Chapter 6b: Battle with the Impure King.

Chapter 6b: Battle with the Impure King

Narration: The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak, a place where some of the vilest and evilest of Eorzea’s scum use to reside. It was there that Nuvea was briefly reunited with her mother and it was here that she came face to face with the Lucavi. A group that led an attack on Gridania in their quest to reawaken their leader, Ultima, an elder primal. In order to do so, a tremendous amount of blood would have to be shed and so the Lucavi have set their sights on the bustling town of Ul’dah. Unwilling to let them succeed and in order to save young Nuvea, Cera and Chyldie sought out Nuvea and now the three of them stand face to face with one of the Lucavi. Chuchulainn, the Impure King.

Chyldie: Ewww…..what is that thing?

Nuvea: He looks like a Lalafell that inhaled a little too much Aether.

Cera: Focus you two, we’re going up against Chuchulainn, The Impure King, one of the foulest creatures to step foot onto Eorzea. Watch yourselves and stay clear of his tendrils.

Narration: As the party of three draw their weapons and prepare themselves for a fight with the foul beast, Chuchulainn steps forward while continuing to laugh hysterically and chanting.

Chuchulainn: Must…..kill…..Must…..destroy…….Go to the land of the dead!

Narration: As Chuchulainn attacks Cera pushes the two girls out-of-the-way.

Cera: Dammit……move now!!

Narration: The casted spell misses as Cera is able to dodge the attack.

Cera: Focus you two and get your head on straight!

Narration: The three party members stand up and once again prepare to attack. Chuchulainn
readies another attack himself and charges towards the girls.

Chuchulainn: Say goodbye to your souls!

Cera: Brace yourselves!

Narration: Yells Cera as the next attack comes in. In an attempt to neglect the attack, Chyldie casts a magic attack of her own.

Chyldie: (Please let this work.) Aero!!

Narration: Chyldie: closes her eyes and as she casts the spell, somehow it works as intended and negets Chuchulainn’s Bioga spell.

Cera: Good job little one, now Nuvea it’s our turn. Are you ready?

Narration: Nuvea stands firm with her bow and arrow ready. She pulls back her string, and then let’s go firing a powerful attack onto Chuchulainn.

Nuvea: This is for my mother.
Piercing Arrow!!

Narration: The arrow hits and as it does, Cera runs in rams her lance into Chuchulainn.

Cera: Now it’s my turn. Grr……..Full thrust!!

Narration: Just as it seems that the three of them have this battle won, Chuchulainn laughs as he reveals that the arrow Nuvea fired never really hit as it struck the gauntlet covering his arm. Cera looks on shocked that he was also able to stop her lance from piercing his body. As he held onto the lance, Chuchulainn swung Cera from side to side until she went flying across the room back over to Nuvea and Chyldie.

Nuvea/Chyldie: Cera!!

Nuvea: Chyldie stay with her and heal her if you can.

Chyldie: What about you?

Narration: An angered Nuvea draws her sword and rushes in to attack. She jumps into the air and comes crashing down in a slicing attack. Chuchulainn is able to block the attack though with his gauntlets and briefly knocks Nuvea away.

Chyldie: Nuvea!

Narration: Nuvea stands and once again rushes back in. This time she goes for his mid-section using her fast blade attack. As she runs in and attempts to strike, Chuchulainn swings at her, but Nuvea is able to jump over his arm. She strikes at him from the back and again dodges his arm as he attempts to swing at her again. Nuvea then follows up with a Fast Blade striking the Lucavi hard and true. As Chuchulainn grabs himself in pain, Nuvea attacks with a follow-up combo, striking Chuchulainn with a Savage Blade attack. Behind them across the room, Chyldie heals Cera and as she comes to, Cera is surprised to see that the young girl is handling herself quite well.

Cera: Thank you little one.
Hmm…..something about that technique.

Narration: As she watches on, Cera realizes how much like her father Nuvea really is. Just then Chuchulainn in a desperate attempt to take out Nuvea, exposes a set of sharp teeth protruding from his belly. As this second mouth opens, a beam of energy begins to generate. Cera takes notice and yells out to Nuvea.

Cera: Nuvea!! Watch out!!

Chuchulainn: You hurt King……you make king angry…….Now you die for real.
On the verge of death…….Nightmare!!

Narration: As Chuchulainn begins to fire the powerful beam attack, Nuvea stands there petrified. Suddenly Cera runs in grabs Nuvea and as she dodges out-of-the-way, she throws her lance into the belly of Chuchulainn causing him to close up and then suddenly implode as the beam of energy consumes him.

Chyldie: We…..we…..we did it!!
Nuvea! We did it! We beat our first boss!!

Cera: Yes…yes you did little one.

Narration: As Chyldie celebrates, Cera notices the sadness on Nuvea’s face. She then takes her hand and wipes the tears from Nuvea’s eyes.

Cera: What is wrong young one?

Nuvea: My mother, I haven’t seen her in so long and now…..

Cera: Do not worry child, we will get her back.

Narration: Nuvea looks up looking for reassurance from Cera.

Nuvea: You think so?

Cera: Think so? After the way that you handled yourself today, I know so. You handled yourself like a true warrior. You child, truly have you father’s blood in you.

Chyldie: Hey guys! We got work to do!

Narration: Yells Chyldie as runs around looting the treasure that was left behind. Nuvea and Cera look at each other and nod. After receiving whatever they could find useful, Cera, Chyldie, and Nuvea exit the ruins and prepare to head to their next destination.

Nuvea: So our next stop…….

Chyldie: Ul’dah!!

Cera: The city where worries are no more and dreams come true.

Nuvea: Then Ul’dah it is.

Narration: The party of three rent a chocobo drawn carriage and make their way to Ul’dah. On board The Siren’s Tear Wedge notifies everyone as they approach land.

Wedge: Land Ho!!!

Silvermane: We’ve finally reached land!!

Biggs: Thank god……this bucket of puke was beginning to get heavy.

Silvermane: Hold on!!

Narration: As Silvermane utilizes the puke bucket one last time, Evo looks on amazed as he finally realizes that a whole new world of adventure awaits him.



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