Cera!! Cera wake up!

Cera: Yes young one? What troubles you?

Chyldie: It’s Nuvea, she’s missing!

Cera: That child. Some how I get the feeling she’s going to be more troublesome than I thought that she would.

Narration: Cera then grabs her spear and along with Chyldie set out to locate the young adventurer.

Chyldie: Nuvea! Nuvea where are you?!

Narration: Yells Chyldie as two search for their missing friend. Suddenly Cera comes upon Nuvea’s pendant.

Cera: Lady Milyah’s Pendant.

Narration: Cera and Chyldie then become more worried and concerned for Nuvea’s well-being.

Chyldie: Oh no, Nuvea…no.

Cera: Calm yourself child. We must move quickly.

Narration: As Cera and Chyldie make their way deeper into the woods, back at the ruins, Nuvea ventures further in hoping that she would catch up with her mother. After walking through, she comes across a room full of several figures. Nuvea silently sneaks into the room in an attempt to see what is taking place among the cloaked figures.

Adrammelech: Lord Hashmal, while the attack on Gridania was a success, we still failed to complete the blood sacrifice.

Hashmal: That may be so, but that only means that our ladyship wishes to reap her revenge upon all of Eorzea.

Adrammelech: So where do we go now?

Hashmal: The one place where many of Eorzea’s people gather and forget about their worries.

Narration: Overhearing what the two Lucavi members were saying, Nuvea is shocked to learn that they were the ones who attacked Gridania. As she continues to listen in she thinks to herself where is this place that Eorzeans gather to forget their worries.

Not far behind, Cera and Chyldie come across the ruined temple and call out to Nuvea.

Chyldie: Nuvea!! Nuvea are you in there?!

Narration: Yells Chyldie hoping for an answer from her best friend. Not wanting alert anyone in the case that Nuvea could be in trouble, Cera scolds the naive Chyldie.

Cera: Silent child, less you give us and Nuvea away.

Narration: Chyldie bows her head in shame and then covers her mouth. She then heads in with Cera and they continue their search for Nuvea. Back up ahead, the members of the Lucavi heard Chyldie’s call for Nuvea and thus send out a group of wildling to investigate. As Nuvea secretly watches, she notices one of the wildlings as her mother Milyah and walks over in attempt to awaken her.

Nuvea: Mom, mom it’s me….Nuvea.
Mommy wake up!

Narration: Nuvea calls out to her mother and tries her best to shakes out of her current state, but is unsuccessful in doing so. The Lucavi members spot Nuvea and from there take her captive.

Adrammelech: What’s this we have here?
A midlander?

Nuvea: Let me go!

Hashmal: So, you’re the one that they were calling out to.

Nuvea: I said let me go! Mom, help me please?!

Narration: As Nuvea pleaded for her mother’s help, Milyah was unable to respond.

Adrammelech: What’s this? A mother/daughter reunion?
She can’t help you now. She belongs to us.

Hashmal: Little girl, call out to your friends. Call them so that they will come and the three of you will face death together.

Narration: At first Nuvea refuses, but then Hashmal does the unthinkable. He orders Milyah to come forth and then commands her to kill herself.

Hashmal: Now little girl will you do as I say or will you let your precious mother die?

Nuvea: No! Let her go!

Hashmal: Still the resistant one, very well then.

Narration: Hashmal then walks over to Milyah and whispers into her ear. As he whispers, he orders her to slowly take the dagger in her hand and begin piercing her chest until she strikes her heart. Nuvea watches horrified of what Hashmal is able to do. No longer able to watch anymore, she yells out.

Nuvea: No!! Stop it!!

Hashmal: What’s this? Do we have an complier?

Nuvea: Please stop. Don’t hurt my mom.

Narration: Tears stream down her face as Nuvea pleads to Hashmal to spare her mother’s life.

Hashmal: So you’ll do as I say?

Nuvea: Yes….just please don’t hurt my mom.

Narration: As Nuvea prepares to call out to her friends, back on the ship known as The Siren’s Tear, something strange happens to Evogolist.

Evogolist: Aaahhh!!

Biggs: Captain!!

Wedge: Cap’n you alright?

Evogolist: I don’t know.

Silvermane: What in the name of Davy Jones’ locker is going on out here?!

Evogolist: Somethings wrong, I can feel it. Mily, Nuvea, please be safe.

Narration: Stricken with a sharp pain to his chest, Evo begins to worry and prays for his family’s safety. Back at the Thousand Maws of To-to Rak, Nuvea prepares to call out to Cera and Chyldie.

Adrammelech: Go on….do it child. Call out to those who seek you out.

Nuvea: Cera!! Chyldie!!……Get away from here now!!

Hashmal: Foolish child!

Narration: Not amused by her little stunt to warn her friends of the danger that lies ahead, Hashmal strikes Nuvea down with his hand. As Nuvea lets out a loud scream, Cera and Chyldie proceed forward in a hurry to save Nuvea.

Hashmal: How dare you defy me little girl?
Now watch as your entire world comes crashing down before your very eyes.

Narration: Hashmal commands Milyah to continue driving the dagger into her chest both Nuvea and Evo scream as they feel the pain of the dagger piercing Milyah’s chest. Just then a stone comes flying towards Milyah knocking the dagger out of her hand.

Adrammelech: Who dares to interrupt us?

Chyldie: Yup, there’s more where that came from.

Nuvea: Chyldie!! Cera!

Cera: Do not seem so surprised child, I am sworn to protect you and so it is that I shall.

Narration: Instead of being angered by the interruption, Hashmal is stricken with joy as he’s gotten exactly what he wanted.

Hashmal: So you came after all?
I applaud the heroics, but it ends here. Chuchulainn, come forth!!

Narration: A robed figure steps forward and as he removes its robe, he reveals a grotesque figure. Laughing hysterically, Chuchulainn slowly makes his way towards Cera, Chyldie, and Nuvea.

Hashmal: I will leave you three to deal with Chuchulainn. Have fun and know that your sacrifice will not be in vain, whoever shall emerge victorious, I’ll await thy arrival in Thanlan. Let us go Adrammelech and join the rest of our brothers and sisters.

Narration: Hashmal and Adrammelech depart with Milyah and the other Wildlings in tow, leaving Chuchulainn to dispose of Cera, Chyldie, and Nuvea. Unfortunately, to Hashmal, all four are necessary sacrifices for the sake of returning Ultima back to this realm. And as the three female warriors prepare to taken on this bestial figure, who will emerge victorious? And will they be able to Hashmal’s plan before it’s too late?

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