Chapter 10a: Truths Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 10a: Truths Revealed

Narration: After witnessing a confrontation between the Sharalyn Scholar Y’shtola and the Barricuda Commodore Sthatmann, Evogolist encountered the Lucavi known as Zalera. Back in Gridania, Nuvea and Chyldie encountered another member of the Lucavi when the Lucavi servant begin to heavily influence the youngling known as Khrimm causing him to set fire to the Hedgetree and thus in turn upsetting the elements. With these encounters, Evo and Nuvea were told to travel to a place known as Dzemael Darkhold where they would be able to save their loved ones.

Upon being lured to Dzemael Darkhold, Zalera revealed his plans to his plans to betray Hashmal if Evo and his party would join and assist him. Refusing, the heroes of Eorzea battled the Lucavi and his servant and with their defeat, the party of Evo, Nuvea, Cera, Chyldie, Ruki, Silvermane, Biggs, and Wedge celebrated their victory.

Chyldie: We did it!!

Nuvea: Alright!

Cera: That’s one more down and one more closer to defeating Hashmal.

Narration: However……
Their victory would be short-lived as tragedy was nearing.

Hashmal: And now, for the final Sacrifice.

Chyldie: Ugh……<gasp>

Narration: Without warning, a dagger pierces through young Chyldie’s chest causing her to gasp for air.

Nuvea: Ch…..Ch…..CHYLDIE!!!!

Hashmal: Ask and though shall receive.

Narration: Hashmal appears and with dagger in hand.
Nuvea watches in horror as Chyldie fall to the ground. She then runs over and grabs holds of Chyldie, cradling her. Tear drops then begin to fall from Nuvea’s eyes onto Chyldie’s face.

Evogolist….angered……confronts Hashmal.

Evogolist: You……you…monster!
How could you?! She was just a child!

Hashmal: A necessary sacrifice so that my Lady Ultima can once again rise.

Evogolist: Grrrrawr!!

Narration: As Evo charges towards Hashmal, nearby Nuvea continues to cry and mourn the lost of her best friend.

Not far, both Kilyah and Milyah sense Nuvea’s pain.

Kilyah: This way men!

Barricuda Knight: Captain, is everything alright?

Kilyah: Nuvea.

Narration: Outside of Dzemael Darkhold…..

Milyah: Nu…vea.

Narration: Back inside, while Evo continues to battle with both Hashmal as well as Adrammaleech, something to happen to Nuvea.

Nuvea: Chyldie……

Narration: Suddenly……Nuvea’s pendant begins to glow. Next, her body begins to rise into the air. Her eyes as well as her hair starts to glow a bright crystal blue color. Then suddenly the ground begins to crack.

And as the ground cracks open, streams of aether arise from the ground and begin swirling around Nuvea until finally encasing her within a cocoon like state. Ruki and Cera look on in disbelief, stunned by the current event that has seems to be transpiring.

Ruki: Twelve be good.

Cera: Nuvea.

Narration: Not far away, Kilyah begins to feel a great deal of pain and grabs hold of his chest.

Kilyah: Grrrr…..

Barricuda Knight: Captain Kilyah Sir?!

Kilyah: Aaah!!

Narration: As Milyah walks through the caverns of Dzemael Darkhold, she as well grabs her chest as has a hard time breathing.

Back deep in the caverns, the cocoon encasing Nuvea shines brightly until finally shattering sending aetheral shards flying all over the cavern. The explosion from the aetheral cocoon also disrupts the battle between Evo and the two Lucavi members, sending all three flying in different directions.

Evo looks up and is shocked to see what has become of his daughter. Hashmal also looks and recognizes this new form as none other than….

Hashmal: Lady Ultima!
You have returned!

Narration: Nuvea hovers there for a second looking around. Adrammaleech, afraid of the power that Nuvea now posses, charges towards her.

A aetheryte sword materializes and as Nuvea grabs it, she flies toward the Lucavi member. They battle fiercly, trading blow for blow until Nuvea finally grabs hold of Adrammaleech and de-wings him.

Adrammaleech….now afraid, crawls toward Hashmal.

Adrammaleech: Lord…Hashmal…Save me!!

Narration: Begs Adrammaleech.
Hashmal ignores his request and just stands there. Suddenly, without warning, Nuvea drives the aetheryte sword through Adrammaleech. And as the Lucavi member dies, his life essence is absorbed by the aetheral in the sword.

Hashmal looks on horrified, realizing the monster that he had just unleashed on to the world. Nuvea then looks up at Hashmal.

Nuvea: You’re next.

Narration: Frightened, Hashmal attempts to run away, but is blocked by non other than Evogolist. He then turns around and tries to go another way, but finds himself blocked at every turn.

Nuvea approaches and Hashmal comes to terms with his inevitable fate. He stands there as Nuvea raises her sword and drives it through his body.

And as she removes her sword, Hashmal holds his hands over his wounds and drops to his knees.

Hashmal: Lady…Ultima…
With…my death…I…unleash you…upon…the world.

Narration: Hashmal dies, but not without accomplishing his task. Nuvea was no longer herself nor in control. Evo looks at her with saddened eyes. He then tries to reason with her.

Evogolist: Nuvea…
Look at me…
This isn’t you.

Nuvea: You…who abandoned me…
Abandoned my mother…
You deserve to die just as much as they did.

Narration: As Evo stands there ready to do the unthinkable, in enters Milyah. She sees Nuvea in the form of Ultima and knows what must be done. She picks up Nuvea’s bow and arrows and aims it towards Nuvea.

Kilyah then walks in and places his hand on Milyah’s shoulder. Milyah looks at her brother. Kilyah then looks at her and nods. He then draws his specialized gun known as Death Penalty.

Milyah pulls back on her bow-string and both Milyah and Kilyah call forth a power deep from within.

Milyah: I am sorry…my daughter.

Narration: Milyah then let’s go and the arrow goes flying. Assisted by Kilyah’s gun, they strike Nuvea. And as Nuvea falls to the ground, Evo runs in to catch her.

Evogolist: Nuvea!

Narration: After exhausting all of her energy, Milyah collapses, but Kilyah catches her before she can fall to the ground.

Nuvea: Dad…

Narration: Nuvea faintly calls out as she slightly opens her eyes.

Evogolist: I’m here sweetie…I’m here.

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