Chapter 8b – Ram ’emfications Part Two

Chapter 8 Ram’emfications Part Two

Narration: After finally reacquiring the Sirens Tear, in a fit of rage Silvermane redirects the ship and heads towards the Lominsan Military ship carrying Kilyah, Onias, and Evo. Her plan……

Wedge: Cap’n you can’t be serious?! You’re going to ram them?!

Silvermane: You damn right I am! No one steals my ship and gets away with it.

Cuda scout: Captain Kilyah sir.

Kilyah: What is it?

Cuda Scout: Sir, the…..the Siren’s Tear. There’s some strange activity going on with it.

Kilyah: Let me see that.

Narration: Kilyah looks through the telescope and spots the ship heading towards them.

Kilyah: All hands to deck! I want all cannons aimed towards that ship. Do not let that ship get near us!

Cuda Scout: But sir, you’re going to destroy your own ship.

Kilyah: Better the ship than our lives.

Narration: Back on the Siren’s Tear, Biggs and Wedge try to reason with Silver.

Wedge: Cap’n you gotta think this through!

Biggs: She’s gonna kill us Wedge!

Wedge: Stop panicking and help me out will ya!

Narration: Silver laughs hysterically as the ship gets closer and closer towards the Lomisan Military Ship. No longer able to hold off, Kilyah orders for the first set of cannons to be fired.

Kilyah: Cannons one and two prepare to fire on my mark.

Ready?! Fire!

Narration: The first two cannons fire, but miss. Kilyah, not pleased orders and another group of cannons to be loaded and fired. Below deck, Onias, Ruki, and Evo continue talking amongst one another.

Ruki: Sounds like there’s a bit of commotion going on up top.

Onias: Find out what it is.

Ruki: Yes Commodore.

Narration: While Ruki investigates the events up top, Onias and Evogolist continue their conversation.

Onias: That child. He’s head strong and shows great leadership skills, but his anger greatly clouds his judgement.

Evogolist: Hahaha, that’s Kilyah for you.

Onias: You know, it’s hard for me to believe that you’re not my son. Your personality is just like his in so many ways.

Evogolist: In so many ways I wish it was true. In my world you…..

Onias: No, don’t tell me. Cherish this moment my child. When this is all over, everything will have seemed like it was nothing, but a dream.

Evogolist: Commodore Onias…..

Narration: Just then Ruki comes rushing to the cell room.

Ruki: Commodore!

Onias: Yes Ruki, what is wrong?

Ruki: Commodore the ship is under attack!

Onias: Who in the twelve would attack us?

Ruki: I don’t know sir, but the Siren’s Tear, it’s been taken over and is in route to ram us.

Narration: Evo thinks to himself and then realizes that there could only be one person crazy enough to do something as such.

Evogolist: Silver, you crazy she devil.

Silvermane: Rawr!!!

Wedge: Oh god Biggs you were right. We are going to die!

Biggs/Wedge: Aaahhh!!!

Narration: Biggs and Wedge hold each other as the ship gets closer to colliding with the Lominsian Military Ship. Back on the Military ship, Onias helps Evo escape.

Evogolist: Huh? Commodore what are you doing?

Onias: This is your chance to get out of here.

Evogolist: No you can’t…..

Ruki: Commodore he’s right. If you free this fugitive the Thalasscracy will arrest you for treason.

Onias: That fugitive is my son and let them. It’s not like I never fought against the Thalassocracy before.

Narration: Evo thinks to himself for a minute then has a startling revelation.

Evogolist: You! You were the original Black Pirate!

Ruki: Sir, this time will be different. It won’t be the same as last time.

Onias: Don’t worry Ruki, I’m prepared to face whatever consequences that may come my way. Now go!

Narration: Evo and Ruki make their way to the deck of the ship. Upon reaching the deck, they notice the crew in a frenzy.

Ruki: When the time is right we’ll make our escape. Be sure to stay close by.

Narration: Finally both ships collide, but somehow Silver was able to turn the Siren’s Tear enough so that only the side of the ship would smash into the side of the Lominsian Military Ship.

Silvermane: HAHAHA!!! Take that you Thalassocracy bastards!

Wedge: Biggs….Biggs….We’re alive! We’re actually alive!

Narration: As Biggs and Wedge rejoice, on the military ship Evo and Ruki make their move.

Ruki: This is it let’s go!

Narration: As they move across the ship, Kilyah takes notice and goes after them.

Kilyah: You damn pirates! I’ll have the lot of you killed.

Narration: Just as Kilyah has Ruki and Evo in his grasp, one of the ship’s nets falls onto Kilyah trapping him inside.

Onias: There, that should buy them enough time.

Narration: Kilyah, angered and embarrassed orders his men to siege and arrest the Commodore. Evo looks on saddened, by the following events.

Silvermane: Hmm….look what the cat dragged in.

Evogolist: Get us out of here Silver.

Silvermane: You don’t have to tell me twice.

Narration: Silver stirs the ship away from the military ship and as the Siren’s Tear makes it way back out to sea, Evo looks back at the Lominsan ship.

Evogolist: Thank you father. I’ll come back for you. I promise.

Narration: Later that evening, Ruki sits up top on the bird’s perch and plays his flute. Suddenly it begins to snow.

Ruki: Huh?

Wedge: Would you look at that.

Biggs: Hey it’s snowing!

Narration: Back in Gridania, preparation for The Starlight Celebration are well underway. Dressed in full reindeer gear, Chyldie runs through Gridania searching for Nuvea.

Chyldie: Nuvea! Nuvea! Nuvea where are you?!

Narration: Not far away, Cera walks up to Nuvea who’s sitting in the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre alone.

Cera: You know…you’re mother once said that it doesn’t matter whether or not a prayer comes from your mouth, as long as it comes from your heart the Twelve will hear it.

Nuvea: Huh? My….my mother said that?

Narration: Cera nods

Cera: It’s funny cause I use to think that she was a fool for believing that the Twelve could hear us, but now…

Nuvea: Cera…

Cera: Huh?

Nuvea: I wanna see them again…My Dad…and even my mom…I know that their still alive somewhere out there…we just have to find them.

Cera: And we will……we will.

Narration: Far away aboard The Siren’s Tear…Evogolist stares out into the sea.


Biggs: Hey boss you okay?

Evogolist: Yeah just thinking about something that’s all.

Biggs: About what?

Wedge: You stupid dolt!!
Never ask the cap’n what he’s thinking or you’ll walk the plank fer sure.

Narration: As Wedge continues to scold Biggs, Evogolist continues to look out into the sea and wonder about the family that he once had…the wife who he loved so dearly, that one day succumbed to the woods of The Black Shroud and the daughter who he use to hold and play with that now waits for the day they’ll be reunited.

Evogolist/Nuvea: I’ll find you…I promise.

Narration:Β Somewhere in Coerthas, Milyah Crystari sits alone. She unknowingly stares at a pendant that at one time belonged to a baby Nuvea. A tear falls from her eyes as she remembers the baby girl that at one time she held tight in her arms.

Milyah:Β Nu….vea.









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