Chapter 7a: Journey to the City of Dreams

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 7a: Journey to the City of Dreams


Narration: After long sail along the seas avoiding the Thalocrassy as much as possible, the party of Evogolist, Silvermane, Biggs, and Wedge dock at the shores of Thanlan. Upon doing so, they hop aboard the local Choco Carriage and make their way towards Ul’dah, the city of dreams.

Evogolist: So where are we headed?

Biggs: This guy, ha, ha, ha!
How do you not know?

Silvermane: Shut your trap dimwit! As if you know yourself where we’re headed.

Biggs: Uh, but I do.

Silvermane: Is that so? Then tell us, where are exactly.

Biggs: Um, we’re……….we’re….um…..

Silvermane: My point exactly.
Wedge tell them where we are.

Wedge: Yes ma’am. We are in Western Thanlan near Camp Horizon. Our destination……

Silvermane: The City of Dreams, where all your worries fade away.

Wedge: Hey Cap’n, someone’s sure to know about your daughter here. There isn’t anyone that doesn’t know what’s what in Eorzea living in Ul’dah.

Evogolist: ……..
Nuvea, seems like we’ll be reunited soon and heading back home.

Narration: As the carriage makes it way to Ul’dah, Biggs suddenly yells out for the carriage to stop.

Biggs: Stop!!!

Silvermane: What in the Twelve are you yelling stop for?!

Narration: Biggs hops out of the carriage and runs over to where the choco stands. Biggs then picks up a baby Basilisk and then hops back into the carriage.

SIlvermane: What the hell was that for?!

Narration: Biggs shows them the baby Basilisk, but Silver is less than pleased to see it.

Silvermane: You mean to tell me you stopped this carriage for a stinking baby lizard?!

Biggs: But the chocobo was going to crush him.

Silvermane: I don’t give a flying hoot, we’re on a mission, not to mention the Cudas are after us and yet you have the nerve to stop in the middle of the blazing desert for a damn lizard!!

Wedge: Calm down mi lady, your pressure is going sky-rocket again.

Silvermane: My pressure is already sky rocketed!

Biggs: Aw, Cap’n calm down. She’s just a baby. coochie coochie koo. I’m going to name her Uraeus.

Silvermane: I don’t care what you call him, you’re not bringing that thing on my ship!

Biggs: It’s a her and that’s not your ship……it’s his. <points to Evogolist>

Narration: Growing impatient with Biggs, Silvermane slaps him upside his head. The rest of the ride is quiet as they make their way to Central Thanlan where the City-State of Ul’dah stands.


Coming from East Thanlan is none other than the party of Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie. For Nuvea and Chyldie, this is the first time they’ve been outside of the Black Shroud. To them, this is a whole new world to them.

Chyldie: Hey look Mu, there go some of your cousins!
Hey are you ignoring me?!

Narration: Mu continues to sleep in Nuvea’s lap. Cera and Nuvea laugh as Chyldie is ignored by the Star Marmot. Greinfarr, a Hellsgard Roegydyn. couldn’t help to laugh as well.

Greinfarr: Children……they’re a handful aren’t they.

Narration: He says to Cera.

Cera: Yes, but I find them……refreshing to be around at times.

Greinfarr: Headed to Ul’dah I see, what brings you? Fame? Fortune?

Cera: Neither.

Greinfarr: Come on! There has to be something you’re coming to Ul’dah for?
You look like a warrior……a skilled lancer to be exact. I’ve fought my fair share of lancers and yet….I’ve always found my sword to be the better option.

Cera: What is it that you’re suggesting?

Greinfarr: A quick bout, just you and me.
An adventurers resolve is in the way he/she fight, and I choose to see what it is that you fight for.

Narration: Cera thinks to herself. At first she’s inclined to ignore his request, but then her honor as a warrior kicks in and she agrees.

Cera: Very well.

Greinfarr: Bwahahaha, and here I was beginning to think you were going to deny me such an honor…….Cera Highwind.

Cera: Huh? How?!


Narration: Greinfarr runs and charges in toward Cera. As he jumps and his sword comes crashing toward Cera, Cera is able to quickly block it with her new lance. On the sidelines, Nuvea, Chyldie, and the other passengers look on as the two battle. Chyldie yells out to Cera.

Chyldie: Ms. Cera watch out!!

Narration: Two Lalafell that were in accompany with Greinfarr look over to Chyldie and shush her. As the battle continues, Greinfarr remains on the offensive trying his best to outmatch Cera. Cera swings her lance in a circular motion trying to hold off Greinfarr’s attack. Suddenly a whirlwind of dust and sand form and Cera uses that to attack with a whirlwind thrust technique.
Greinfarr blocks with his sword and closes his eyes for a quick second to avoid getting any dust particles in his eyes. A mistake that Greinfarr knew would cost him.

Cera now jumps on the offensive charging in towards Greinfarr. As Cera’s lance comes in towards Greinfarr, he’s able to quickly dodge out-of-the-way. Both quickly turn around and face one another once again. Greinfarr then looks down at his feet and then grins roguishly.

Greinfarr: Let’s test that speed of yours shall we.

Narration: Greinfarr slides his sword underneath a stone pebble and then sends it flying towards Cera. Cera notices the oncoming stone and somehow is able to avoid it and knock away.

Nuvea: Hey! No fair that cheating!

Narration: Yells out Nuvea, but she as well is shushed by the two Lalafell. Greinfarr continues to send a barrage of stones towards Cera. With great accuracy and speed Cera is able to spin her lance reflecting each and every stone.

Greinfarr: Not bad.

Narration: Said Greinfarr impressed with Cera’s abilities.

Cera: Are you done?

Narration: Replied Cera sarcastically.
Cera’s lance then reveals itself to be trident and as she charge in towards Greinfarr, she prepares to end the battle with her attack Chaos Spear. As he lance glows, she strikes knocking Greinfarr’s sword from his hand and knocking Greinfarr himself down to the ground. Just then
a white-haired midlander interfers with the fight.

Thancred: I do believe that’s enough for now.

Narration: As the midlander returns to his seat and continues to flirt with the female passengers, Cera and Greinfarr end their fight.

Greinfarr: That was quite a fight you put up missy. Don’t be a stranger in Ul’dah, be sure to stop by the Gladiator’s Guild while you’re there. There are tons of adventurers looking for fame and there are others that come looking for theirselves. Which is it that you seek I wonder?

Narration: Greinfarr re-enters the carriage and is scolded by his Lalafell friends. Cera then climbs back aboard and as Nuvea and Chyldie cheer and praise her on, Cera thinks about what Greinfarr said. For years Cera felt as though she failed her duty as Milyah’s protector, but she knew that she could make up for it if she protected the one thing just as important. She looks over to Nuvea and notices the excitement on Nuvea’s face as they arrive at Ul’dah, The City of Dreams.



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