Chapter 7c: The Disastrous Reunion

Chapter 7c: The Disasterous Reunion

Narration: As the parties of Evo, Silver, Biggs, and Wedge as well as Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie arrive in the City-State of Ul’dah, both parties are eager to see what the self-proclaimed “City of Dreams” has to offer. Unfortunately their time of fun would be halted as the group known as the Lucavi had begun taking action, causing havoc and chaos among the people when a captured Goobbue escaped during a parade. In an attempt to stop them, Nuvea along with her friend Chyldie, and Cera battled the rampaging Goobbue bringing the Lucavi’s plans to a halt. Or so they thought.

After possessing the escaped Goobbue, the Lucavi servant drove the Goobbue insane causing it to flee throughout the city and then finally crashing into an alley way wall. This however was not met without casualties. A young girl’s father, in an attempt to save his daughter was ran over by the possessed Goobbue.

Soon after, another member of the Lucavi appeared. a hellsgard Roegydyn known as Belias. Under orders decorate the streets of Ul’dah with blood, Belias transformed and set his sights on Nuvea’s party with plans to make them his first set of victims. This plan was however halted as Evogolist, who had been watching from the sidelines, learned of his daughter’s whereabouts and that she was the young teenage girl bravely taking on the huge monster. After being knocked to the ground, Nuvea believed her days of adventure were until she looked up and saw none other than her father standing before her. Unwilling to let the monstrous Lucavi bring any more harm to his daughter, Evogolist now stood face to face with Belias.

Belias: Grr…..Rawr!! How dare you?!

Evogolist: I’m sorry did I interrupt something?

Belias: You! You’ll pay for that!!

Evogolist: Bring it on Golaith.

Narration: As Evo faces off with Belias, at the Ferry docks a Lominsa Military ship pulls in.

Barracuda Knight: Captain, isn’t that your ship…The Siren’s Tear?

Kilyah: Hmm… they’re here somewhere in Thanlan.
Alright everyone listen up. I want you to spread out and find those damned pirates. First group to find them contact me via linkshell and bring them back to the ship immediately. Do I make myself clear?

Barracuda Knights: Yes Captain!!

Narration: Kilyah’s squadron of Cuda’s set out on their search to find and capture the group of Evo, Silver, Biggs, and Wedge. From the ship emerges Onias as well as an Elezen archer. Kilyah is displeased to see the two of them.

Kilyah: Was it really necessary for you to tag along sir?

Onias: You say that my son is the leader of these band of pirates that stole your ship, correct?

Kilyah: Yes sir.

Onias: Then I find it more than necessary that I join you.

Kilyah: And what of him?

Onias: He’s necessary as well. Especially if we are to capture the legendary “Black Pirate” Rostoft. Isn’t that right……Ruki Trevek?

Ruki: Yes Commodore Onias.

Narration: After questioning the people at the ferry docks and learning of Evo’s whereabouts, Kilyah and his squadron of Cudas made their way to Ul’dah.

Meanwhile, back in Ul’dah, Evo continued to battle with the Lucavi Belias.

Evogolist: Come on! Is that all you got?!

Narration: Belias destroys the alley way, tossing, throwing, and smashing things as he tries to rid himself of the heroic adventurer. However, Evo continues to taunt and mock the beastly Lucavi, which in turn only made Belias angrier.

Belias: Enough of these foolish games!! I….Belias…..The Devil Lucavi…..will burn this entire town to the ground!!

Narration: Belias begins stomping and twirling around his staff. The ground shakes with each stomp

Evogolist: Oh boy……this isn’t good.

Narration: The then begins to crack and as walls of flame begin rising from the ground, Evo notices Nuvea who’s still on the ground in shock.

Evogolist: Nuvea!!

Narration: He then rushes over to her and tries to snap her back into reality.

Evogolist: Nuvea look at me sweetie.

Nuvea: Father? Is it really you?

Evogolist: Yes sweetheart. It’s me. We can talk later, but right now you need to pull yourself together and……Move!!!

Narration: Wall of flames almost engulfs Evo and Nuvea, but they quickly dodge out-of-the-way. As Belias continues his hellish dance, Cera realizes that it’s now or never. If Belias is allowed to continue then Ul’dah and it’s people will be no more.

Cera: Captain!!

Evogolist: Huh?

Narration: Cera tosses Evo her lance and as he catches it, he takes a moment to admire the lance.

Evogolist: Why, hello beautiful.

Narration: Not too far away, Kilyah and his squadron of Cudas arrive in town, only to see the aftermath left by the crazed Goobbue and the Lucavi.

Barricuda Knight: By the Twelve, what in god’s name happened here?

Kilyah: I do believe we just found out the answer.

Narration: Kilyah spots the gigantic Belias and rushes to the scene. There he sees non other than Evo as well as his niece Nuvea as they battle the oversized Lucavi.

Evogolist: Time to end this.

Narration: Says Evo as he runs toward Belias. He then jumps up and comes crashing back down on to Belias’ right arm.

Evogolist: Spiral Dive!!

Belias: Rawrrr!!!

Narration: Belias lets out a loud roar as Evo drives the lance into his arm. Evo then yanks the lance out and lands back onto the ground. From there, Evo prepares to use a powerful lance attack known as Chaos Thrust. He swings his lance once, then twice, and then a third. Finally as Belias falls to his knees, the powerful lance opens up into its trident formation and Evo drives the lance into the heart of Belias. Belias falls to the ground and suddenly his body reverts back to its Roegydyn form. Celia watches as the powerful Lucavi falls and then retreats to join up with the other Lucavi members.

Evogolist: And that should do it for him.
Thanks Cera.

Narration: As Evo tosses Cera back her lance, Nuvea is awe-stricken to see her father. Evo then turns around is greeted by a tight hug from Nuvea.

Nuvea: It’s you!! Tell me it’s really you?!

Evogolist: It’s me sweetheart. I’m here.

Nuvea: I hate you! I hate you!

Evogolist: Shh……I know…..I know…..

Narration: As Evo and Nuvea hug each other, Silver, Biggs, and Wedge arrive at the scene.

Silvermane: What in Silverhook’s name happened here?

Wedge: Looks like we missed all the action mi lady.

Biggs: Don’t you just love happy endings?

Narration: Everything is peaceful once again, that is until Kilyah and his squadron arrive.

Silvermane: <sniff>…<sniff><sniff>
Huh? That scent. Shit.

Narration: Silver, Biggs, and Wedge hide as Kilyah appears before Evo and Nuvea.

Kilyah: Back away from that man Nuvea.

Nuvea: Uncle Kilyah?!

Kilyah: I said back away from him.
He isn’t your father. Isn’t that right…….Rostoft….The Black Pirate.

Evogolist: Grr……

Narration: Evo pushes Nuvea behind him and as he stands face to face with Kilyah, Suddenly an arrow comes flying towards him. Unaware of the arrow, the arrow with a rope tied around it entraps Evo. Evo is then surprised to see who appears from behind Kilyah.

Evogolist: Huh? No….it can’t be.

Onias: Hello…..son.

(End of Chapter)






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