Chapter 7b: One Fateful Meeting

Chapter 7b: One fateful meeting

Narration: Ul’dah, the City of Dreams as it’s come to be called. Many come there seeking fame, fortune, and whatever else might quill their thirst for adventure. As both carriages pull into Ul’dah, the party of Evogolist, Silvermane, Biggs, and Wedge and the party of Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie look on in amazement at the size of how big Ul’dah is.

Wedge: Would you look at that?

Chyldie: It’s so big!

Silvermane: It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Time to see what the drinks taste like!

Wedge: Hey Silver wait up!

Cera: We should get going, the Lucavi could be any where.

Narration: As the two parties go their separate ways, both Evo and Nuvea stop and look at the sky. Once again there’s a voice.

Mysterious Voice: Hear…….Feel……Think……

Narration: Once again there’s a bright light with balls of fire coming from it. Suddenly the voice of a little girl catches Evo’s attention.

Ascilia: Look father! Fireworks!

Evogolist: Huh?

Narration: At first he imagines seeing Nuvea, that perhaps it’s been that long since she was taken from him. But then he notices the girl’s father standing next to her. As the girl and her father run past Evo, Evo brushes it off and then heads into town. Nuvea, captivated by the light is unaware of the man that stood beside her. Both not knowing how closely tied to fate and each other they really were.

At the local Adventurer’s guild and Tavern, and displeased Silvermane unleashes her fury upon the merchants.

Silvermane: What the hell is this?!
I asked for the finest wine in Ul’dah and you give me this crap!

Scared Merchant: B…B…B….But ma’am this is our finest wine.

Silvermane: Whaddaya mean this is your finest?! This taste like a Sahagin wiped its arse with it.

Narration: Several adventurers get riled up as Silver makes a scene.

Angered Adventurer: Hey you! Shut your trap and sit down!
If you don’t like the wine then leave!

Silvermane: And just who the hell do you think you are, Huh?!

Narration: Biggs and Wedge not wanting Silver to make any more of a scene, escorts Silver out of the tavern.

Silvermane: Hey! Let go of me!

Wedge: Sorry ma’am, but it’s for yours (and ours) own good.

Narration: Silver hangs her head low as they exit the tavern and check out the rest of the town. In the market wards, Evo checks out the different merchant stalls in the Sapphire Avenue Exchange.

Evogolist: Hmm……not bad.
It’s amazing how much this place reminds me of Jeuno.
Zee and Mily would have loved it here.

Narration: Behind him Cera, Chyldie, and Nuvea walk past on their way to Arrzaneth Ossuary the local Thaumaturge’s Guild in hopes of finding any information on the whereabouts of the Lucavi.

Nuvea: Wow, this place is so amazing!

Chyldie: Yeah I know! Hey Nuve, I hear there’s going to be a parade in a few maybe we should check it out.

Cera: Don’t forget why we’re here.
The Lucavi could be anywhere.

Nuvea: My thoughts exactly, which is why patrolling the parade would be the best idea.

Cera: ………

Narration: Cera stands there speechless and holds her head as the two girls run off to enjoy the festivities of the parade. At that moment, while watching the girls run off, Cera spots a familiar face.

Cera: Captain? Captain Evogolist?

Narration: Evo turns around curious to see exactly who could be calling him. And is surprised to see that it’s someone he doesn’t know.

Evogolist: Uh…..Can I help you?

Cera: Captain it is you!

Evogolist: Do I know you?

Cera: Captain, it’s me…..Cera. Cera Highwind.

Evogolist: Sorry name doesn’t ring a bell.

Cera: You know, you can save the warrior who lost his memory and became a pirate act for someone dumb enough to fall for it, but I know it’s you. Captain Evogolist Lunaire. You may act like you don’t know me, but just so you know, she’s here. The child that you abandoned some fourteen years ago.

Narration: Shocked to hear what Cera said, Evo rushes up to her and grabs her by her arm.

Evogolist: What did you say?

Cera: Nuvea, your daughter, is here in Ul’dah.

Evogolist: Where is she? Take me to her!

Narration: Cera and Evo head towards the courtyard where many have gathered for the oncoming parade. Further ahead in Arrzaneth Ossuary, the members of the Lucavi have gathered in a back room preparing for the oncoming event.

Hashmal: Brothers and Sisters of the Lucavi, today shall be the day that we resurrect our ladyship, Lady Ultima. Bellas, did you make the necessary changes?

Bellas: Yes lord Hashmal, the horn has been switched out and everything should go according to plan.

Hashmal: Perfect.

Zalera: Lord Hashmal, where is Chuchulainn? Did he not leave with you?

Hashmal: Brother Chuchulainn stayed behind to deal with a small problem back in Toto-Rak. He shall join us soon. Now, let us go and enjoy the festivities on this Grand Day of occasion.

Narration: As the remaining members make their way to the Merchant strip, the Parade itself is already under way as a beautiful white-furred Miqo’te dressed in a pink top and white shorts and jackboots passed out flowers. The Hellsgard Roegydyn who spared with Cera earlier arrives as security for the parade, but is scolded by his employer, A blonde haired Elezen wearing glasses, for being late.

The young girl Ascilia is also nearby talking with the beautiful Miqo’te. The Miqo’te then hands Ascilia the basket of flowers and asks for her to hand them out during the parade. The Miqo’te whose name is F’lhaminn, hops on top of a chocobo drawn carriage and begins to dance.

Thancred: Ul’dah’s famed songstress, so flowers do grow in the desert.

Narration: As the people of Ul’dah watch in amazement and joy as the floats move through the street ways of Ul’dah. There’s even a float carrying a subdued Goobbue. Then the cart stops. F’lhaminn continues dancing on top of the carriage and down below a mammet turns and sounds a horn. As the horn sounds something happens, something…..unexpected. The Goobbue first falls asleep and then somehow it’s able to break free of its hold.

Niel: This isn’t right.

Narration: The conjurer who had subdued the Goobbue was unable to regain control and as the Goobbue broke free, it knocked both the conjurer and F’lhaminn to the ground.

Niel: No! Lhaminn!

Narration: The people of Ul’dah now panic and scatter as the Escaped Goobbue rampages throughout the town. Nuvea and Chyldie look on and are in disbelief to the current events.

Chyldie: Oh no! Nuvea look!

Nuvea: That monster…’ll destroy all of town if…….

Narration: Somehow the midlander Hyur Thancred was able to grab its attention and at this point is unable to shake it.

Thancred: Damned thing seemed rather taken with me. Any idea why that might be?

Nuvea: Huh?

Thancred: Ah, and now our guest requests an encore. Come on!

Narration: Nuvea and Chyldie follow Thancred in hopes of leading it away from the town square. Not far behind, Evo and Cera come upon the tragic scene.

Evogolist: So why do you keep referring to me as Captain?

Cera: You really don’t remember?

Evogolist: Should I?

Cera: In Gridania you were……

Evogolist: I was what?

Cera: What happened here?

Evogolist: Huh?

Narration: Cera spots the blonde Elezen Niel and the Miqo’te F’lhaminn. Cera and Evo then make their way over to gather information on the current events.

Niel: Lhaminn. Are you hurt?

Evogolist: What happened here?

F’lhaminn: Ugh…..a Goobbue…..the Goobbue from the parade escaped.

Niel: F’lhaminn you need to rest.

F’lhaminn: Niel look out!

Narration: The escaped Goobbue then sets its eyes on the small group, but then Thancred once again tries to get its attention.

Thancred: Over here!
Oh dear gods. I hope I live to regret this.

Narration: The escaped Goobbue lifts a downed carriage and then tosses it towards Thancred.
Thancred, Nuvea, and Chyldie are barely able to dodge out-of-the-way.

Chyldie: Ow…that hurt.

Thancred: Pull yerselves together ladies, this isn’t over yet.

Narration: Cera yells out to Nuvea and then grabs her lance and rushes over to her and Chyldie. Niel joins them as well. Evo however stands there awe stricken, shocked and surprised to see his daughter alive and well. And grown up even.

Cera: Nuvea!

Nuvea: Cera!

Cera: Are you two okay?

Nuvea: Yes, but we have to stop this thing.

Narration: As Nuvea, Cera, Chyldie, Thancred, and Niel all prepare to take on the rampaging Goobbue, the monster lets out a loud roar frightening many who are already running and hiding in fear. Nuvea,with her sword drawn and Cera with her lance both run and attack. From a far, Thancred and Niel attack with their respective projectiles. Chyldie, does her part as well tossing a cure here, a protect spell there.

Evo who’s still in shock of seeing his little girl, watches in amazement as she fights off the monstrous Goobbue.

Evogolist: My little girl…..she’s all grown up.

Narration: Nuvea and Cera continue their offensive attacks on the Goobbue, but then suddenly the tide changes.

Hashmal: This isn’t over just yet.
Zalera if you will.

Zalera: Yes my lord.

Celia: Terror is who I am, chaos is what you will find.

Narration: Celia, a Lucavi servant takes possession over the Goobbue and driving the monster to go berserk. The Goobbue flees and as it runs through the city it almost runs over the young girl Ascilia. For Ascilia’s sake she is saved, but at a cost.

Ascilia: Father! Father no!

Narration: Ascilia’s father in an attempt to save his daughter was trampled by the Goobbue and severely injured. Nuvea and the others look on, saddened by the little girls lost. Suddenly, there’s a sound of applauding. The Lucavi known as Belias appears and begins taunting the group.

Belias: My, my that was quite the performance. To bad it ended with such a tragedy.

Nuvea: You!

Cera: I should have known the Lucavi were behind this.

Narration: Nuvea takes a step forward, but is forced to stay where she is when Celia takes Ascilia hostage.

Belias: No, no……stay put little girl or I’ll make sure that little Ascilia joins her father.

Nuvea: Grr…..

Belias: Now where was I?
Oh yes, you three have been quite the pain for my lord Hashmal. And seeing as though that you are here and Chuchulainn is not, I would assume that my brother has failed and been disposed of. A shame really. Such a waste of power.

Cera: Where’s Hashmal?

Belias: He has…..other business to attend to.
In order for our leader Mother Ultima to be revived, there must be a blood sacrifice. A few hundreds to be exact. And so my lord has left me with the task of doing so, starting with you three.

Narration: Belias transforms into a huge red beast and begins moving towards the group. Once again people begin panicking and running for their lives. Belias then sets the alleyway ablaze with fire severely burning some while others were burnt to death.

Nuvea: We can’t just stand! We have to stop him!

Cera: Nuvea wait!

Narration: Nuvea runs in to attack, but is knocked away by Belias. Belias then walks over to her and chooses Nuvea as his next victim.

Belias: You shall die next little girl.

Narration: Belias raises his fist, and just as he’s about to crush Nuvea into the ground, he’s struck by a flying shield.

Belias: What the?!
Who dares attack Belias The Devil Lucavi?!

Evogolist: I do.

Cera: Captain?!

Evogolist: Stay the hell away from my daughter!

Narration: Shouts Evo as he stands over top of Nuvea with his sword drawn. Nuvea, partially blinded by the sun’s glare tries to get a look at the man standing overtop of her and is shocked when she him refer to her as his daughter.

Nuvea: F..F..Father?




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