Chapter 9c: The Lamb of Sacrifice

Chapter 9c: The Lamb of Sacrifice

Narration: After an encounter with the Lucavi servant Lettie, who had been secretly influencing the youngling known as Khrimm, the party of Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie were directed to a place known as Dzemael Darkhold located in Coerthas. What dangers await the three as they make their way to face the Lord of the Lucavi?

Cera: So this is Coerthas?

Nuvea: You’ve never been here before Cera?

Cera: No, I haven’t. My duty was always to Gridania and the Twelveswood, so I didn’t do much traveling.

Chyldie: It seems so peaceful and lustful though.

Nuvea: Yeah it does, but I wouldn’t get too comfortable.

Chyldie: What do you mean?

Nuvea: Well I’ve read that Coerthas is the home to giant dragons. Rumors have it that even after the great war 15 some years ago, the dragons still continue to fly above the clouds Swooping down whenever they need to feed or sense someone trespassing in their territory.

Narration: Chyldie shakes in fear after hearing Nuvea’s story. Nuvea laughs it off after seeing Chyldie’s facial expression.

Nuvea: Ha, ha, ha….I can’t believe you believed that Chyldie.
Dragons haven’t really been seen since the Great War. There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Chyldie: Ooooh! I hate you!

Nuvea: Huh? Chyldie?! Chyldie wait up?!

Narration: Nuvea chases after an angered Chyldie as they continue to make their way to Dzemael Darkhold. Not far behind Evo, Ruki, Silver, Biggs, and Wedge make their way to Dzemael Darkhold as well.

Biggs: Uraeus?! Uraeus where are yooooouuuu?!

Silvermane: Give it a break will ya! You’re giving me a bleeding splitting headache!

Biggs: But I can’t find Uraeus.

Silvermane: Forget the damned lizard. I told you not to bring it on the ship anyways.

Narration: Wedge chuckles to himself, knowing full well that of Biggs pet lizard’s fate.

Wedge: <I can’t believe that worked. I’m finally rid of the bleeding demonic lizard. Ha ha ha>

Silvermane: And just what are you laughing at lug nut?!

Wedge: Er’ um….nothing ma’am…nothing at all.

Ruki: An interesting group of mates you have here.

Evogolist: Yeah, they are.
If it wasn’t for them I don’t think I would have ever found Nuvea, or saw my father again.

Ruki: Be sure to cherish them.
I lost a few mates a long time ago, I regret not being able to help them when they needed it the most. It’s because of that I chose to follow your father, becoming his second in command on his ship. From there, when he went back to the Lominsian Military, I followed him, much like I’m following you now.

Narration: Evo smiles and as they continue their journey to the Darkhold, they come upon the party of Nuvea, Cera, and Chyldie.

Cera: Huh? Captain?!

Evogolist: Huh?

Nuvea: Dad?!

Evogolist: Nuvea!!

Narration: The two run towards each other, happy to once again be together.

Nuvea: Dad, are you okay?

Evogolist: I’m fine.
What are you three doing here?

Cera: Another member of the Lucavi attacked the Twelveswood, angering the elements.

Nuvea: Dad! Moms here!!

Evogolist: Huh? What do you mean?

Cera: The Lucavi that attacked. She said that Lady Milyah was here and if we were to save her then for us to come here.

Evogolist: Grr……those bastards.

Ruki: The one that appeared before us. He stole something from Sthalmann. A key of some sorts.

Cera: A key? A key for what?

Ruki: That’s what we’re wondering.

Narration: Growing impatient and realizing that the Lucavi plans may be bigger than they let on, Silver yells and rushes the party to move on.

Silvermane: Hey! Those freaks aren’t going to just sit around waiting for us to come to them.

Evogolist: She’s right, we should get going.

Narration: Having met up, the two parties join up as one and continue making their way to Dzemael Darkhold. Not far the Lucavi servant Lettie spots the party and heads back inside to report to Zalera.

Lettie: My lord.

Zalera: What is it Lettie? Do you have something to report?

Lettie: Yes, the Eorzeans…..they’re close by and should be here any minute now.

Zalera: Excellent…soon we will defeat the Eorzeans and then I will use this key and lay claim over Hydaelyn. Not even Hashmal will be able to stop me.

Lettie: My lord…..the Eorzeans….they come.

Narration: The party finally reaches the Darkhold and as they enter, they are confronted by Zalera and Lettie.

Chyldie: This place gives me the creeps.
It’s so dark and scary.

Nuvea: Stop being such a scary cat. There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Narration: Chyldie turns her head refusing to talk to Nuvea.

Chyldie: I’m not talking to you.

Nuvea: Oh come on Chyldie, you’re not still mad at me over the whole dragon story are you?

Chyldie: Hmph!!

Cera: Silence you two. Or do you want to alert all of the Lucavi that we’re here.

Narration: Just then, as on cue, Zalera and Lettie greet the party.

Zalera: So nice of you to join us Eorzeans.

Nuvea: Where’s my mom?!

Lettie: Oh, she’s…..around.

Nuvea: You monster……give me my mom!!

Evogolist: What is it that you want exactly?

Zalera: Revenge.

Narration: The group is taken back by Zalera’s response.

Zalera: You see….because of you, Hashmal killed one of my beautiful servants.
Hashmal seeks to awaken Ultima, but I can’t let that happen.

Ruki: Why not?

Zalera: If Lady Ultima awakens, she will kill everyone on this planet, including us Lucavi that worship and follow her loyally.

Silvermane: I don’t get it. You talk like a pirate, yet you’re far from being one. What’s in it for you? And what’s in it for us?

Zalera: For me, I gain control over the Lucavi, Lady Ultima remains asleep and all is safe in the world. In return, I’ll give you your precious loved ones back.

Nuvea: You’re lying!! Dad he’s lying!!

Lettie: Silence foolish child if you know what’s good for you.

Narration: The Lucavi servant grabs and holds Chyldie hostage, forcing the party to come to some sort of agreement.

Nuvea: Chyldie!!

Evogolist: Leave her alone!

Zalera: Then will you agree?

Evogolist: I….

Narration: For a moment Evo hesitates. Just then Ruki interrupts.

Ruki: Hold on a sec.

Zalera: ……

Evogolist: Huh?

Ruki: The Key? Where is it and why do you need it?

Zalera: The key is of none of your concern. Now will you agree?

Ruki: Then the answers no.

Narration: Everyone is shocked at Ruki’s answer. Zalera grinds his teeth at Ruki’s response.

Zalera: Do you realize what you’re saying?

Ruki: More than anything.
Evo…..mate…..he’s just as power hungry as the Hashmal fella.

Cera: Your friend is right Captain. We agree to help him and the moment Hashmal is out of the way, whose to say that he won’t use that key to finish what Hashmal started or even worse?

Narration: Evo takes a minute to think to himself.

Evogolist: I….we…refuse your offer.

Zalera: You fools!! Very well then, Lettie, kill the girl!

Lettie: With pleasure.

Nuvea: Chyldie!!

Narration: Yells out Nuvea as the Lucavi servant attempts to dispose of the youngling, but then….

Chyldie: Hiyah!!!
Take that you mean old witch!!

Narration: Chyldie stomps down on Lettie’s foot and with that slight distraction is able to escape and once again join her friends.

Lettie: Old!!! Witch!!! How dare you?!

Narration: Both Zalera and Lettie then transform into a demonic form. Zalera turning to that of a Gargoyle like form, while Lettie turns to that of a Ahriman form. Silver grabs her axe and grins roguishly.

Silvermane: Finally some action. I was getting bored with all of that yapping.

Narration: Evo, Ruki, Cera, and Nuvea draw their weapons as well and prepare for battle with the two Lucavi demons. Even Biggs and Wedge join the forray.

Wedge: Been a while since we had to use these Biggs, you sure you’re ready?

Biggs: Oh yeah.

Narration: Biggs and Wedge grab their respective weapons, an axe and a pair of fighter claws and then run in towards the Lucavi demons. Unfortunately for them, Lettie using a blinding ability on the two and then uses a petrifying attack causing the to be frozen where they are.

Silvermane: Damned idiots.

Narration: Ruki quickly throws two gold needles at Biggs and Wedge curing them of their petrification before Zalera can smash them to pieces. Lettie flies around the area and once again attempts to try and use her Ahriman abilities. Evo grabs a nearby shield that somehow just so happened to be laying on the ground and uses it to block Lettie’s petrification attack and at the same time is able to reflect it back on to her.

Silvermane: Nice Scrag, now my turn.

Narration: Silvermane uses the powerful axe ability Whirlwind to shatter Lettie into pieces. Zalera is then angered to lose his remaining servant.

Zalera: Nooo!!
Lettie! You will pay for what you’ve done!

Cera: Watch out for the blades on his arm!

Narration: yells Cera as Zalera begins swinging his bladed arms.

Zalera: GrrrraaAAAWWWRRR!!!

Narration: Yells Zalera as he grows frustrated trying to rid himself of the party.
He then prepares to use a powerful attack.

Zalera: Attack with a silent cry!

Narration: Zalera’s attack causes the group to become weighed down.

Ruki: Cleaver, but not cleaver enough. Nuvea, some help if you will?

Narration: Both Ruki and Nuvea use the archer ability swiftsong allowing their movement to be increased. Cera and Evo then join in.

Cera: Our turn Captain.

Evogolist: Right.
A little boost if you will.

Cera: Coming right up.

Narration: Evo runs, and then leaps on to Cera’s lance. With a lift from Cera, Evo is able to jump on to Zalera. He first comes crashing down on to Zalera with his shield and then follows up with another attack from his sword.

Evogolist: Goring Blade!!!

Narration: The attack injures Zalera causing him to bleed. Cera then leaps with her lance in tow.

Cera: Here we……GO!!!
Doom Spike!

Narration: The piercing attack does even more extensive damage to Zalera.

Zalera: Aaaahhh!!!
Rawr! Who…..are…you….people?!

Narration: In a move of desperation, Zalera uses his final grand attack on the party.

Zalera: On the verge of death…..Condemnation!!!

Wedge: Oh boy…..this isn’t good.

Biggs: Nope.

Narration: Condemnation….Zalera’s powerful attack that has the ability to instantly wipe an entire party. Unwilling to let her friends and family die, Nuvea draws her sword and charges in.

Nuvea: Oh no you don’t.

Narration: Chyldie casts both a protect spell as well as a spell granting Nuvea skin of stone to protect her from Zalera’s attack. Nuvea then runs in and in one instant uses her most powerful attack.

Nuvea: Rage of Halone!!!

Narration: The attack strikes, but doesn’t fully connect. Evo then rushes in to finish the job.

Zalera: Foolish Eorzeans, you cannot defeat me.

Evogolist: Wrong…..we just did.

Zalera: Huh? Impossible.

Narration: Zalera looks down and notices Evo about to strike once again with his Goring Blade attack, but is unable to stop him.

Evogolist: Goring Blade!!!
This is….the end for you.

Narration: Evo, pulls his sword from Zalera. The Lucavi then reverts back to his humanoid form and drops to the ground.

Zalera: I am…..death….incarnate. How can…..this be?

Narration: With the defeat of Zalera, the party briefly celebrates their victory.

Chyldie: We did it!!!

Nuvea: That’s one more down.

Cera: Yes and now that just leaves Hashmal.

Narration: Unbeknownst to them…..tragedy was nearing.
A dark shadow appears behind them and then suddenly without warning, a dagger pierces through Chyldie’s chest.


Nuvea: Ch…..Ch…..Chyldie!!!!!

Hashmal: Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!







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