Chapter 8a: Ram ’emfications Part One

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning
Chapter 8: Ram’emfications Part One

Narration: After a grueling battle with an escaped Goobbue and another member of the Lucavi, Nuvea’s adventures seemed as if they were over. And just as she faced the brink of death, an unexpected hero appeared. This hero was non-other than her own father, Evogolist Lunaire. Their reunion was bitter-sweet though as Nuvea’s uncle and Captain of the 9th Squadron of the Knights of the barracuda, Kilyah Crystari appeared along with Evo’s father Commodore Onias and Archer-Scout Ruki Trevek and arrested Evo. Silvermane however, avoided capture hiding behind a turned over carriage.
Paper Boy: Rostoft The Black Pirate captured! Escaped Goobbue rampages through streets! The Sultan says Starlight Celebration will go on despite extensive damage! Crazed Miqo’te terrorizes merchants!

Silvermane: Hey you! Give me that!
Huh?! What the hell?! Hey who wrote this?!

Paper Boy: I don’t know ma’am I just deliver the bleeding papers.

Wedge: Ma’am look at it on the bright side, at least that means you get to be Cap’n again.

Silvermane: Huh?
You know what? You’re right!
I should’ve know that scrag was going to get caught eventually.

Wedge: Yeah, hate to say it, but he really wasn’t pirate material.

Narration: Silver celebrates as she rejoices in re-acquiring the title of Captain.
That is until Biggs reveals a slight issue.

Biggs: Uh….Cap’n.
We don’t have a ship.

Wedge: Whaddaya mean we don’t have a ship?
Our ship is right at…..the….ferry….docks…..

Narration: Upon realizing their ship being confiscated by the Cudas, Silver throws a huge tantrum.

Silvermane: Goddammit!!!
Son of a……..No good……Good for nothing…!!

Wedge: Dammit Biggs!
Why’d you have to go and mention the ship?!

Biggs: It’s not my fault.

Wedge: Way to go block head.
Now she’s pissed again.

Biggs: Well, at least I got Dodo.
Isn’t that right Uraeus?

Narration: As Silver continues to stomp, curse, and throw tantrums, elsewhere Nuvea is saddened by the recent events.

Chyldie: Nuv….
Nuv, please don’t cry.

Nuvea: Why?
Why is this happening to me?
First Auntie Zee and the people of Gridania get hurt. Then I find out my mom is being controlled by those Lucavi freaks, and now….now I find my father who’s a pirate.

Narration: Cera walks over and places her hand on Nuvea’s head.

Cera: Do you wish to give up little one?

Nuvea: Huh?

Narration: Nuvea is surprised by Cera’s response.

Cera: If this is too much then you should give up. You too Chyldie.

Chyldie: No way! My parents……..for my dad…..I can’t give up.

Narration: Nuvea looks at Chyldie shocked.

Cera: Listen to me, we all have something that we’re fighting for. But if we choose to stop now then what was all of it for. We let the people counting on us down if we give up.

Narration: Nuvea thinks about what Cera and Chyldie said. She knows that giving up isn’t an option. The last few days have shown her that. Nuvea then picks her sword up off the ground and places it back in its sheath.

Chyldie: We could use a break.

Cera: The Lucavi will not wait though.

Nuvea: No……Chyldie is right. Just a day or two. To clear our minds, you know and rethink our resolve.

Chyldie: The Starlight Celebration is coming up in a few days.
I was looking forward to seeing the Sargatanas Legacy Dance Troupe perform this year.

Nuvea: No way! I didn’t know they were coming to Gridania!

Chyldie: It’s their last show too before Exie, Juggy, and Ethergeist disband.

Nuvea: You know I heard that Lady Ethergeist was going solo and releasing a song “Walk like an Alamigan”.

Narration: Nuvea and Chyldie begin dancing and trying to mock a possible dance for the supposed song. All three laugh whole heartedly before making their way back to Gridania.

At the ferry docks the 9th Squadron of the Knights of the barracuda make way for their departure.

Cuda Soldier: Everything is all clear sir.

Kilyah: Good, you’ll do well to make sure my ship reaches Lominsan shores by day break.

Cuda Soldier: Aye Captain.

Onias: I’m surprised.
After you traveled all this way, you’re not taking your ship back?

Kilyah: It reeks of drunken Miqo’te and there’s vomit all over my desk.
Besides I want to have a chat with my dear brother-in-law.

Onias: Very well then.

Narration: As Onias, Ruki, Kilyah and the rest of the 9th Squadron make their way on board the Lominsan Military Ship, Silver, Biggs, and Wedge attempt to sneak on board the Siren’s Tear and steal it back from the Thalasscracy.

Silvermane: Alright you two listen up. We’re taking back this ship. That means don’t get in my way and don’t mess this up for us.

Wedge: Got it Cap’n!

Biggs: Aye Cap’n.

Narration: The two ships pull off. Silver, Biggs, and Wedge make their throughout the ship taking out several of the ship’s guards until finally reaching the top deck of the ship. It is there that she defeats the Cuda soldier placed in charge and reclaims the Siren’s Tear.

Silvermane: Ah Hah!!
A piece of cake just like I thought.

Wedge: Yet those Cudas are just a bunch of saps.

Biggs: So what’s the plan now Cap’n?

Silvermane: We ram’em!!

Narration: As Silver develops a dark devilish look on her face, Biggs and Wedge look on frightened and horrified at the thought.

Back on the Lominsan Military Ship, Kilyah, Onias, and Ruki pay Evo a visit in the cell area of the ship.

Kilyah: Did you really think that you could still my ship…a ship of the Thalasscracy and get away with it?

Evogolist: I had my reasons.

Kilyah: What reasons where those? Huh?
How dare you?!
How dare you run around Eorzea pretending to be some kind of pirate while my sister…your wife lies dormant as a wooden statue and your daughter grows up without her father.

Narration: Evo is shocked to hear about Milyah’s condition.

Evogolist: Wha….what?
What happened to Mily?! Tell me?!

Kilyah: You’d best stay where you are…..pirate.
To act as if you have no idea. You who abandoned her for fourteen years!

Narration: As Kilyah gets more and more angered, Onias steps in to intervene.

Onias: That is enough Captain.

Kilyah: I’m not done yet!

Onias: You are by my watch.
Perhaps it’s time you took a little stroll around the ship.

Kilyah: Fine.
But I’ll be back and we’ll finish this later.

Narration: As Kilyah leaves, Onias sits down and begins to interrogate Evo.

Onias: So…you’re Rostof…..the Black Pirate?

Evogolist: Um…yeah.

Onias: No you’re not!

Evogolist: Huh?

Onias: I know Rostoft…..I…knew Rostoft.
He was my friend. That is until I rejoined the Thalasscracy.
Would you like to hear a story?

Evogolist: Uh….Okay….I guess.

Onias: Well let’s see…where to begin?


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