Chapter 9a: Questions

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 9a: Questions

Narration: Aboard the Siren’s Tear, a most ferocious battle takes place. The Spectators gather and watch as It’s a no holds barred, winner take all to the death fight.

Biggs: Grr….

Silvermane: Grr…

Evogolist: Hey guys!

Narration: Yells Evo as he walks out on to the deck, clueless as to what’s taking place.
Wedge signals for him to be quiet as the battle between Silver and Biggs continues.

Wedge: Shush will ya! Can’t you see the most grueling battle of battles is taking place.

Evogolist: Um….yeah….right.
So what are you guys up to?

Wedge: Parley.

Evogolist: Parley?
What the heck is that?

Wedge: For Llylmaen sake! Don’t you know anything?!

Evogolist: Huh?

Wedge: Parley is a game of wits and brains. The point of it is to try to best your opponent with the highest number combo. Like symbols add up as long as the tiles are in line with one another.

Evogolist: Oh, so it’s just like Triple Triad then.

Wedge: Triple…..what?!

Narration: Disturbed and annoyed by their constant chatter, Silvermane yells at the pair.

Silvermane: Hey you two! Shut up!!
You’re breaking my concentration. Geez, now where was I.

Narration: As Silvermane tries her best to outplay and out smart Biggs, she makes every move possibly, but unfortunately…’s not enough.

Biggs: Ha! Parley! I win!!

Silvermane: Goddammit!! Son of ….!!

Wedge: Gee, it’s hard to imagine that Biggs is a wiz at the game, but can barely tie his own boots.

Biggs: Hey I heard that!!

Silvermane: I’ll give you something to hear! Come ‘ere!

Wedge: Uh oh, looks like the Ma’ams pissed again. Time to high tale it!!

Silvermane: Rawrrrr!!!

Narration: Back in Gridania, the Starlight Celebration has come to a close and the people of Gridania prepare to bring the new year with their yearly festival. Younglings Nuvea and Chyldie walk throughout the City-State checking to see what kind of events are taking place in this years festival.

Chyldie: I can’t wait to see what they have in store for this year’s event.

Nuvea: Yeah, I’m hoping that it’s better than last year’s. I mean come on, how many times can you do……bells….?

Narration: Nuvea and Chyldie look over and spot the nearest event station and are disappointed to see that once again this year’s event involves bells.

Nuvea: Oh come on! There has to be something better than this. What are you guys, brain-dead?!

Narration: Nuvea looks and notices Chyldie ringing one of the bells. The event vendor than gives Chyldie a special designed event helmet shaped in the form of a rabbit.

Chyldie: Hey Nuvea! Look at the cool helmet you get this year!

Nuvea: Oh yeah, just awesome.
I have the same kind of hat from the last ten years of the same event.

Chyldie: Aw, don’t be such a spoil sport Nuv.
Indulge. Enjoy. After everything we’ve been through we deserve a break.

Nuvea: Fine.

Narration: Nuvea walks over and as she rings the set of bells, the event vendor hands her a prize, but she’s less than pleased.

Event Vendor: And here you are young lady.

Nuvea: Huh?
A…..Roast Turkey?
Hey!! Where’s my helmet?!

Event Vendor: Sorry youngling, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to try again.

Nuvea: T…Tomorrow?!

Narrartion: Upset, Nuvea slams her turkey down onto the ground and storms off with Chyldie following behind all the while apologizing to the vendor for Nuvea’s behavior.

Meanwhile back at the Stillglade Fane, Cera meets with both Zeriah and Brother E-Sumi.

Brother E-Sumi: So, the Lucavi have lady Milyah and so far, they’ve attempted to sacrificed many Uldahn’s. This is a most pressing matter that must be dealt with quickly.

Zeriah: I agree.
I’m more surprised that the three of you were able to take out two of them already and so easily.

Cera: Those girls are something else.
Lady Nuvea is just like her father……speaking of which.

Zeriah: I know what you’re about to ask and once again no, unfortunately there’s been no word from….

Cera: We saw him.

Narration: Zeriah, shocked by Cera’s words, asks for Cera to clarify what she said.

Zeriah: I’m sorry Cera, but did I just hear you say that you saw my brother?

Cera: Yes my lady.
He was in Ul’dah traveling with a group of pirates.

Zeriah: Figures.
I swear no matter the situation he never seems to want to act his age.

Cera: There is one more thing.

Zeriah: Go on.

Cera: The captain didn’t seem to know who I was or anything about his past as a wood wailer.
The tone of his voice and concern told me that he was not lying.

Zeriah: Hm…what exactly is going on?

Cera: It seems we’ll have to wait and find out. Lady Milyah’s brother, Kilyah and your father placed the Captain under arrest.

Zeriah: Whaaat?!

Narration: In a dark cavern located in Southern Coerathis, the members of the Lucavi are gathered and plan their next move. As the Lucavi member Celia returns from her failed attempt to gather the numbered blood sacrifices needed to resurrect Ultima, she fears what Hashmal will do to her.

Hashmal: So it seems our friend has returned.
What news do you bring from Thanlan?

Celia: My….my lord……we failed.
Lord Belias was defeated.

Narration: Hashmal’s face immediately turns from a welcoming one to that of a displeased one.

Hashmal: What?

Celia: We were defeated by the same ones that defeated Lord Cuchulainn, but there someone else too.

Narration: An unsatisfied Hashmal quickly dispatches of the Lucavi servant.

Hashmal: I’ve heard enough.

Celia: Lord Hashmal, please no?!

Zaleria: Lord Hashmal don’t….I’ll take full responsibility for her failure.

Hashmal: And that you shall.

Narration: Hashmal plunges his sword deep within Celia ending her life all the while looking at Zaleria who is horrified by Hashmal’s actions.

Hashmal: Failure will not be tolerated.
As for you Zaleria, since you wish to take responsibility for your servant’s actions, you shall be the one who will dispose of these nuisances.

Zaleria: But….but Lord Hashmal?

Hashmal: Did you not say that you would take responsibility for her actions?

Zaleria: Y…Yes, but…..

Hashmal: Then I see no problem.
But should you fail me or our Ladyship Ultima, then you shall suffer the same fate as that of this cowardly filth.

Zaleria: Yes lord Hashmal.

Narration: As Zaleria and his remaining servant leave, Adrammaleech approaches Hashmal.

Adrammaleech: Lord Hashmal, I have something of importance to discuss with you.

Narration: Back on the Siren’s Tear, Evo and Ruki discuss their next move and what lies ahead for the ship’s crew.

Ruki: So Captain Evo, or should I call you Captain Rostoft, where are we headed to next?

Evogolist: Just Evo is fine, and I don’t know.
I mean, I found Nuvea and that’s all I was pratically searching for.

Ruki: But you’re a fugitive pirate on the run now and you’ve lost track of your daughter once again. I daresay that you would wish to spend the rest of your years sailing the seas.

Evogolist: Hmm…..

Narration: Just then Evo is contacted via linkpearl by non other than Baderon.

Baderon: Keeper fend, lad! Th’ five seas ain’t big enough t’ ‘old all th’ trouble ye’ve got yerself into. Ye ken th’ ‘Cudas got ’em one Commodore Onias on a stick, do ye? Well, now they be scourin’ the cobbles fer you, too. An’ all this o’er a spot o’ sightseein’ on th’ deck o’ one o’ their lovebarges. Get yer arse o’er t’ the Tower an’ turn yerself in t’ the curs. They might jus’ grant ye mercy. Wait any longer and ye might wake up one mornin’ t’ find yerself in shackles.

Narration: Evo thinks to himself, even considering turning himself in if it’ll spare and save his father. Ruki who listened in as well goes against what the pirate merchant said and tries to convince Evo not to go.

Evogolist: Turn myself in?

Ruki: Don’t?!
It’ll go against everything the Commodore worked hard for.

Evogolist: But Ruki, my dad, the cudas will…..

Ruki: Do nothing.
He didn’t get where he was on just pure luck.
And being as he’s the original “Black Pirate” he won’t be held captive for long, not to mention he has friends in high places.

Evogolist: So what should we do?

Narration: Just then, the Siren’s Tear approaches land.

Biggs: Land Ho!!

Evogolist: Huh?

Ruki: Seems we’ve reached land.
Strange coincidence wouldn’t you say?

Silvermane: Wedge….where are we?

Wedge: Um…I’m not sure let me check.

Silvermane: You’re not sure?!
How the hell are you suppose to be the damn navigator and you can’t even tell us where we are!!

Wedge: Hold yer bleeding ‘orses will ya!
I said I’m checking! Now let’s see….we’re at…….ah……we at Moraby Bay in Lower La Noscea.

Silvermane: What?!
Why the hells you navigate us back into Cuda territory?!

Wedge: But that’s just it, I didn’t.

Silvermane: So yer tell’ing me that some strange mysterious force just so happened to stir us right back into Cuda territory?! What do you take me for?! Some kind of idiot?!

Narration: As Silver scolds Wedge, Evo and Ruki make their way off of the ship.

Ruki: Evo, look up there.

Narration: Evogolist looks and notices one Y’shtola and Sthalmann up top on a hill in a bit of a confrontation.

Evogolist: Come on let’s check it out.

Narration: Silvermane wanting to avoid any contact with the Lominsian Military, refuses.

Silvermane: Speak for yerself, that hulking guy up there is another one of the Cudas’ high ranking officers and no ways in Seven Hells am I going anywhere near him.

Evogolist: Oh well, suit yourself.
Biggs…..Wedge… two coming?

Wedge: Sorry Cap’n.
I’m with the ma’am on this one.

Biggs: What he said,

Ruki: Come on Evo, let’s go.

Narration: Evo and Ruki then make their way to the site of the confrontation, but before hand run in to a mysterious guy.

Blackburn: Now, what would an adventurer be doing all the way out here?

Narration: Ruki, suspicious of the man, questions his identity.

Ruki: Who are you and what are you doing here?

Blackburn: A question that you will all the soon find out.

Evogolist: Huh?

Blackburn: Understand yet? Well, you will. You will..





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