Chapter 9b: Lead by Deceit

Chapter 9b: Lead by Deceit

Narration: Back at Stillglade Fane, Cera and Zeriah continue to talk and discuss the current situation.

Zeriah: Kilyah….I can’t believe he still blames Evo for what happened to Mily. And my father… could he?

Cera: If I know the Captain, he will be alright.

Zeriah: That’s what worries me.
Knowing my brother, he’ll cause more harm than good just to have a grand adventure.
Poor Nuvea…..Where is that troublesome child anyway?

Cera: I have yet to see her since earlier as she went to partake in some of the holiday events with the other youngling Chyldeluve.

Narration: Outside of town, Nuvea and Chyldie travel throughout the Black Shroud joking and playing.

Chyldie: Nuv….if your Aunt finds out we left town again we’re going to be in trouble.

Nuvea: Pfft……you worry too much you know. We’ll be fine.

Chyldie: That’s what you said last time and look what happened?

Nuvea: Huh?
Brother O-App?

Chyldie: Nuv? Nuv are you ignoring me again?!

Narration: Spotting O-App-Pesi, Nuvea follows behind him, curious to see what would bring him so far from Gridania.

Nuvea: Brother O-App?!

O-App-Pesi: I feel a great disturbance in the forest…as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror. The elementals…
We must hurry.

Narration: As Nuvea and Chyldie follow behind Brother O-App, they come upon an area where members of the God’s Quiver and the Wood Wailers have gathered.

Nuvea: What’s going on?

Chyldie: Nuvea look! It’s Khrimm!

Nuvea: Khrimm! What are you doing?!

Narration: Khrimm, the youngling who has recently been trying to convince the people of Gridania that the elementals aren’t real has done the unthinkable. Upon setting fire to the Hedgetree, Khrimm stands there awaiting to see and prove that the spiritual beings are indeed fake. Nuvea and the others look on, but then Nuvea notices a strange aura emulating from Khrimm.

Nuvea: Huh?

Chyldie: Nuv what is it?

Nuvea: No….it can’t be.

Narration: Just then, something happens and from the Hedgetree appears none other than one of the elementals.

O-App-Pesi: The greenwrath is awoken… The spirit comes!

Narration: Angered, the spirit unleashes it’s fury upon the group, knocking everyone to the ground. As Brother O-App looks up however, he notices Brother E-Sumi who was notified of the current events. Accompanying him is non other than Cera and Zeriah.

Zeriah: Nuvea!

Nuvea: Auntie Zee!

Cera: Are you two alright?

Nuvea: Yes, but Khrimm….

Zeriah: The Hedgetree.
Why would he do such a thing?

Nuvea: Because it isn’t him.

Narration: Zeriah and Cera, curious to know what it that Nuvea is referring to looks toward Khrimm, meanwhile Brother E-Sumi attempts to quell the elemental’s fury.

Brother E-Sumi: O benevolent spirit, warden of arbor primeval, hearken unto me. Pray expunge us our woodsin, that we might honor thee pure.

O-App-Pesi: Brother E-Sumi!

Narration: Says Brother O-App as he watches on.

Cera: It’s still angered, we must do something.

Narration: Just then, a shadowy feminine figure appears from Khrimm and attempts to lure Nuvea and the others away.

Lettie: Follow me if you want to save the boy.

Cera: There’s our answer.

Zeriah: Go!

Nuvea: What about the elemental and Khrimm?

Zeriah: We’ll take care of them. Now Go!

Narration: Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie rush off to capture and face the Lucavi servant known as Lettie. Upon catching up to her, Lettie reveals a evil demonic form.

Chyldie: There she is!

Cera: Stop right there!

Lettie: So you came after all?

Nuvea: You’ll pay for what you did to Khrimm!!

Lettie: Not before I make you pay for what you did to Celia.

Chyldie: Uh…..Nuv.

Narration: Nuvea looks on with bow and arrow drawn and as Letiie completes her transformation, the lucavi servant charges towards the party of three.

Nuvea: Chyldie look out!!

Narration: The demonic lucavi heads towards Chyldie first, but Chyldie is able to ward off the attack.

Chyldie: Ohh, get away from me!
Shroud of Saints!!

Narration: With Shroud of Saints, Chyldie is able to ward off Lettie’s attack. Cera follows up with and attacks Lettie from the side.

Cera: Away from that child you beast and face me. I am thy opponent!

Narration: Lettie swipes at Cera, but Cera dodges. The Demonic lucavi swipes again, but this time Cera blocks with her lance.

Cera: You…are…strong….

Lettie: It’s nice that you notice, now let me take that pretty little head of yours back to my lord.

Narration: Cera struggles to hold Lettie at bay. Lettie attempts to force her strength and weight onto Cera, but is struck by one of Nuvea’s arrows.

Nuvea: You may be strong…….
but we’re stronger!!

Cera: Nuvea! Careful, she’s stronger than the others!

Narration: Nuvea then draws her sword and prepares to charge towards Lettie.

Lettie: You!
You’re the one who defeated Lord Cuchulainn and Lord Belias.
You will be the first to die.

Narration: Lettie charges towards Nuvea. Nuvea anticipates the attack and is able to dodge it. Before Lettie can turn around, Nuvea is able to counter with an attack of her own.

Nuvea: I never used this before, but here goes nothing…..
Riot Blade!!

Narration: Riot Blade, an attack that if executed from behind it’s target, decreases that target’s defense. Upon striking the demon, Nuvea was able to injure the Lucavi demon enough to cause it to retreat.

Cera: My turn.
Doom Spike!!!

Lettie: I see now why you were able to defeat the two Lucavi lords. I have a message however from Lord Hashmal. If you wish to see your mother again, come to Dzemael Darkhold.

Narration: As the Lucavi servant disappears, Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie gather themselves and regroup.

Back in La Noscea, after witnessing a strange set of events occur between Y’shtola and Sthalmann, Lucavi member Zalera appeared in the form of a mysterious Elezen known only as Travanchet. Before disappearing, Evo and Ruki receive a similar message from him.

Travanchet/Zalera: You must be the one who defeated Brother Belias. Hear this Eorzean, Lady Ultima will soon reawaken and when she does all of Hydalyn will suffer her wrath. If you wish to save those close to you, come to Dzemael Darkhold in Coerthas.

Evogolist: Grr…Why you?!

Ruki: Not now mate.

Narration: As the two parties prepare and make their to Dzemael Darkhold, one only knows what dangers awaits them.







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